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Pulling the Trigger IV
by Joe Kelley

  1. Russia v NATO | Theater Or WW3 | The Big Picture
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Moral conscience drives moral action from internal living examples spreading outward cooperating for mutual benefit other living examples armed with the same weapons of mass destruction targeting Treasonous Fraud for expedient annihilation.

Many triggers pulled independently amounting to massive destruction of Treasonous Fraud rapidly forced into the light of Truth. 

Wiping out Treasonous Fraud Worldwide with Military Grade Neutron Truth Bombs created and employed by each and every moral living being in command of sound moral judgment. The People individually and by summation in total, destroy Central Command Treasonous Fraud Legal Fiction Entities, and We The People do so before the next victim falls into their Despotic Dungeon of Hell on Earth. With Neutron Truth Bombs we annihilate Despotism in its tracks while leaving the buildings intact, and no human beings are harmed during Global Revolutionary War II, excepting of course those who can no longer live with the sudden exposure of the heinous crimes accountable to each and every one of those Treasonous Frauds currently hiding behind their Legal Fictions. Some Treasonous Frauds might evaporate when exposed with the light of the truth. Give them fair advance warning of the impending prosecution delivered with extreme prejudice against Treasonous Fraud and extreme bias for nothing but the whole truth.

Show me your papers, once upon a time a demand demanded by Treasonous Frauds with Blue or Red bandannas designating Left or Right Gang affiliation, show me your papers turned around and used against the current generations of National Communists, National Socialists, and Global National Monopolists, the One World Order flavor of Totalitarian Despotism hiding behind a very thin and rapidly thinning cover of Legal Fiction. Show me those papers that authorize your authority to perpetrate Treasonous Fraud, here is your Notice demanding those papers.

Quo warranto.

Each licensed professional, card-carrying, badge-wearing, shielded-from-deception Truth Warrior creates their own license, their own badge, and their own warrant to prosecute Treasonous Fraud, armed with the facts that matter in each case, each Truth Warrior Prosecutor creates a creative Notice of Liability to document the immediate declaration of Victory on Earth Day, or VE Day II, lawful and legal Notice placed into The Public Record at the moment each individual regains moral judgment concerning the clear and present dangers to humanity imposed by Treasonous Fraud, no longer willing to sit idle, inert, and impotent in the face of overwhelming, overpowering, ubiquitous Deception Writ Large.

Enough already, I am not a slave.

Notice of Liability.

Those claiming to issue orders that must be obeyed without question are handed back a demand for them to sign on the bottom their Notice of Liability, failing to do so nullifies their pretend authority.

Notices of Liability from all corners of the Federated Republics enter into the stream of collective human consciousness, the stream that constitutes the common law source of stare decisis, the ever-present collective human memory of Public Access Information concerning the facts that matter at law.

Not in the interest of a Legal Fiction Nation-State, not in the interest of a Central Bank Money Laundering National Debt interest payment schedule, rather the true nature of humanity interested in preserving and protecting humanity from all enemies foreign and domestic, especially the current generation of Treasonous Frauds.

Notices of Liability combined with Quo Warranto, many individual efforts constituting a sum total productive effort of defensive shielding in the light of public Notices armed with facts that matter and a demand for further proof beyond reasonable doubt. Show me your papers proving your authority to enslave me with your documented infringments upon my natural rights. Defensive shield combined with offensive demand for proof of authority, Notice of Liability and Quo Warranto. Individual efforts combined into a sum total collective of individual creations by The People, on their own individual authority, returning voluntarily as Revolutionary War Warriors, gathering in modern Committees for Safety, resolved to End All the Legal Fiction Wars created for the exclusive purpose of transferring power to Treasonous Frauds.

Treasonous Frauds consume prosperity and spend the loot they steal funding the costs required to steal more, and The People either face the music and defend against it or be subject to it and leave posterity even weaker as Treasonous Fraud grows fatter feasting on human progeny.

It is a graphic, violent, horrid, and torturous job to face the music, but if not you, then who?

Innocent children depopulating The Infantile State.

As Treasonous Frauds are found in their dark dungeons of falsehood, they move from innocent victim to innocent victim consuming each one, in turn, limbs torn from living victims, swallowed whole or ground up in the meat-grinding maws of these evil creatures spawned from the Hell that Treasonous Frauds create for their exclusive, perverted, pleasure, and each Neutron Truth Bomb, each Notice of Liability and each Quo Warranto vaporizes falsehood. The web of deceit is the power source running the process of consuming posterity and truth is the matter that destroys that anti-matter. Immediately, as each Treasonous Fraud is LEFT frozen in the light of truth, body parts still hanging from its gaping gullet, trails of previous victims laid out in the past and in successive order along the now clearly illuminated path traveled by these worst cases of inhumanity, each new targeted victim forward in the same line, groomed to be consumed, but are now seen and saved suddenly by the expedient employment of each Neutron Truth Bomb from each Revolutionary War II Warrior targeting Treasonous Fraud for annihilation, peacefully, with the force of accurate accountability.

The True Law Power.

I am not a slave. You must cease and desist further harm done to humanity, not another order to be followed without question will work on US. Treasonous Fraud ENDS today on my watch, here is your Notice and Demand for proof beyond reasonable doubt that you confess, in your own documents authorized by you, that you have NO lawful authority. Your false claims of dictatorial authority evaporate in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, provided by your own documents.

We The People demand from you The Treasonous Frauds a full forensic audit of your claims to Dictatorial Powers. The corner you Rats have painted yourselves into is here and now, front and center, clear and present by Notice and by Demand from each of your many FORMER victims.

Your false claims that assume to take the natural born rights of independent thought and independent judgment from independent individual people are nullified and voided by your own confessed documented Treasonous Fraud. By moral conscience, born into all of your victims, We The People question your authority, and we do so by law. In the face of your Treasonous Fraud, we defend The People expediently, peacefully, and well armed with the facts that matter in the case. 

Case in point:

XIV - Citizen rights not to be abridged
Passed by Congress June 13, 1866. Ratified July 9, 1868
“4. The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned.”

Those guilty of issuing those orders and those guilty of enforcing those orders absent the natural right of redress by law are guilty in fact of Treasonous Fraud. The matter, by law, must be moved to an independent grand jury in each of over 3000 counties in each Federated Republic in America, in defense of The People against these self-confessing Treasonous Frauds.

Quo warranto demands written forensic proof from each Treasonous Fraud discovered along the way, caught Red-Handed obstructing justice as they create that crime scene themselves, on the Public Record. They perpetrate a treasonous crime each time they block, prevent, pervert, stall, slow-walk, delay, and obstruct, efficient, expedient justice with their claimed reasons for doing so, which can only add to the evidence of their guilt, as each diversion away from the due course of law adds to the numbers of victims consumed by further abuses of their power in government offices. Each refusal by each past, present, and future Treasonous Fraud along the way confess their guilt by their actions and in writing as demanded. Those facts that prove their guilt are documented by demand and signed by each Treasonous Fraud along the path. That path traveled in order to honor natural-born natural rights, will be littered with Treasonous Frauds who will confess their unjust decisions made by them as they impersonally follow dictatorial orders without question. Document each case with Notices and Demands. The path defended by individual Revolutionary War II Warriors impeded by each successive treasonous criminal constitutes yet more evidence of the true measure of the infestation in America by Treasonous Frauds. A Notice of Liability and a Quo Warranto combine lawfully as Neutron Weapons of Mass Destruction of Treasonous Fraud factually and lawfully. Get out of the way or be consumed by the fallout.

The Notice of Liability informs The Public that each and every Revolutionary War II Warrior will not, in good conscience add one more penny to the flow of funds consumed by Treasonous Frauds caught Red-Handed issuing, and enforcing, Despotic orders to be followed without question.

The quo-warranto questions the authority to issue orders without question, demanding the proof of claimed false authority.

The matter demands, by probable cause, independent grand jury investigation in over 3000 county jurisdictions, to create creative True Bills, placing names of suspected Treasonous Frauds, whose names appear on the paperwork that documents their Treasonous Fraud, leading to presentments, indictments, and court dates in county jurisdiction Courts of Law, before The People assembled as independent trial jurors. Do not allow True Bills to be misled into Legal Fiction Courts of Exchequer, Chancery, Admiralty, Equity, Family, or Traffic, because those who run those Counterfeit Courts of Summary Justice are also guilty of issuing orders to be obeyed without redress, without question, which is blind obedience, which is an attack on our natural rights to live and let live by our own authority with our own power of moral conscience, subject to due process of law to check and balance differences of opinions that may arise among different people in different locations.

The People adjudicate in true law, factually, as documented in legal precedent, bottom-up, creatively, organically, from grass-roots, in trial by jury, while Treasonous Fraud counterfeits adjudication despotically top going down from benches made of Legal Fiction.   

Failure to provide the evidence of those false claims of lawful authority, demanded by quo warranto from individuals armed with Notices of Liability, constitutes further obstruction of justice, another accusation added to the book thrown at Treasonous Frauds expediently, doing so before the next victim falls into the trap of Treasonous Fraud. Treasonous Frauds will run for the cover of lies like rats racing for dry places on the ship they sink and like roaches scattering when the lights are turned on in their dark dungeons made of lies. Each lie documents their guilt in fact. 

Caveat Emptor

Josf-Kelley 8 Feb 26
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