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Trial Transcripts Rinse and Repeat II
by Joe Kelley

Pray for Patriots
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Those who learn from history gain the power to avoid taking the bait in the trap set by Treasonous Frauds.

So-called Christian, Conservative, and Republican Patriots either know or do not know that Treasonous Fraud works like a rigged voting machine, luring Patriots onto the Rat (hamster) Wheel as if Patriots can run away from Treasonous Fraud injury while at the same time running to Treasonous Fraud injury.

Two Systems of due process of law are not divided according to Civil and Criminal jurisdiction by natural rights and facts that matter in each case. The two systems at play are common law due process, run by the people themselves on an equal footing at law, and a clear and present dangerous Treasonous Fraud version run by Treasonous Frauds.

Civil cases in County Jurisdictions according to common law are private matters where private people settle disputes peacefully as the contentious matter is brought to a voluntarily agreed upon third party adjudicator. There is no cause to involve the public in a common-law civil matter because there has not been a discovery of a clear and present threat to the public by anyone, anywhere, anytime in a common-law County Civil Case within lawful County Jurisdiction, according to the common law, which is the law of the land, which is also the Ancient Law going back in human time since before the people wrote down the law on any media whatsoever.

The unwritten law, carried forward through Public Notices, Trial Transcripts, and media that constitutes precedent, has forensically segregated Civil causes from Criminal causes specified by common people commonly encountering private matters that remain Civil, keeping the peace, and doing so through adjudication of contentious matters contended by private individuals who do not threaten disturbance of the peace of anyone else, therefore the Civil cause does not cause anyone to act in defense of anyone else, and the Civil cause is no threat to the people, no threat to the public, no threat to anyone at all, except the private people in conflict over a Civil matter among themselves, because failure to settling a festering private matter can erupt into a disturbance of their peace.

A criminal matter is another matter because there has been discovered a threat to the public at large, a threat to the public peace, and a threat to everyone within the County jurisdiction where lawful adjudication powers are commanded by lawful County Criminal Adjudicators.

Why are Treasonous Fraud cases, where criminals are rioting in the blood of the innocent, criminals with fake badges, criminals with fake licenses, and criminals with funds stolen from the Public Fund, why are these criminals being asked for permission to put these Treasonous Frauds on their Criminal Trials in County Criminal Courts of Law before Trial Jurors who adjudicate the Criminal matter?

What does any thinking individual expect a Treasonous Fraud to say in response to an accusation against a Treasonous Fraud? What is the lawful procedure to follow when a Treasonous Fraud is asked for permission to take a Treasonous Fraud to their County Criminal Trial by Jury where they are the defendant because an individual member of the public, in a County Jurisdiction at Law, has discovered facts that prove to that individual member of the public, that Treasonous Fraud is rioting in the blood of the innocent in that County Jurisdiction?

Treasonous Frauds, from the first one to the last one, will tell the one who discovered the Treasonous Fraud that the matter is a Civil Case NOT a Criminal Case. Treasonous Frauds accused of Treasonous Fraud will deny that they are Treasonous Frauds as a matter of precedent.


Evidence of Treasonous Fraud in your face. A Treasonous Fraud will fraudulently claim that a County Jurisdiction Criminal Case belongs in a District Court that is a Court NOT of Law. Treasonous Frauds will NOT admit that evidence of their criminal actions belong in a County Criminal Trial by Jury Court, where they are given the opportunity to explain to their peers that what they did was Civil, not a danger to the public at large, and notwithstanding all the dead innocent people tortured to death, they are innocent of the charge of Treasonous Fraud because they gave themselves adjudicating powers over their own actions.

That is a common Legal Fiction at best if it were a civil case, and that is Treasonous Fraud in a case involving government agents rioting in the blood of the innocent while spending public funds to fund their criminal operations.

Why are people sticking their heads so far up their own asses that they cannot see the Plain Truth staring them right in their face? Is it because there is no light up their own asses?

Discovery of evidence leading anyone to suspect a Treasonous Fraud rioting in the blood of the innocent goes from any individual to a County Grand Jury member for cause. The one with the discovery in hand, the evidence in one's possession, moves that evidence so as to validate that evidence lawfully, validated lawfully by independent County Grand Jurors empowered to validate accusations of crimes threatening the public at large.

How is that precedent overruled if not by Treasonous Frauds?

Do go to the people to defend the people, come to US, the Treasonous Frauds, to defend the people from US.

"The judiciary of the United States is so constructed and extended, as to absorb and destroy the judiciaries of the several states; thereby rendering laws as tedious, intricate, and expensive, and justice as unattainable by a great part of the community, as in England; and enabling the rich to oppress and ruin the poor."
George Mason, 1787

Caveat Emptor

Josf-Kelley 8 May 21
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