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Green Grass Investments Abroad I
by Joe Kelley

Ukraine Forces Trapped in Severodonetsk Azot Factory, UK General Criticizes West Leaders' Strategy
Jun 13, 2022

Time 25:00 or so:
“We are talking about a mass volume production car...”

I have to confess that I love this guy. Not on the level of George Carlin in his time, but it is not George’s time.

A wild mix of dire warnings and comedic relief and competition as to which is the more powerful force. Love without hate, mixed emotions, passive, passive, funny, no aggression, no predation whatsoever.

What's not to love?

Mr. Internet coughs up:
pathos (n.)
"quality that arouses pity or sorrow," 1660s, from Greek pathos "suffering, feeling, emotion, calamity," literally "what befalls one," related to paskhein "to suffer," pathein "to suffer, feel," penthos "grief, sorrow;" from PIE root *kwent😎- "to suffer."

Google declares:
com·ic re·lief
comic episodes in a dramatic or literary work that offset more serious sections.
"between tragic stories are a few songs supplying comic relief"
a character or characters providing comic relief.
"the archaeologist, who begins as oafish comic relief, exemplifies her gift for character drawing"

The Big Club is being clubbed to death, or so one might fantasize in a wild dream of greener pastures right here in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

So take the warnings and the comic relief, as only you can, but add in the idea that the “Leader of the Free World” in America is a paid performer working for the CCP. Envision an integration of two movies in the mix.

  1. Red Dawn

  2. Idiocracy

It may take a bit of empathy.

Now you have the recipe to borrow my viewpoint; in part. I can offer help, you cannot. YOU, all of ya’ll, are on your own.

How many defenseless infants caught in their infantile states independently closing the door on discovery, validation, and prosecution according to principle, precedent, statute, and law, does it take to screw up a light bulb?

Be that as it may, and notwithstanding Treasonous Fraud, consider borrowing the candlelight that illuminates a fictional future entertaining Hollywood movie coming to a theater near YOU, to soften you up for actual reality Real-Time on the National Interest Debt Clock.

Scene 1, Act 1:
Florida is the last hold out for federated counties federated into a republic form of government, while CCP forces continue rioting in the blood of the innocent at city centers from sea to shining sea, all across the former federated republics of America. Under the fearless leadership of Pedo Joe and Son, the Monopoly of Power and Profit Regime returns into office after every Election Psycho from now until eternity, perpetually stealing each election, funded by the electorate.

Please, please, please sir, can we have some more of our democracy! Here, take our children, all of posterity, it is all yours to do as it pleases you to do to them, they are on their own.

Wards of the Infantile State JUST following orders, without question MIND you.

Tax Farmers energetically farming, farming, farming all their property. Human cattle and human vegetables, on their plantations, profiting heavily with the power of slave labor.

What exactly is the minimum slave labor wage these days?

Fuck those cow farts. Synthetics man, all things counterfeit!

Artificial Intelligence.

Predator Drones.

Follow, follow, follow, follow...

Follow the pee-stained-brick-road.

The defenders are forced to run like slaves to Florida, each one in turn, until predatory forces force those last defenders to migrate to Russia, by boat or bathtub, where prices are falling like returns on U.S. Treasury Bonds.


Chicken butt, dupe.

You get what you pay for, in spades.

Mr. Internet says:
recrimination (n.)
"the meeting of an accusation by a counter-accusation," 1610s, from French récrimination, from Medieval Latin recriminationem (nominative recriminatio), noun of action from past participle stem of recriminari "to make charges against" (see recriminate).

I’m not that bright, how about you?

Caveat Emptor

Josf-Kelley 8 June 14
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