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Unpacking The Golden Rule I
by Joe Kelley

Do not confuse the map for the terrain. 

The way to own all the people is to own their currency. 

Language is currency. 

Mathematics is language.

The messages discovered, validated, and prosecuted by people for people include people intent upon harming people, so what inspires those people intent upon harming people? What gives criminals the message that they are doing something for someone when they intentionally harm someone? 

What is the message contained in the word malevolence?

Did someone discover The Golden Rule, or is Mathew 7:12 written into human DNA? Is The Golden Rule only written into memory on paper with inked symbols misinterpreting the original message and therefore misrepresenting the author of the message? 

The message deals with humanity working as individuals connected to other individuals involving decisions made by individuals during contact with other individuals individually and collectively according to law and prophecy, or I have misunderstood the intended meaning, and I have therefore misrepresented the original author. 

King James Version according to Google says:

“Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.”

That is a message from many individuals, in turn, discovering that message and then those many individuals cut and paste the original message from the original author. An individual discovers that message and then that individual passes that message as it then exists to another individual in time and place. I can attest to the validity of the message having been cut and pasted by me in the form I just found it. 

Does the message earn credit as a valid message useful when prosecuting a case involving someone suspected of the worst crimes to date currently plaguing mankind with the worst weapon of mass destruction knowable as Treasonous Fraud?  

I am not going to be able to personally, as an individual, attest to the validity of the original message as it first appeared in the history of mankind. I do not think that the original author is going to take me to a Court of Law to enforce intellectual property rights in a criminal case where I am charged with plagiarism or some other crime against humanity, for failing to pay a fee, or tithing, to the original author. 

Google also says:

the practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own.
"there were accusations of plagiarism"

(in England) a group of ten householders who lived close together and were collectively responsible for each other's behavior.

Confusing the map for the terrain is an often repeated misrepresentation of the facts that matter in each case where someone confuses the map for the terrain. One can be reading the map while walking off the cliff that was not precisely marked on the map, and the author of the map might have incorrectly assumed that people are smart enough to avoid such foolishness as mistaking a map for the terrain. 

Individuals always moving and contacting other individuals makes up the terrain in fact. Authorizing a message, written in English, to seek help in validating the facts that matter in a defensive case concerning individuals moving constantly on the terrain is not the terrain, the message is a message, and the terrain is the terrain.

The origin of the original living being was whatever or whoever created that first living being and this creator of the first living being demanded that each new moving living being had to obey specific laws or failing to obey those laws made by the creator of the first moving living being will be removed from the list of living beings. If that is true, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, then one might want to know how those laws work. Stop moving and die, for example.

If one wanted to survive and remain on the list of living beings for as long as the law allows, then one might want to know how those laws work. One might, for example, want to know how the law works to validate a friend from a foe.  

Or not.

Whose or Who’s or Who is?



To who or whom?

Google says:

“Whom should be used to refer to the object of a verb or preposition. When in doubt, try this simple trick: If you can replace the word with “he”' or “'she,” use who. If you can replace it with “him” or “her,” use whom. Who should be used to refer to the subject of a sentence.”

Whose bright idea is it to complicate things beyond reason? 

Enter State LEFT Treasonous Fraud, the Infantile State. 

Do unto others that which you would never allow someone else to do the same to you. Confuse innocent people and while they are in an Infantile State, steal everything they produce of any value worth the cost of stealing, and send the bill that transfers those costs to the victim, making the victim pay the costs expended in the work required to steal all those things the victim makes that is worth the effort to steal. Get the victim so confused as to actually make the victim believe that survival depends upon their blind obedience to those who invent slavery so as to replace productivity with slavery. Make the victims so stupid and servile that those victims will cease all productive activity and instead of producing things worth stealing each new victim will turn to crime instead. 

Author, author, author, can I use that message as I navigate the terrain? Can I get my free stuff then? What is the true cost, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God, for the liberal use of your wisdom? Do you demand a tithing of some sort? Is there a finders fee, perhaps? Is the message patented and pending collections of unpaid debts to the original unplagiarized author? 

How does one know Christ from Anti-Christ?  

Is it really Buddha or just a fat rat?

The author allows for copies to be made or does the author demand those debt payments on time?

Is there a message in the fine print allowing for the forgiveness of those debt payments on time or does one never, ever, question those debt payments that will be taken on time while one is not even looking? Valuable items stolen while no one is safeguarding them, valuable items taken while no one is defending the value of valuable items, and stolen property deftly moved into the hands of those who receive stolen property, property that is required to ensure survival, such as, for example, innocent children, valuable items consumed by Treasonous Frauds in the work required to keep on stealing, and that is the law of this land?

I asked Google, but there was no legible answer given. 

“Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.”

The terrain mankind somehow continues to traverse is Earth. Mankind has a few clocks running, not known by all, but a majority of those rats racing around the Globe have some idea concerning the messages offered on these clocks. 

One is called The National Debt Clock Real-Time. 

That one is an official-looking pack of lies, evidence of Treasonous Fraud if black remains to be black and white remains to be white, and up remains up, while down remains down, left is not right, and right is not left, and it does not depend upon what is is. 

The other Clock is called another name indicating more rats in the ranks, and that other clock added to The National Debt Clock Real-time is called The Doomsday Clock, Patents Pending, Limited Liability, False Advertisment, A.K.A. Treasonous Fraud II. 

Treasonous Fraud I = National Debt Clock Real-Time

That is a self-evident case of Treasonous Fraud Real-Time

Treasonous Fraud II = The Doomday Clock Public Service Announcement Marketing Advertisement. 

That is confessing the missing half of the truth, which is a necessary name or two on a True Bill, inviting the Treasonous Fraud suspects to their trial by jury, for their benefit, and for the benefit of those claimed to be seconds before the predictable extinction events. 

My, oh my, how many individuals are there who are not following reason and logic offered in useful messages mapping out the terrain?

Common law due process of law affords the opportunity for each individual to account for each individual causing injury to anyone, so as to deter such malevolent behavior, saving the fellow from a life of crime.

If the criminals are confessing their imminent intentions to destroy mankind and make the victims pay for the cost of doing so, then one might move those suspects up the list of lawful concerns.

If there isn't enough purchasing power remaining in The Public Fund, invested for the defense of The Public, to pay for two trials by jury, and the choices are to defend against the devastating harm done to The Public by someone not wearing a face diaper or, since there isn't enough purchasing power LEFT in The Fund for two trials, is it a more reasonable choice to defend against those who have misspent The Public Fund so badly as to bring mankind to the edge of extinction?

Does it make sense to give the power to choose which trial by jury will be the last trial by jury placed on the calendar seconds before Doomsday, placing that power to decide into the hands of those confessing that they were not only the thieves that stole everything worth stealing, they are also the ones claiming that the victims owe them for that service they provide to their victims? 

Now, to be sure, one might want to check the map again, but eventually one must navigate the terrain, the alternative is not tolerated. No one is allowed to stand still for any time whatsoever, as each living cell must keep moving, reproducing, or no longer will that sleeper cell exist in living form. 

The silent majority is doing no one any favors as the Clocks of Treasonous Frauds move humanity incrementally closer to their well-advertised intended goal posts. 

Did you miss the sign altogether or misread it? Do you ignore it, or are you innocent of all charges? 

If you are going to cast a stone, will it deter someone from a malevolent act, or will it be one more malevolent act added to the growing list?

Do you have the power of reason and moral conscience, and if so then why not use it, and if not, then might it be a good idea to find out who has it now? 

Caveat Emptor 

Josf-Kelley 8 Mar 15
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