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Central Bank Treasonous Fraud V
by Joe Kelley

VLADIMIR PUTIN Address on Socioeconomic Strategy for Russia - 16 March 2022 - English Subtitles
761 views, Premiered Mar 19, 2022

Time 16:42
“Access to information is being restricted and people are being crammed full of all sorts of fake stories, propaganda, and fabrication, or simply put, snake oil.”

Time 28:20
“Supporting employment, incomes and wages and supporting the stable, balanced performance of the economy in general depend on how quickly private businesses will be able to find the right solutions and take them. That is why we must respond to external pressure with the utmost entrepreneurial freedom and with support for business initiative.”

Do not do undo others that which you would defend against were others to dare to do the same to you.

How dare you?

How dare you make the attempt to justify aggressive war for profit for your own National Interests.

Did the National Communists hang a few National Socialists for Aggressive War Crimes?

It was not the natural-law-based common law trial by jury process at work to discover, validate, and then prosecute the Nazi War Criminals. If it were the common law trial by jury system working anywhere on this planet, then the work of Anthony Sutton as a prosecutor armed with facts that matter in the World War II case would have been data discovered by any of over 3,000 common law independent grand juries in any of the competitive Federated Republics of America, all republicans, all anxious to keep the criminals out of government.

The criminals would have been found, would have been validated as defendants in their criminal jury trials, tried by their peers, and tried in the counties where all their victims paid the cost of the injuries done to them by those who profited from World War II, profited as they Boomed their Empires that Rise and as they Busted their Empires that Fall on their schedules that afford them the data required to sell at each peak and buy at each Build Back Better Bargain Basement Subsidized Slave Labor Market Price.

Is that a fact?

Mathew 7:12, the Map, actually maps the terrain. If one does not confuse the map for the terrain, then one might actually have the unconfusing map as one navigates the unknown terrain so as to avoid the slippery slopes that lead mankind to a torturous and horrid omnicide slide into inhumanunkind Hell Bent Man Hell on Earth.

Rats in the Ranks Racing into The Deep Underground Military Bases Mutual Assured Destruction Made by the Deep Do Do Infantile State.

How I learned to love my Infantile State, Dr. Strangelove.

The terrain built by the map that demands blind obedience places each rat on the hamster wheel killing weaker rats to get the cheese that tastes exactly like rat shit.

Do not question the Emperor’s cheese. Give unto Caesar that which is Caligula body fluids.

Do unto others that which you would defend against ensures a rapidly growing National Interest Defensive Red Pen. The cost of defense will never, ever, be met as the increased need for more spending is ensured when the purchases are designed to increase the need to spend more.

More rats eating more rat shit on the hamster wheel with the fake picture of free cheese dangling out on a stick just out of reach while each fellow rat tries to keep ahead of the next fastest rat racing to cut your throat to get the free cheese first.

Vote National Communist!

Vote National Socialist!

Ah, which side is rigging the votes this time?

A vote to prosecute the criminals counterfeiting federated republics brings each of the worst criminals first to their inevitable day of answering for their actions on their watch with their dimes that were once your dimes.

Voting for National Communists and National Socialists year after year in elections rigged by National Communists and National Socialists year after year moves more National Interests purchases purchasing more Boom and Bust purchases for more Empires to Rise and Fall on schedule.

Voting for prosecution, after discovery, after validation, and armed with over 3,000 federated republic True Bills from grand jurors in command of lawful, legal, moral, justified, jurisdiction, move, in actual reality moving, the invitation, the True Bill, the presentment, the indictment, moving, moving, moving, those National Communists and those National Socialists infesting America to their day of reckoning, their judgment day, in a County Court of Law, moving through jury trial, moving to Public Notices of the facts that matter in each case, documented, stare decisis, precedence, as Trial Transcripts.

Mapping the terrain for those contemplating Treasonous Fraud in America when Americans discover the hamster wheel, validate the hamster wheel, prosecute the hamster wheel, get off that terrain mapped out by Emperors for Emperors, and get back on their own individual, independent, private lives in Liberty made secure with the right map.

Not the left map, the right map.

Those who elect Emperors to make their Empire rise, get what they pay for, with their dimes, on their watch.

Do not feed the Emperors your dimes and your votes.

Those who prefer to discover the facts that matter in cases of Empire builders, who then move those discoveries to the validation phase by grand jury in due process of law, and those who vote for and keep grand juries in their counties get their True Bills, and those Caligula type Empire builders on the left or right are taken down before their next victim falls into their hamster wheel.

The British Empire builders in their war to enslave Americans had their infighting as expected in all Empires. Left, center, and right all kept their peace long enough to attempt to enslave Americans between 1774 and 1789. Americans federated republics using the common law, natural law, law of the land map formed by those republicans forming those federated republics that lasted until 1789.

Not RINOS. The RINOS formed the 1787 Nation-State Legal Fiction falsely called a Constitution, in need of amendments by republicans attempting to get the Legal-Fiction back under common law jurisdiction Courts of Law.

The amendments are still on the books collecting dust. Where are the republicans?

RINOS and The LEFT, so-called progressives, have a map that they share, and it is a privileged prerogative for their National Interest at the expense of those foolish enough to vote for it, and pay for it, to get the empty bag of promises.

Those who get their rewards are documented as having received their rewards in fact.

The facts have long ago passed the laugh test of probable cause, the work required to move the case through each of over 3,000 grand juries has already been done, the True Bills are all but written and signed, and the only thing LEFT obstructing judgment-day for all the swamp creatures is their hold on each of their victim's minds.

They have got you by the balls if you have any balls LEFT, but only in your mind do they have you by the balls. If you have a mind LEFT, and you think they have you by the balls, then you may want to regain command of your own mind.

Jus Ad Bellum, Jus In Bello, Jus Post Bellum

Caveat Emptor

Josf-Kelley 8 Mar 29
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Perhaps China will open knockoff McDonald's and Starbucks chains in Russia.

sqeptiq Level 9 Mar 29, 2022

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