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Sam Harris on Trump

BlurtReynolds 6 Nov 25
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It's sad that I have to downvote a Sam Harris video for Trump Derangement Syndrome and contributing to false framing!

The intelligentsia believes that they have a right to rule. The empty vessel Joe Biden makes that possible in their minds. Personally I question their competency. Being intelligent and competent are not necessarily the same. It is a necessary but insufficient condition.

Sam Harris hates the deplorable religious and patriotic people that make up the Trump base. His obsession with atheism blinds him to the fact that there are more important issues at the moment. America first is not a dull witted slogan for the intellectually challenged. It is the unfortunately realistic belief that the U.S. is the last hope to stem the tide of authoritarianism sweeping the world. Harris should consider Peterson's insight that a certain amount of chaos is necessary.

Science is a tool not an objective. Sharpening that tool is wise. Assuming that the tool is the end product dangerous. Science is reductionistic meaning it has had limited success with complex chaotic systems. The danger is that ultra rational will never see the forest because they have refined the focus to omit the noise.

@wolfhnd I respect Sam Harris, except for such expressed anti-Trump political views. But I wouldn't use the word "hate" as I don't think he hates "the deplorable religious and patriotic people". I don't think he's that far gone, but I think he's wrongs. Hell, I'm not even sure he's actually anti-Trump!

"Science is reductionistic"
While that's true in a sense (you know, Occam's Razor), it's not a bad thing. That sentiment though is dangerous and can lead to a lot of shenanigans! Although I understand the point you're saying, and I know you're not making that point here (or not directly anyway!); while one should accounts for other factors or unknowns, it doesn't mean that there is necessarily something else out there, something "greater"...! You know, the thing! 😂


I think hate is appropriate because in order to think clearly you have to subdue your instincts. By definition you can ignore instincts but they are hardwired into the system. Being highly intelligent does not make you something other than an ape, it just makes you an intelligent ape.

Being natively intelligent means you have the right hardware to run advanced software but no quality of hardware can overcome flaws in the software. Too little attention is given to the role swarm intelligence plays in "genius". Without culture even people with high native intelligence will be intellectually crippled. Even with a highly developed culture the flaws in that culture will be reflected in the intelligent person. This is reflected in Planck's statement, "Science progresses one funeral at a time". Harris is the product of a subculture of intellectual elites and that culture is as conformist as any other. The currency of that culture is prestige. Never underestimate the avarice associated with prestige culture.

Agreed. I used to admire Harris but he did just what you said. Especially with the implicit up-playing of COVID19 with assertions of Trump’s down-playing of it. The up-playing or down-playing should obviously be in relation to the mortality rate vs the draconian response to the virus. Anyone objectively comparing them can obviously and clearly see it is Harris here up-playing the corona virus. But maybe he simply meant Trump whimsically unnecessary dismissal of any mask usage? That the only thing could apply, while there’s far more reverse, and hypocritical examples from the left n Democratic leaders. Also, the universal, unsolicited mail-in voting in and of itself is a potential undermining of democracy! And as Harris even articulated, it was not the right always pushing for that asinine system. Guess even the intelligent amongst us can be manipulated off their biases if they only see certain news sources as more credible than others. Harris should sit down with Shapiro again awhile, cool his jets, and come back to reality.

@wolfhnd love your comment


I suspect Harris is not a risk taker and barely understands the importance of taking risks.

As you point out he is oversimplifying as determinists are want to do. They seem emotionally unable to come to grips with the fact that our current science is not very good at dealing with complex chaotic systems. Trying to reduce the irreducible will lead to cognitive dissonance. Not taking risks in that reality is slow suicide.

Trump is a risk taker. As a leader he tried to show the importance of taking risks. He said it was part of his job to take the risk of catching Covid 19, to allow people to emotionally connect with the presidency. Trump played the odds and won. His base had no choice but to play the odds because most had essential jobs, something else Harris doesn't seem to understand. Personally I agree with you that Trump missed the mark on masks but there is no doubt that he showed empathy for the essential workers in his base. He took more risk than he had to because that is what leaders do.

The fact that Harris has no empathy for the deplorables is not entirely unjustified. They eat poorly, consume to much alcohol, smoke, don't properly exercise, ignore safety regulations and those flaws undoubtedly contributed to the death rate. The problem with Harris and the Elites in general however is they have come apart in Charles Murray's words from the essential workers. You can't lead people you are unwilling to live with.


Is there a transcript?

wolfhnd Level 7 Nov 25, 2020

Not that I know of.

Maybe this helps though two months later

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