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House Oversight CMTE: Biden Crime Family
The CCP Treason Connection

SUMMARY: You would think the documents referred by Rep. Comer in a Presser yesterday would be such dominating news that all forms of media would be sharing it with the American Public – A FAR AS I CAN TELL, THE LEVEL OF BIDEN FAMILY TREASON IS ONLY ON ALTERNATIVE MEDIA!

AND SO, Here is some video and some documents revealed so far. As to the “so far”; the lack of media revealing treason means more Government lies, more MSM lies, more arrests or persecution of Patriots AND an increase in Dem-Marxist power moving America to a more overt tyrannical dictatorship.

Which means DO NOT count on the apparatus of the rule of law to enforce the Bill of Rights. The Constitution is being shredded and torched before your very eyes. –MORE TO READ & WATCH: []
#BidenCrimeFamily #CCPTreasonConnection

JohnHouk 8 May 11
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Deport the Bidens to China!

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