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Fact-Checkers Go After Black Republican Senator for Story of Grandfather Picking Cotton, But They Run Into 1 Big Problem via @WestJournalism []

JohnBurke 8 Apr 25
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Ignore the facts and preach to the converted disciples of Satan and the god of hate and corruption.
We can only wait for the truth, it will definitely cast them to their master.

Rick-A Level 8 Apr 25, 2021

An IFCN (International Fact-Checking Network) verified fact checker... As far as I'm concerned, anyone verified by the IFCN is a verified fraudster!


It never ceases to amaze me that the woke supremacy will never, EVER question a black person's conduct - no matter how horrible the outcome - unless he or she happens to be conservative.

I'm reading today that police caught the suspect who shot a 7-year old girl sitting in her father's car in a McDonald's drive-thru in Chicago. She was shot SIX TIMES. The suspect - to little surprise - is a gang member. You know, like Adam Toledo was?

Except people are outraged that Adam Toledo was shot by police and don't seem outraged at all that this little girl was shot to death. But we shouldn't be surprised; no one was outraged when 8-year old Secoriea Turner was shot to death by armed BLM protesters in Atlanta while riding in her mother's Jeep. No one was outraged when EIGHT children - ranged from age 1 to 17 - were killed in Chicago by gang violence in the span of roughly a month last Summer.

Oh, did I forget to mention that all of these children were black and so were the suspects? (1) But don't you dare shoot an armed gang member, Mr. Police Officer, or we're going to burn an Apple store to the ground in response. "Black lives matter," indeed.

Yet, the woke supremacy outright cancels people such as Shelby Steele, Thomas Sowell, Larry Elder, & Candace Owens, calling them bootlickers and worse, despite never having shot anyone.

We truly live in Bizarro World.

(1) And some are still on the loose because the black community "won't snitch on them to police." Imagine: shooting a black child to death and getting cover from the black community. And then we're incredulous when they claim knife fights among children are normal. Maybe we shouldn't be.

No - you don't shoot an armed gang member if he's black. His skin color automatically classifies him as unarmed as far as leftists are concerned... unless he's a conservative, or someone they can claim is a conservative - then he ain't black, he's a white supremacist.

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