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by Joe Kelley

Mar 16, 2022

“...Dr. Fouci...head of the most powerful institute...the emails that have been revealed show him to be a petty partisan politician who’s not above taking down his scientific enemies, not above having an enemies list. This is someone who really seriously needs to be separated from government.”

Votes tabulated for and against a named Treasonous Fraud.

Even a YES vote to vote against a specific named Treasonous Fraud is an example of Treasonous Fraud. The proceeding proceeds outside the law of the land by wider margins with each cut that bleeds Liberty out of the body politic.

A private prosecutor is afforded the office of Attorney General in criminal cases. Private, rather than government, means NGO, or a Non-government official, so the bridge between we the people NOT in the government becomes we the people doing the job the Treasonous Frauds refuse to do, which is policing their own by the rules that give them authority to do the right thing, the moral thing, the legal thing, and the lawful thing.

Google says:
In the King James Version of the Bible the text reads: Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you: do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.

Peers made-up of fellow Treasonous Frauds will always vote for more of their Treasonous Fraud, and that is not merely a rule, or a routine, it is a Natural Law, a Criminal Code.

Google says:
Quid Pro Quo
a favor or advantage granted or expected in return for something.
"the pardon was a quid pro quo for their help in releasing hostages"

Courts run by Treasonous Frauds keep Treasonous Fraud on the fast track for invalid and unjustified criminally aggressive causes.

"There is no question of the general doctrine that fraud vitiates the most solemn contracts, documents, and even judgments" United States v. Throckmorton, 98 US 61. 1878.

Treasonous Frauds agree that No means Yes when Yes is needed and No is not needed.

Hypothetically speaking, suppose that a Treasonous Fraud is so horrible that everyone in the whole country is unanimously up in arms against this very special, this elite Treasonous Fraud, and the peers around this particularly despicable Treasonous Fraud are themselves finding probable cause that warrants defensive actions on their part since this Treasonous Fraud is so easily seen as a Treasonous Fraud that all the other Treasonous Frauds are afraid that this Special Interest Elite Treasonous Fraud is going to completely destroy the thin veil of Treasonous Fraud deception?

“The king was, therefore, constitutionally the government; and the only legal limitation upon his power seems to have been simply the Common Law, usually called “the law of the land,” which he was bound by oath to maintain; (which oath had about the same practical value as similar oaths have always had.) This “law of the land” seems not to have been regarded at all by many of the kings, except so far as they found it convenient to do so, or were constrained to observe it by the fear of arousing resistance. But as all people are slow in making resistance, oppression and usurpation often reached a great height; and, in the case of John, they had become so intolerable as to enlist the nation almost universally against him; and he was reduced to the necessity of complying with any terms the barons saw fit to dictate to him.”
Essay on The Trial by Jury
by Lysander Spooner

I do not agree with the use of the word “nation” to be a synonym for “country” as it appears to be used in that message that serves as a Public Notice; either the people are collectively known as “the people” or they are known by another name, but why use too many names to designate the people collectively? Nation, Country, Republic, Federation, or simply the people, if the meanings are the same, which is less likely to be misused?

Back to the case against Doktor Fauci:

U.S. Constitution : Article I
Section 3
7. Judgement in cases of impeachment shall not extend further than to removal from office, and disqualification to hold and enjoy any office of honor, trust, or profit under the United States: but the party convicted shall nevertheless be liable and subject to indictment, trial, judgement and punishment, according to law.

Fellow Treasonous Frauds sharing a unanimous agreement to ignore the fact that the law of the land is the common law, are reminded at times of the facts that they wish to collectively ignore.

“...shall nevertheless be liable and subject to indictment, trial, judgement and punishment, according to law.”

I do not agree with the use of the word “punishment” in the context of the people defending themselves from clear and present dangers that warrant the use of force in their defense AFTER exhausting all legal, lawful, and moral means to peacefully remedy those dangers.

Punishment is what punishers do in order to become that which they become when they punish for whatever reasons they have to do so, right or wrong, justified or unjustified, reasonable or unreasonable, such as is easily proven factually according to Codified Laws governing human beings.

Doing onto other humans that which is inhuman is unlawful, by precedent, by statute, and by law.

“Judging, therefore, from the special provisions in Magna Carta, requiring fines, or amercements, to be imposed only by juries, (without mentioning any other punishments; ) judging; also, from the statutes which immediately followed Magna Carta, it is probable that the Saxon custom of punishing all, or nearly all, offences by fines, (with the alternative to the criminal of being imprisoned, banished, or outlawed, and exposed to private vengeance, in case of non-payment,) continued until the time of Magna Carta; and that in providing expressly that fines should be fixed by the juries, Magna Carta provided for nearly or quite all the punishments that were expected to be inflicted; that if there were to be any others, they were to be fixed by the juries; and consequently that nothing was left to be fixed by “legem terrae.”
Essay on The Trial by Jury
Lysander Spooner

Someone so terrifying that fellow Treasonous Frauds are terrified is an Elite version of a Treasonous Fraud and by what judgment would that Elite example of Treasonous Fraud be immune from prosecution at law?

V - Provisons concerning prosecution
“No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury,...”

Any individual capable of prosecuting any Treasonous Fraud in any of over 3,000 federated republican counties in America has the moral, legal, and lawful duty to protect and serve the people from any of the harm done by Treasonous Frauds and therefore definitely the worst of them by reasonable triage.

There are over 332 million members of the people of America, the country, the federation of states, or if you prefer to use the name Nation, then there are over 332 million potential private prosecutors rendered impotent, defenseless, stupid, and servile under the immoral, inhuman, criminal rule of these collective Treasonous Frauds and specifically named worst examples of them, such as Doktor Mengele or Dr. Fauci.

Which witch is worse? Ask their peers.

When the Treasonous Frauds distance themselves from their own horrors, who is LEFT to prosecute those outlaws who are too evil even for the outlaws?

The Treasonous Frauds run witch hunts, very well documented in history, and they call what they do a Lawful process, as their witch hunts proceed according to their rules.

They, the Treasonous Frauds, as a rule, do not obey the rules that they say give them their authority to break their rules.

"They proved their effectiveness during the Colonial and Revolutionary periods in helping the colonists resist imperial interference. They provided a similar source of strength against outside pressure in the territories of the western United States, in the subject South following the Civil War, and in Mormon Utah. They frequently proved the only effective weapon against organized crime, malfeasance in office, and corruption in high places.

“But appreciation of the value of grand juries was always greater in times of crisis, and, during periods when threats to individual liberty were less obvious, legal reformers, efficiency experts, and a few who feared government by the people worked diligently to overthrow the institution. Proponents of the system, relying heavily on the democratic nature of the people's panel, on its role as a focal point for the expression of the public needs and the opportunity provided the individual citizen for direct participation in the enforcement of law, fought a losing battle. Opponents of the system leveled charges of inefficiency and tyranny against the panels of citizen investigators and pictured them as outmoded and expensive relics of the past. Charges of "star chamber" and "secret inquisition" helped discredit the institution in the eyes of the American people, and the crusade to abolish the grand jury, under the guise of bringing economy and efficiency to local government, succeeded in many states.”
The People's Panel
The Grand Jury in the United States, 1634 - 1941
Richard D. Younger
Page 3

I pleaded with my tormentors for mercy, but that only drove them to a fever as they increased the pain they inflicted upon the innocent.

"The judiciary of the United States is so constructed and extended, as to absorb and destroy the judiciaries of the several states; thereby rendering laws as tedious, intricate, and expensive, and justice as unattainable by a great part of the community, as in England; and enabling the rich to oppress and ruin the poor."
George Mason, 1787

Caveat Emptor

Josf-Kelley 8 June 1
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We need a law requiring Fauci to wear 2 masks for the rest of his life.

sqeptiq Level 10 June 1, 2022

Someone or some group makings someone do things against his own best judgement is a crime if there is no reasonable remedy offered instead to the one facing a sentence for having perpetrated a crime. This is basic morality, but your comments are so often nothing more than chides, bits of satire or such other nit picking instead of forming a basis for meaningful discussion.

A mud throwing contest like monkeys farting in each other's general direction instead of throwing shit at each other?

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