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Evil³ II
by Joe Kelley

Revealed. Russiagate hoax, Hillary Clinton, Julian Assange, ruble’s rise and WHO’s watching them?
May 22, 2022

Time 11:19:
“...forgive me a little shadenfreude. But, because our economies in Europe are heading for the tank, heading for the drain, disappearing down the drain whilst the Russian economy and its currency are BOOMING.”

Google says:
pleasure derived by someone from another person's misfortune.
"a business that thrives on schadenfreude"

  1. Human Traffickers
  2. Drug Pushers
  3. Warmongers
  4. Central Bank Money Laundering Counterfeiters
  5. Treasonous Frauds

Walk into a BAR.

Witch Court persecutes witches in accurate accounts of inhuman behavior?

Aftermath of the 1690s:
The Salem Witch-Hunt and Stoughton’s Rise to Power
Page 442
Conceived in Liberty
by Murray Rothbard, 1979
“If the Mather-Phips coalition had been allowed to continue in control, Massachusetts might have found a tolerable and even welcome path into the eighteenth century: the steady easing of Puritan restrictions combined with a decided drift back to the effective Massachusetts independence from royal depredations. In short, Massachusetts might have been able to advance toward a synthesis of the best of the two contending sides of the recent past: the self-governing and freedom of trade of the Puritans (without the theocratic persecutions), and the religious freedom and mercantile cosmopolitanism of the pro-royal opportunists (without the royal despotism). But such a synthesis for liberal independence was not to be. For at the heart of the new regime was a sinister canker: Lieutenant Governor William Stoughton. Stoughton was determined to overthrow this moderate liberalism in order that he and his friends – including the formerly discredited Joseph Dudley – might return to power, and that he might renew his plundering of Massachusetts.
“Stoughton and Dudley were determined to regain power and to reimpose a royal absolutism that they would lead, at the head of a newly plundering oligarchy. To do this they would have to discredit and eliminate Governor Phips. With great luck, William Stoughton found his opportunity at hand; opportunity to split the ordinarily antiroyalist masses and to rally the body of Puritan theocrats behind him. In short, Stoughton found a way to rally the two extremes, to swing the Puritan masses behind his Tory opportunists in order to crush the moderate center. This opportunity was the notorious Salem witch-hunt of 1692.”

Updated list:

Human Traffickers, Drug Pushers, Warmongers, Central Bank Money Laundering Counterfeiters, Religious Charlatans, and Treasonous Frauds walk from the National Church into the Infantile Nation-State BAR.

Courts NOT of Law.

Law and Commerce, 1580–1815
Published online by Cambridge University Press: 28 November 2008
By Claire Priest
“Was empire-building an animating objective of the U.S. government in its early years? Was the Constitution enacted to achieve mercantilist purposes? Were early federal government policies mercantilist? In the early twenty-first century, scholars have been answering these questions with a resounding “yes.” Their answers suggest that American colonialism of the late nineteenth century and the record of U.S. military interventions abroad since then are a continuation of values held since the founding.

“The scholarship contending that the federal government in the Founding Era was by nature mercantilist ( or “neo-mercantilist” ) and imperial, however, is imprecise and anecdotal. Moreover, it raises complex historical questions that scholars have not addressed. Why would a nation of colonies that fought a revolution against an imperial power immediately adopt the core values of the mercantilist government it had rejected? How “radical” could the Revolution have been if the framers of the U.S. Constitution viewed empire-building as a primary objective? More broadly, if that were indeed the objective, why did the United States avoid the European race for colonies in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East for most of the nineteenth century?

“Here, I provide a detailed history of British mercantilism and explain why its core principles were rejected by American political leaders in the Founding Era. Part I follows Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations in defining “mercantilism” as the policies in force during British imperial history in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. According to this definition, mercantilism comprises several interrelated positions: first, a commitment to the belief that political power and national strength are achieved by government regulations that improve the home country’s balance of trade;”

Google says:
encouragement or advocacy of aggression toward other countries or groups.
"the newspaper was accused of warmongering"
encouraging or advocating aggression toward other countries or groups.
"a nation controlled by a bloodthirsty warmongering madman"

Updated list:

Human Traffickers, Drug Pushers, Warmongers, Central Bank Money Laundering Counterfeiters, Religious Charlatans, False Propagandists, and Treasonous Frauds slow walk JUST US from the National Church into the Infantile Nation State BAR, and call that a Justice System.

What about the law of the land?

Essay on The Trial by Jury
by Lysander Spooner, 1852
“The king was, therefore, constitutionally the government; and the only legal limitation upon his power seems to have been simply the Common Law, usually called “the law of the land,” which he was bound by oath to maintain; (which oath had about the same practical value as similar oaths have always had.) This “law of the land” seems not to have been regarded at all by many of the kings, except so far as they found it convenient to do so, or were constrained to observe it by the fear of arousing resistance. But as all people are slow in making resistance, oppression and usurpation often reached a great height; and, in the case of John, they had become so intolerable as to enlist the nation almost universally against him; and he was reduced to the necessity of complying with any terms the barons saw fit to dictate to him.”

The persecuted said no, and all the King’s men heard a delightful consensual yes instead, after torturing of course.

1994 Reviving Federal Grand Jury Presentments
Renée B. Lettow
"The grand jury was a creation of English medieval law carried to the American colonies and later formally enshrined in the United States Constitution. By including the grand jury in the Bill of Rights, the United States inherited not only the institution's defensive function, but also its accusatory function.”

V - Provisons concerning prosecution
“No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury...”

Asking the Mob for permission to indict them is a systematic misleading move from justice to injustice.

Caveat Emptor

Josf-Kelley 8 May 26
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Schadenfreude is a big emotion in our times, with Democrats having a hard time in a lot of their city strongholds.

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