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Evidence suggests that WW3 started right after WW2 ended. The NWO Cabal was behind Hitler and when he failed, they created the United Nations to infiltrate free nations and the minds of the people. Everything we are seeing today grew from this NWO global domination agenda that has been in place for decades. The Patriot Alliance formed shortly after this to fight off the agenda. We are now seeing the final stages of this war. Patriots are winning the war, one step at a time.

jakuboj 8 July 26
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Give it a decade or two for the real deal. Still enough time to construct that bunker in the countryside.

No, you are in denial if you don't see that the war is reaching the critical point where we are going one way or the other. Ever hear the words great reset?

@jakuboj your definition of war is different from mine, that's all it is.

@eschatologyguy Yes you obviously don't understand modern warfare based on propaganda, infiltration and cyber attacks. Keep looking for a tank rolling down your street or people digging bunkers in the ground and you will never see the reality of modern warfare.

@jakuboj what you're saying is happening everywhere in varying degrees. But do you actually think that there will be no kinetic war where you are in your lifetime? You think that one side will just roll over dead? I'll just say at this point: we'll see what happens. Because I don't it will stop at this version of a "full blown war".

@eschatologyguy Traditional warfare will play a role eventually in all countries, but definitely not to the extent of past wars. Neither side in this war will give up until they are defeated.

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