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LINK The Death Star Strategy: Is Trump Contemplating The Ultimate Constitutional Trick Shot? | Zero Hedge

“One possibility: to raise sweeping allegations with insufficient time to resolve them in order to force an Electoral College fight.”

Rick-A 8 Nov 23
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Stealth death star.

What a great pic. It’s exactly what the term *Death Star” implies. It’s got Biden face on it!


People love to rank presidents. Let's rank secretaries of state.
Ranker has a ranking: []

From the top,
JQ Adams

Kerry and Hillary are in the cellar.

We should judge secretaries of state with the same harshness that we judge football coaches.

Hillary bungled Libya. It was doing fine. Qadafi built an aqueduct to deliver water from the Sahara aquefer and incurred no national debt. He turned over his nuclear program and exposed the international nuclear ring.
He paid out for the Lockerbie bombing. He was given a speech at the UN general assembly.

Hillary invaded Libya and established a new government, which immediately fractured into civil war.


The story of the Rutherford Hayes electoral kerfuffle is fascinating.

The past has featured epic electoral kerfuffles, such as the elections of Jefferson over Burr and
JQ Adams over Jackson. Expect more kerfuffles.

Polk and Hayes have the distinction that they are the presidents that pledged to serve only one term, and honored their pledge.

I like the strategy in the article. Fight every front. Maximum nuisance.

Now Democrats are the empire and Republicans are the rebels. Channel the spirit of rebellion.


Whatever works. The thought of looking and listening to John Kerry again is beyond the scope of my worst imagination.

Rick-A Level 8 Nov 23, 2020
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