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One of Covid-19's silver linings is that it puts the pettiness of the "Social Justice" movement in perspective... at least for a while. Do you think it will have lasting effect or will the SJW rise up again once we defeat the virus? Will the movement change tactics or focus on different forms of "oppression" in a world challenged by economic distress? What can we do today to prepare?


Admin 8 Mar 30
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Has it gone away? Consider the annoying reactions to use of the terms "Chinese virus" or "Wuhan virus"

mardler Level 6 Mar 30, 2020

SJW movement is as active as ever. Nancy Pelosis "progressive" wish list forced into the emergency relief package is evidence of that.
The medias coverage (too much?) of all things COVID-19 has simply crowded out all or almost all other stories - important stories IMHO.
NO! SJWs have not gone away - I have no doubt they are actively devising a plan to steal the election (unseat Trump) in November this year.

iThink Level 9 Mar 30, 2020

The Woke Mob hasn’t gone anywhere. In fact, they are working overtime to leverage the pandemic to their own ends. We’re seeing:

—Op-Ed’s like the one in London paper, celebrating the virus for killing cranky boomers, paving the way for climate progress.

—Think pieces calling the pandemic a “lesson from Mother Nature”, a moralistic punishment narrative dusted off from the AIDS epidemic of the 1980’s

—A celebration of the virus as a springboard to rollback capitalism and consumerism and promote a back to basics move

—A flood of content defining the disaster as more proof of a broken, rotten culture

—A redefining of the pandemic into a post-modern narrative of a racialized, “gendered” virus that “unfairly targets” women, the poor and immigrants.

I could go on. Yes, the pandemic has pushed everything else into the background. But don’t kid yourself. The Woke Mob is working 24/7 to make this disaster work for them.

GeeMac Level 8 Mar 31, 2020

The main tool of the SJW is condemnation, so condemning them is like pouring gasoline on a fire. The way to defeat them is to keep posting articles like Melanie Phillips, who clearly, rationally, and lovingly describes the break in rational thinking that is required to become a SJW. Also post the article called Critical Social Justice, by James Lindsay, that clearly describes how vicious condemnation has been adopted by SJWs and how human nature feeds the phenomenon. We can't defeat them with harsh words. Dogs seek attention by their pack. SJWs are like pack dogs, and as long as their pack approves, they will not be moved by outside arguments. INDIVIDUAL members of an outside pack MAY respond to caring about them, while applying gentle silence to their rants.

It's funny how diving into their bullshit as a 30-something exposes it AS bullshit, but infecting the not-yet-fully-formed minds of teenagers is brutally effective.

I think there are effective methods to respond to the SJW mob without condemning them. Refusing to accept the premise of their outbursts is one way. Asking a question that challenges their argument is another. These methods will not win an argument but may win over some that may be influenced by the SJW. I agree that refusing to engage in their rhetoric prevents an escalation that accomplishes nothing.


One thing that will happen is that it will shatter the illusion of saftey that many, to many, labour under. This will mean they will face more push back. I would say its dying anyway, more and more people are just fucking sick of their shit to put it bluntly. If lifes going down hill your less likely tolerate some wanker blabbing in your ear hole about some petty and antagonistic shtick. especially if it signals some of the reasons the virus spread, Globalism, open borders, "Diversity", Slagging of men considering they are the main victims and most probable the ones who come up with a vaccine.

You could compound this with a lot of women now at home who had jobs but are looking after kids who find their patter abhorent. This and many more things could happen over the next 2 years.

I would add a lot of films and TV are getting pulled as investors are getting wise and are not prepare to see their money burnt on a political vanity project. We also need fewer Boomers in authority who will and the crybaby antics of these types.

Agree with everything you said.


Oh no, they still have their claws out there. I would, if I could, share a link to a FB group post that was absolutely chalk full of SJW intersectional mumbo jumbo. And it went on forever! I'm a very mild mannered person myself, generally, but I couldn't let it go without comment. So I pretty much told them to stuff it, even though I fill at least one of their bedeviled 'categories'. As the group in question was intended for locals looking for Covid19 information, help, sources, etc and not for politics, I was unamused by their attempts to coopt the community.

Mialiah Level 4 Mar 31, 2020

SJWs are largely about obtaining power. I expect they'll pivot away from their previous pet causes, and find something new to focus on. And don't forget that they'll just plain lie. I expect, once the crisis passes, to see unfounded claims by SJWs that Trump caused the virus, that it spread due to the legacy of colonialism, that it disproportionately infected [insert oppressed group here] because of white privilege...blah blah.

I think the key to fighting them in their new incarnation is to point out the obvious: that when the shit actually hit the fan, when a real crisis happened, when a real threat appeared, they were mostly ignored because they are largely just LARPers manufacturing controversy and crisis. Letting them have power resulted in people dying from a preventable disease. Remember, it was Trudeau who would not close his country's borders because that would be racist.

I have seen this one "disproportionately affected [insert oppressed group here]". SJW's use conspicious opression, it's how they score their status. While it is true SJW ideology caused bad desicisions to be made, it will be ignored as it clearly does not fit the narritive.


The sjw movement hasn't gone away, and I think the worse yet is still to come. What can we do to be prepared for such? Just stay on guard folks, and be ready for when the sjw's release another wave of outrage.


I don't think social warriors gone away, it's just there's no air or tv time available for anything other than Wuhan Virus related news

Lt-JW Level 8 Mar 30, 2020

The indoctrination universities are closed though, and they are all left to shelter in their parents house, which is a good place for them, let the people who raised these spoiled brats have to deal with them. The SJW's are really just a bunch of herd mentality types who like to be out in public pretending to be interested in something, but are really just "following the leader" of their herd. Maybe it comes from childhood neglect of parents more interested in their jobs than their kids.

gale78 Level 2 Mar 31, 2020

Yea they have had some setbacks. encouraging Italians to hug a Chinese cause if they did not it would be racist. That did not work out at all. Don't close your borders! That did not work. They are not saying much about that now. Because this is novel media has less pre-canned hit pieces to use. I am seeing media do A/B testing to see what might work. At least media has stopped talking about Russia. Media is also less occupied with orange man bad.


Henry Kissinger said that faculty feuds were so vehment because nobody could ever lose anything. I think the SJW types operate on the same principle.

They are public theatre and their stage has been taken away.


SJWs are being forgotten for now by those who get outraged by them, and vice versa. Modern tribalism and identity politics are played across the political spectrum. It will be business as usual once the pandemic is over IMO.

Naomi Level 8 Mar 30, 2020

The social collapse will be delayed for the viral economic collapse. The postponement will be held to the minimum possible duration.


Unfortunately it's not going anywhere. After all isn't it a progressive movement? It keeps moving forward with no end in sight. The youth in any society are always an easy mark. Especially if you try to bribe them with free stuff. -'If you are 20 and not a Democrat, you have no heart. If you are 40 and still a Democrat, you have no brain.' M.S.

I think they are not progressive in the dictionary sense of the word. 100+ years ago it meant something quite different. Today it might mean state subsidized virtue for my conspicuous consumption.


It's only going to go away if we make that a reality.......Every generation there is a new crop of young weakling that idolize the 60's. I've know some of them. This is who becomes a SJW. They are outcasts to middle America because they were not born beautiful and have less access to the 60's style FREE LOVE that was pushed in the 60's for this very reason. Many of them were the so-called Goths you observed in High School for but 1 example. You have seen all of the anti-fashion face piercings for example that state that I am against plastic and fake fashion. The real psychology sez that I am not attractive so I will lie and state that I am against fashion, but yet they dress in a conformist fashion uniform, that pretends to be a rebel uniform. Not all that have piercing are unattractive, but if you have any insight to this Phenomena you know what I mean.

@WilyRickWiles It's not about the 60's themselves but about the ideas that fomented in the 60's. The anarchy, rebelling against authority, etc. It all came from the progressive playbook. Chaos and disruption will break down the culture and allow them to take power.

@debb1eb Not much substance to your argument. Smacks of "cultural Marxism."

@WilyRickWiles You didn't make any argument. I don't appreciate your drive by snarkiness. I like having conversations with people. If you don't have anything to add then don't.


It might ... MIGHT ... “Go Away” for a little bit ... or calm down as they are finding themselves relegated to the irrelevant pile.
They will return again however ... maybe as the same entity ... maybe not.
They will continue to move “forward” most likely via “Rebranding” themselves ...

Its not like they haven’t done that before ...


is the movement at least in part responsible for the spread of this virus? no the entire movement, but at least the feminists


You can prepare by being above and putting out of mind the pettiness of others who have equal or more power than you, and by being curious and compassionate when you are challenged by someone with less power than you.

EDIT: And if you have some relevant expertise or experience with which to educate the latter, you can do that too.

It's all about the systems of power and oppression--always. Every sing time.

You do at least realize they're always going to be there, don't you? The revolution is forever. One of these days the reaction will come again, real good and hard. It always does.

@govols Take your own advice?



@govols If there's always going to be systems of power and revolutions against them, maybe we should both get used to it.

@WilyRickWiles, I AM used to it. I'm also used to the fact that the revolutions do nothing but rearrange power, always unjustly, and lead to usually brutal reaction. Over and over and over...

Being "compassionate" is what has allowed the SJW the power they currently have and will continue to have. They currently control the propaganda being taught in our education system raising more SJW's. Compassion will not lead to respect and civility which is desperately needed in our culture. Respect for diverse ideas and civility in response needs to be taught to our children not the ideas of oppression and hate spread by the SJW's.

@debb1eb Did you know that millennials are almost 40?

@WilyRickWiles What does that have to do with anything?


My question is will this sudden reverence for life by these nations translate after this over into, "No more War, Poverty and Famine will be stopped in its tracks." No matter what the cost to the businesses who were bailed out and deemed too big to fail. My bet is that the plight of the people in the war torn areas will continue to be acceptable localized loss of life when wars can be stopped or started by decree much like the measures being implemented now on the public.


There really is no " silver lining" in this tragedy. By the way, is that Mayor of Padova who encouraged Italians to show their anti racism by " hugging a Chinese still in his post. If so, why?

angelo Level 8 Apr 1, 2020

This is nothing but orchestrated panic to create chaos. “Out of chaos order”. I don’t think anyone is going to like the new “order” they create.

Andyman Level 8 Mar 30, 2020

There is significantly less crime in the past couple weeks. SJWs will be hiding for a time. The woke are not going away and I would guess SJWs are going to relabel themselves. People are being forced to go to school on line. Will this weaken the cathedral's grip? 160 thousand infected in the US, that sounds believable. That would mean there were about 600 here at the end of January, that gives a month and a half or so for infected Chinese to enter the US, 600 or so seems like a good number.


just a movement, or a shove, into digital full time monitoring of face, voice, and thought co-glomeration for super-duper computers to handle and attribute.

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