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First a Link to the latest from Brendon O'Connell, and then my comments offered on his YouTube Channel.


Time 35:55: "...we need the conversation..." Again, third time now, devolution of power from Central Monopoly of Power and Profit to individual responsibility can't be both wrong and right, so why the contradiction? We need the conversation, but where is it, all I see is the one way communication that appears to be polarizing Group A: Israel/Russia/China v Group B: those against Group A (anti thesis)? If the goal is to have the conversation, what people ought to be doing, why they ought to be doing what they ought to be doing, how best to do what they ought to be doing, etc., then where is it? For my part the conversations that ought to be done by PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS in command of lawful, legal, moral, defensive power include common law private prosecutors taking on the huge load of cases involving the few most dangerous criminals running amok in the playground Earth. Where are they? How many PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS are now unemployed, not doing any work by definition. Many unemployed people and staring at everyone is a huge workload not being done by good people: HELLO! Where is the law? What about INDEPENDENT grand jurors, deliberately deliberating on the validity of each of the huge number of accusations, against WHO? Seriously? Brendon's information, if anything, constitutes the work that ought to be done by any number of many INDEPENDENT grand jurors, which then leads to a court date, and on the legal document is a name, such as, well, how about HENRY? Why start at the bottom step? What happens if the criminal refuses to accept the invitation to state their case presented by the PRIVATE PROSECUTOR in a Court of Law, before The People's representatives who are INDEPENDENT Trial Jurors? Are you going to ask the criminals for their answer to that legal question? Ask Henry? What do you think a presentment from a legal grand jury is? Is it over your head that a clear fact at law is that - as a rule - criminals do not obey the law? What do you think is the price, the cost, of membership in the criminal club? I don't know, you tell me? Ask one of the criminals? A voluntary choice to step outside the law is the price every criminal pays to become a member of the club. They don't obey the law. The law is not for the criminals. The law if for the law abiding, if that goes over your head, then what is going to happen is the clear process by which the criminals counterfeit the law, and the law is turned into organized crime behind a false front.

Josf-Kelley 8 Sep 19
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