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The Differences Between Common Law & Maritime Law & What They Are

Errors and Omissions

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“Let’s look at the forms a flaw that we currently acquiesced to”

The spelling looks cool, a funny hidden message, “...a flaw…,” which is itself a flaw that does not agree with the sounds of the speaker who said:

“Lets look at the forms of Law that we currently acquiesced to”

Then the speaker goes into listing statutes. He is fooled by an obvious deception, which is to conflate, confuse, and commingle opposite meanings into one word.

A Law, as is suggestion in the term The Law of the Land, means voluntary association of volunteers who agree to help each other in mutual defense against people who willfully, and with malice aforethought, attack and consume us, doing so routinely by counterfeiting the Law with involuntary association, or subsidized slavery, or most threatening of all: The Mob with a fake badge. The Mob enforces from Top Down their Involuntary Association Edicts TO BE OBEYED WITHOUT QUESTION, and those notices are called inulpatory evidence of treasonous fraud.

The treasonous criminals will attempt to make you believe that a Statue (which is not a law, it is a Statue) is a Law. That claim confesses the treasonous criminal as one.

Why must people be fooled by that very simple con?

Josf-Kelley 8 Nov 21
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