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Making Sense Podcast
A Conversation with Sally Satel
In this episode of the Making Sense podcast, Sam Harris speaks with Sally Satel about addiction. They discuss whether addiction should be considered a disease, the opiate epidemic in the U.S., the unique danger of fentanyl, the politicization of medicine, PTSD, and other topics.


PhoenixPerson 7 Mar 6
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Not sure I'd label addiction as a disease...

What else would you call sickness that literally changes chemistry in your brain and body over time thereby causing all types of symptoms and issues ranging from sweats to death?

It may not be a disease prior to the disease setting in, but what disease is? Maybe your problem with labeling it as a disease is because of the so called "choice" you believe most have therefore taking disease status away entirely? Am I correct?

If that is indeed the case, how many other diseases progress or start as a result of smoking, eating certain foods, or being in the wrong part of the world even?

Addiction may not start as a disease, but always ends up as one.

@SellzBellz Then I'd dare say that those you mentioned above (smoking, eating certain foods etc) are indeed choices, regardless what they could conceivably lead to down the road. You yourself even said it may not start out as one.

A random example, I collect Decipher Star Wars cards and some would call my pursuit to collect specific cards an addiction of the sorts, would you honestly call that a disease?

@SellzBellz Also, I never mentioned anything about having a "problem" with labeling it as such, I'm not convinced addiction is a disease is all. You read into something there that does not exist.

@SpikeTalon it's not that big of a deal and was purposely making assumptions which is why I made it a question when I mentioned "problem" . I was just making conversation and giving my thoughts on the matter is all. The point I was trying to make is I believe it's an addiction when your brain chemistry changes and they can no longer control it. Good chatting with yah.