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What will be becoming of idw? Will they be forced to comply? Will there be an online police making sure all websites are politically correct?

I’m guessing the threat of some sort of monetary penalty. The online police will be the social media sites themselves. Probably, employing both algorithms and user reporting. Basically, how Facebook and Twitter censor now x100!

I can’t see how IDW, Gab, etc., could remain free if it becomes law!

@CodeBuster But I think we have a job to do in the regular web.

@tigercake I agree with that, but using VPNs, more so now than ever.

@tigercake, @CodeBuster sounds good, thanks!

@CodeBuster excellent tip, it got updated for Android 5.21.19.

@CodeBuster Thanks for that too! Will watch out for that on my PC, hmmm. TOR says its better than VPN, will see how it works on the android for a while.