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A Sooooo Corrupt Society

SUMMARY: YOU probably are quite aware you are living under the aegis of tyranny.

I point to Constitution dilution & creeping Marxism in Church. Feldman looks at Corrupt CIA-FBI. Kohler examines a society ripe for King Jesus to RETURN. –MORE TO READ: []

JohnHouk 8 Dec 18
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I had an uncle who was a social prophet. Uncle Robert saw the direction the "Progressives" were steering the nation and the way the pseudo-conservatives were cooperating in that move and warned everyone who would listen. Everyone said he was crazy and wore a hat made of foil. Sadly, now that he's gone all of his children, nieces and nephews realize that Uncle Robert was right. "A prophet is not without honor except in his own land."


Tyranny is the worst virus.

sqeptiq Level 10 Dec 18, 2022

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