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What do you fear more... the Covid-19 outbreak or its effect on our psychological, social, political and economic health? What can we do as individuals to mitigate damage?

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Admin 8 Mar 24
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Everyone needs to act sensibly and stop listening to scare mongering news and politically motivated stories

Lt-JW Level 7 Mar 24, 2020

Agreed, but there are legitimate reasons to be worried. For instance, the economic impact...

So true

@sjwpigeon When he said scare mongering, think he meant in regards to the shelter in place hysteria, and not what could happen with the economy. I too agree the economy is in jeopardy.


I fear the “ new normal “ which will be a combination of the worst of all the above in some horrible cocktail of stupidity, fear and government over reach.

Never seen the inside of a cocktail party, don't intend to, I've always got the boat to escape with

@BikerPetehall70 Escape boat eh? Please elaborate.

@BikerPetehall70 funny I been looking for one of them

36 foot narrowboat @iThink


its effect on our pyschological, social, political and economic health The one thing that we must invoke and defend, no matter what is coming, the one thing that no other nation has, the thing that is more than just words, The Constitution of the United States of America.

The US constitution is broken beyond any possible hope for repair. The actual forms of our governance aren't remotely discoverable by even the most careless and frivolous exploration of the text.

@govols broken or eroded, frivolous it is not and I did mention defend, did I not?

Yes that’s one

Amen! Convention of States can restore the Constitution to pre-1942 status, which would cause SCOTUS review of precedent, and probable vacation of Wickard v Filburn, which would result in a whole cascade of overturned law, including Obamacare and Roe v Wade. The unaccountable Federal Bureaucracy would dissolve overnight, and their powers would correctly revert to the States.


Many of the people who are unable to work because of the social distancing strategy will never regain their jobs because their employers will lose their businesses. The economy itself is suffering a fever - at it may turn out to be a fatal condition. Collapse or "failure" of the economy will lead to social unrest - rioting, looting, which will lead to shooting. Emergency services are already overwhelmed to the extent that Police won't even respond to crimes of theft/shoplifting or other "minor" crimes.
I see this thing getting worse - much worse very soon. Families like their employers go bankrupt and can not cover their debt much less sustain their own daily life styles.
Loss of home/shelter, no immediate means to get food, no money to buy gasoline to fuel their cars...toilet paper will suddenly become the least of our worries.
The COVID 19 will kill off a lot of people (I believe the attempts to find a vaccine or a cure will be futile) but the collapse of societal norms will kill more - a lot more.
Turns out that it does not/did not take some cataclysmic event like War, Earthquake, Volcanic eruption to knock us off our - all it took was a gentle nudge by something called COVID-19.
Things IMHO and I hope I'm wrong about this, are going to get worse - soon - a LOT worse

iThink Level 8 Mar 24, 2020

NZ is shutting down tonight at 11:49 pm.
We have plans in place, great... the problem is the plans are all for the next four weeks only.

This will last at least three months. After month one, the government fund will be spend and then what.

I am really worried.

@Hanno we're all worried with you


What I find frightening are the casual remarks about the average age of those who have died, as if people in their 80s should be abandoned on ice flows to free up resources for their grandchildren. Never mind that many of the most brilliant and accomplished people on this planet are octogenarians. 🤬

My point about that is that we would have been much better off isolating the over 70 and the high risk individuals and let the rest get on with their lives and accept the 0,2% risk.

In a year we should have a vaccine and the small minority at high risk can return to normal life.

Now EVERYONE is buggered.

Agreed that’s sad

The point is not that its OK for older people to die. Its not OK for ANYONE to die. The point is that the flu kills that group first, and so does this virus. And if you look at the numeric mortality, the flu is still more dangerous. COVID-19 may not be more dangerous than the flu. So is that worth the economic chaos for something that may or may not be worse than something that happens every year???

@Hanno I also that that.

@Hanno That would have increased the mortality rate of younger males.

Yes it would have... however I would rather face 0,2% chance of death than facing 6 to 12 months of unemployment in an environment where the majority of young males are unemployed.

Now I am facing 0,1% chance of death but life for most people is very likely going to be horrible for some years to come.

Remember, young males have a ~1% chance of death from all other causes anyway... so the extra 0,2 for one year is not a big deal.

Financial ruin and the associates suicides is not.

All predators focus on the “easy”.
The Young, the Old, the Crippled, the Infirm.
Microbes are no less a predator than a pack of wolves except that microbes actually prefer that their host and food source doesn’t die.

@Hanno I am one of those 70+, high risk, (down to one lung due to cancer, COPD, and an artificial heart valve) type people! I have seen and survived more than most!! But given the ACTUAL PERCENTAGES of deaths do to "KUNG-FLU", I will take my chances and continue to live my normal life!!
I am not sure of what is going on in this country and the world, but THE FACTS do not justify the response, IMHO!!!!!!
I have my own suspicions as I am sure you do!!! The younger generations need to pay attention and ASK QUESTIONS, or our generation will be the last one to know REAL FREEDOM!!!!!!!

It’s just a common cold, get over it. []

Huh ??? 🤔

@Bay0Wulf Predators and Parasites are NOT the same -
Viruses are obligate intracellular parasites .
Like a tick that attaches itself to a mammal. It feeds off of the host long enough to continue its species life cycle by reproducing. The difference between the tick and the virus being that the tick is an exocellular attaches itself to the outside of its host and the virus in intracellular. Both parasites nonetheless.
The wolf is indeed a predatory animal as you suggest. I suspect you are driving at the fact that predators and parasites are opportunistic.

Well, i know the difference between the two ... at least as far as definitions go ... but I’m not willing to concede that microbes or bacteria are necessarily “parasites” inasmuch as they actively “attack” their hosts ... on a micro level to be sure ... but “attack” they do.
Granted they’re not a typical type of “predator” either ...


Permanent changes to civil liberties and privacy. I also fear what will happen to the economy. As individuals, we need to help out each other during times of crisis as opposed to strictly relying upon the government for assistance.


A real civil war rape murder torture and communism socialism sharia did i miss anything


I fear the stupidity of the human race and the ease at which it is shaken...

2peros Level 7 Mar 24, 2020

The overall effect of the constant propaganda on the general public and the constant fear mongering by the media is more my concern right now, with the economic impact on the service industry a close second. My company is hiring and I'm hoping this helps some of those people out in the wake of this affair, because our starting pay is higher and more consistent than a tiny hourly wage that is expected to be augmented with tips and that's not always the case. We all know how often people tend to be stingy with tips in general.


I see more opportunity than I feel fear. I am retired and in a high-risk group and I'm thinking about starting a business.

Xtra Level 7 Mar 24, 2020

Hello. What kind of business? Sounds exciting.

@Naomi similar to Visiting Angels

@Xtra You mean home care services?

That’s the spirit!

My colleague and I are busy creating a new labour intensive business right now... we have been planning it for some time, however we now have a larger incentive.


I think we in the West - especially North America, Australia, NZ have been living in relative oppulance and comfort for so long (70 years or more) that a virus like this comes along and we panic. We respond irrationally - emotionally.
This virus is not an extinction level event. It MIGHT kill 2% of the global population - at worst. Which is not to suggest that that subset of the population is expendable. But surely a rational person would agree that 2% of 7.8 Billion people is an insignificant number. In other words there is no rational reason for panic.
The only thing - the best we can do is to remain calm and to mitigate the spread or at leas the speed of the spread of this virus.
We are living in the digital age - the age of social media - a time when news travels around the globe in less than one hour. Not only good news, or useful news, but also bad news and most importantly for us to think about - erroneous news. Inaccurate or just plain falsified news.
It is difficult at best to know who or what to believe. This means we should be paying close attention to this thing as it unfolds over time. Be rational - not emotional.

iThink Level 8 Apr 10, 2020

This folks ⬆, take the above seriously. Too many these days immediately fall back on their emotions, which at times could potentially carry serious consequences.

I think one of the ways to asses the effect of Covid19 is to look at the overall death figures. Here's the figures if your interested. []


“There have been more serious epidemics in the past, but no one ever thought for that reason to declare a state of emergency like the current one, which prevents us even from moving. People have been so habituated to live in conditions of perennial crisis and perennial emergency that they don’t seem to notice that their life has been reduced to a purely biological condition and has not only every social and political dimension, but also human and affective. A society that lives in a perennial state of emergency cannot be a free society. We in fact live in a society that has sacrificed freedom to so-called “reasons of security” and has therefore condemned itself to live in a perennial state of fear and insecurity.” Giorgio Agamben

I'm mean... we're trying to keep hospitals from getting overwhelmed and prevent people from dying. And what happened when we didnt declare a state of emergency during those epidemics? More people died. Congrats

@sjwpigeon []

@Anthropoi []

@sjwpigeon This article is pure speculation, apart from the flu numbers. The flu has infected up to 50 million Americans just in the last 10 weeks according to CDC. Also, the coronavirus is one of the most studied viruses, we catch it every year: we usually cal it the common cold. The claim that Covid is a new virus is trivial, every year, every new strain of common cold (coronavirus family) is different. But all this is in the article cited so you should read before spouting propaganda.


The Constitution


All of the above!


I am afraid of a massive forced vaccination


I want america back the way it was when i was a kid. In the 60 s


the Covid-19 outbreak or its effect on our psychological, social, political and economic health?

Well, I don’t “Fear” ...
Plague and Disease has changed the face of history, technology, science mankind and civilization repeatedly throughout thousands if not millions of years. Previously, those affected had no idea what was happening or why and chalked it up ... usually ... to God.
Today ... since the early 1900s ... we are finally able to “see” what is happening.
Can we stop it before it kills untold millions?
Can we stop it before it crashes “civilization” as we (Westerners mostly) “know” it?

Nature has a way to address an imbalance. If we do not “winnow” our population (wars and massive conflicts) nature will do it for us.
Microbes have been evolving and looking for a “perfect” host for millions of years ... a “perfect” host can be defined as a large population of relatively unprotected individuals. Microbes, like all “lifeforms” has a prerogative to survive ... to populate.

If we, as a species, do not stop this microbe in its quest for survival, it will either kill us (and its food source) or they will become less virulent ... less deadly ... there are many examples of this happening.
Then, it comes down to us, as a species, will We Destroy Ourselves ... those of us remaining ... through a myriad of ways?

I think the virus ... this one or some other ... is dangerous in that it may kill us.
I think WE are likely to be WORSE in that the virus is uncaring and relatively disinterested where Homo Sapiens are merely a slight step above the Worst of Savages and Savagery ...
I think, if things get bad enough, the virus would be preferable to living in a decomposing “civilization”

Think ... “Mad Max” or many other non zombie Apocalypse type films ...
The struggle to survive can be Hard.
Humans can be Deliberately Cruel.
Only Homo Sapiens at this time can create the actual scenario of “Life is Short, Brutal and Cruel”.

"Nature has a way to address imbalance" - what does this even mean?

Theres a reason why we haven't been wiped out by a deadly virus yet. Deadly viruses don't survive for long because they kill they're hosts tbus limiting the number of hosts they can infect and out of the 7 billion people on this planet, theres bound to be a few who are immune or survive. Deadly viruses die out fast

I have been thinking of the potential similarity to that film for weeks.

Actually there are more cases of virulent viruses that have mutated to be less deadly to their hosts so as to remain “viable”.
“A few are immune ...”
That’s pretty much exactly what I said ...
Nature has a way to address the imbalance ...
It doesn’t address it by completely removing the offending item from the scale, it simply removes a bunch of whatever it is.



And supplies

And food

A place to Live


I worry more about my kids. And brother especially my son he has asthma. My sister in law died a couple months ago from lung cancer surgery had an infection in the hole they made so yeah my family is my concern and I want to see them again.


I'm afraid nothing will be significantly different once the fallout settles.

govols Level 7 Mar 24, 2020

Hello. Do you think many people may be finding the advantage of working from home?

@Naomi, I don't know. Yes. Many might figure out that colleges are doing education all wrong. It may be figured out that many non-critical positions are actually non-productive and unnecessary expenses. A HELL OF A LOT of new information is going to become available. Massive glaring frauds, stupidities, inefficiencies and injustices will be exposed. And I'm afraid nothing will really change.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

@Naomi I couldn’t handle it with a man around all day I’d end up kicking him out or leaving myself. They have an attitude that I cannot get along with. But I can have friends and it’s fine. I’m not sure why that is. 😂 lol 😂


Rahm Emmanuel famously said, "You never let a serious crisis go to waste," and this has been the only response from the Left- exploitation of the crisis. Every mention of opening the economy to save the nation has been met with howls of disapproval. I fear most the effectiveness of this exploitation.


I saw this article this morning from "Spiked" and decide to share as it does frame the COVID-19 hoax properly.



The libs want to use this pandemic to push the economy to the brink... hoping people lose jobs and close businesses... they plan to blame Trump on a crashed economy hoping to create enough unrest to turn over an election they know they can't win. If Trump wins they hope to drag the pandemic out for 4 more years and will use it as a threat over the heads of the people.

A black and white view of society. There's a lot of grey areas in society and there are varying degrees of right/left politics. There is no such thing as "the libs" as a large demographic. It's more of a sliding scale as the same in right,non lib groups. The dividing line is a blurred one so to say "the libs, X" is a rather vague, blanket statement motivated by the kind of media one consumes.


We need a hard economic reset and to rethink our approach to macro-economics. Fundamentally, the West's industrial capacity has been off-shored to a brutalist totalitarian state in the PRC. On top of this, due to negative fertility rates and neglected public education, our critical services like health care rely on immigrant labour which is simply unsustainable. My biggest fear is that after this crisis those in power don't learn anything and continue the lazy bare-minimum approach and permanently weaken our states


Its clear China is in big trouble. The world is changing. And pace of change has speed up.

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