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My mental health isn't the best today. I got a bomb dropped on me. I'm so angry and stressed and sad. I need to not give in to my rage. I'm trying to relax but my anxiety won't let me. It's going to take some strength for me to get through this. I can't lose hope.

TylerZIM 5 Aug 7
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Mentally inwardly verbalizing what happened. Labeling it? It's as if your body doesn't know until we say it inside.
When I've inwardly verbalized like 'wrong, bad, unjust' etc., I've noticed my body relax.
A very bad image WILL return, often many times.
Your body/mind needs repetitive comforting.
It's over the top.
Gradually, it subsides, in a very sad condition.
Then I comfort that, 'very sad, we didn't do that, it hurts'.
It takes time.
Comforting hurting people can be similar, cannot be rushed.
Actually, right now, just breathe, just let yourself drift awhile.
Hope WILL bud when you feel better.
You will. Incrementally, slowly.
Please try not to take drugs.
We have to ride through the pain.

Forgive this trite sounding comment but I'm always better/stronger after these times.

Appreciate it man