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It should not be about race.
In Sam’s most recent podcast, [], he talks about the current situation in our country with all the protests and riots and, IMHO, he outlines the situation very well. It would seem to me that we are faced with a number of challenges and unless we are willing to have open, civil and honest conversations about what is happening we will be in this maelstrom of conflicting video clips and comments expressing the most extreme views, on both the left and the right, to prove some point pulled way out of perspective. The real crisis is about being human, treating others with respect and decency. Too often expressed ideas are met with profanity and no substance. Seems like making a noise is more important than open conversation with a willingness to at least understand a different point of view. Agreement would be nice but is not essential. If we can understand each other's concerns it makes it easier to reach a place of simple decency and consideration.

xerxes 5 June 14
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As a rule of thumb the use of derogatory adjectives in a post indicates the poster is not trying to solve anything but merely pushing an agenda. My personal opinion is that the exploding divisiveness brought about by those who are effectively using fear to achieve political gain is working quite well. The more fearful we are the tighter we hang on to the imaginary flotation device of absolute certainty. That certainty makes us feel safe and righteous and makes us want to hang on tighter. We have been moving in this direction since the cultural revolution of the 60s in this country. It was exacerbated in the 90s by the forced separation of Democrat and Republican legislators in Washington, when Newt Gingrich told his party members to go home on weekends and not waste time talking to the opposition. I am sorry but I am going to sound like a conspiracy theorist but Russia for certain and maybe other hostile countries have been very successful using social media to push a stick into the hornet's nest and they seem close to achieving their goal of destroying America.

Pand0ro Level 6 July 6, 2020

It is about race.

That is a brute fact. Whether it should or shouldn't be is irrelevant. The races exist and they are how they are.

Colin Flaherty has spent the last ten years documenting what he calls "the biggest lie of our generation" that is "black people are relentless victims of relentless white violence".

Virtually all interracial crime (85%) is Black on White.

It is Whites that are in danger from Blacks. It is not Black male joggers that are in danger from Whites, it is White women that are in danger of being raped and murdered by Black men.

Blacks are being used by the Marxists to destroy White civilization. The "maelstrom" of video clips you note are carefully orchestrated to perpetuate the lie. And if White allegiance to the Marxist orthodoxy is not achieved through the media and our corrupt school system, then they are set upon by Antifa and BLM terrorists.

Open and honest conversations are not possible, because Whites are too frightened, and Blacks don't care about anything but destroying Whites. Blacks don't want your understanding. Blacks don't want to exchange ideas. They want your stuff. And they want to hurt you.

Open and honest conversations are not needed either. What is needed is for Whites to stand up for themselves.

White pusillanimity is the real crisis, not lack of civility.

You make some interesting assertions. You are right, races exist, but I disagree that they are what they are. That seems to point to some predetermined opinion that cannot be changed. There really is only one race, the human race. All these other identities based on skin color or country of origin, or religious differences, are man-made and that does not mean that the worth of millions of people can be discounted with any validity simply because they are different from you. It is that kind of broad generalization that lead to you saying no open and honest conversations are needed, because you have already decided what people are like based on your pre-conceived ideas about race without a willingness to even look deeper.
Using percentages to make a point can be very deceiving, BTW I would like some references for that 85% assertion. Since you seem to have aligned yourself with Flaherty’s conservatism, it may be somewhat eye opening to check Flaherty’s assertions with real and factual information from a reputable source, like the FBI’s crime statistics, or are they also part of the Marxist agenda to destroy the white population? Even that in itself seems contradictory since Karl was a white guy, last time I checked.
When you look at the 2017 FBI Crime Statistics for the US, [], it seems that less than 29% of rapes are by blacks, and there is no information on how many of these were black men on black women, while more than 67% of rapes were by whites. Seems to me like white women should be more afraid of white men. Of the total arrests for all crimes tracked, 68.9% of crimes were committed by whites and 27.2% of crimes were by blacks and again no information on the race/ethnicity of the victims. The 2016 homicide information has a breakdown by race and black on white homicides is 8% of all homicides and white on black homicides is 3.6%. While you may wave your hand about this making your point the real scary truth is that black on black homicides account for 38% while white on white homicides account for 43% of all homicides. This seems to highlight the fact that whites should be more afraid of other whites rather than blacks, granted, neither number should be nearly as high as it is. To put this another way, in 2017, 2.2 million black/African Americans were arrested for crimes committed, which means that 39.2 million lived as law abiding citizens.
So bottom line is that you are just making my point for me. As long we are hiding behind slurs and misrepresentation and an unwillingness to see each other as humans with intrinsic worth the problem will remain unresolved.
Perhaps the real problem is your cowardice to look at others with an open mind.

There is racism in the world. Every person has a genetic program to be cautious about anyone different than them. It is one of the things that helped our ancestors to survive. We have since developed the ability to think, analyze and reason but the old program is not going away anytime soon.

The black community along with other minority communities and individuals in cases are subject to prejudicial treatment. In every part of the world the minority population are always targets for unfair treatment. There is no excuse for condoning this but remedies are difficult to implement. If in a person's life he finds that there is high probability that he will be tossed into the water it would be a good idea to learn to swim. Minority groups have extra difficulties in their lives because of prejudice. The only way to make things better is to first learn how to deal with it and then learn how to overcome it. But it is also the duty of majority communities to use the intelligence and reason they are capable of to be more understanding and respectful.


Harris is a psuedointellectual that can't even debate athiesm well; mainly because he misrepresents citations etc. Wtf are you talking about? If we are to be "human", then it IS about race. Humans are naturally tribal. Hell, you see it in your own language saying shit like "each other" or "different points of view". Here is the problem: Whites need to be MORE tribal. When we were, our nations were peaceful and prosperous. You guys are sycophants for a douchebag, let that soak in. Grow some balls white folks and quit following jews like Harris who only wish to see you perish.

You have just made my point

@xerxes Well that's convenient to claim, but it isn't true. Being you couldn't begin to rebut it, my point stands.

His entire generation is a bit sophomoric. The baby boomers somehow managed to remain babies.

Let’s start with the easy one – if you are capable of opening a dictionary you would find that a sycophant is attempting to win favor by flattery. I have no interest in winning Sam Harris’s favor. I do not even know the man. I simply like the way he is willing to talk about sometimes challenging subjects. And the next step - your statement “sycophants for a douchebag” again just makes my point. Because someone is willing to express an opinion, clearly divergent from yours, it is dismissed with insults, probably because you really do not have a point other than a closed mind.
Then let’s get to the fact that you prefer being in a tribe rather than to look at the greater society and what is good for most, if not all. While humans may well be tribal as you claim, it was exactly the ability to look beyond the narrow confines that has enabled the human race to achieve the great scientific and technological advances that we have today. However when you use tribalism as an excuse to diminish the opinions of others without being willing to listen their point of view with an open mind you are clearly not interested in anything that does not align with your point of view, apparently shaped by five minute voice and video clips only showing a distorted reality. Most often taking the time to look at the facts from all sides will enable a better and broader perspective, but then you do need an open mind and a willingness to admit you may be wrong to go there. Dismissing someone’s opinion because he/she is a jew again plays on the race/tribal identity politics that has led us down this path to riots and disregard for law, order, and open and civil discussions of the issues that confront us today.
It also seems to be your opinion that that humans in the same “tribe” are not allowed to have different points of view. If that is the case you are either in a very small tribe, perhaps a tribe of one, or you do not talk to a lot of people. Perhaps it is because being dismissive of the opinions of others provides a sense of you are right and everybody else is wrong. I also think you are wrong about the peace and prosperity when “whites were more tribal”. Sure it is peace and prosperity for the oppressor while everybody that does not fall in the “whites” category are oppressed and disregarded. The history of the world is full of tribal oppression for some flimsy reason such as not being white enough or not being of the right religion, or not worshipping the right god or gods. Again, if we were able to treat all around us as part of the human race, we at least can start at a point of respectful discourse and deal with the issues that affect all of us, but that is difficult without an open mind.

@xerxes Tldr

@xerxes I think what logicalextreme is displaying (Hard to use his name without rolling my eyes) is the perfect illustration of intellectual dishonesty. I applaud your response in detail to everything he said with actual logic to which he completely ignored. I’d label that a troll and move on.

Thanks, kinda thought the same. I do not even know the Tldr acronym, but figured if it was important he/she/it would have taken the time write it out.


Is there a transcript some where?

wolfhnd Level 7 June 14, 2020

Yeah, here it is: Blah blah blah, waffle waffle, stroke my ego, yadda yadda. Oy vey! The guy is a snake oil salesman and not a good one. It really emphasizes how low quality his sycophantic fans are.

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