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Green Grass Investments Abroad II
by Joe Kelley

Ukraine Shells Donetsk, Russia Demands Surrender in Severodonetsk, Economic Crises Ukraine, West
Jun 14, 2022

“One of the big events that took place yesterday, the one that’s attracted by far the most attention is the heavy shelling of the city of Donestk, the Capital of the breakaway Donestk People’s Republic, by the Ukrainian army over the course of several hours yesterday. By contrast, if you go to the Western Media you will see no coverage at all of this heavy shelling of Donestk, instead the focus remains on the battle of Sievierodonetsk.”

Some people, but certainly not a majority, seek wisdom inside their own minds rather than depending entirely upon the outside world dictating wise thoughts that are then leading to wise actions because unwise thoughts and unwise actions cost the unwise way too much with no benefit whatsoever other than relief from the need to use one’s own moral compass, and one’s own power of reason, which may be too costly for some who favor the nebulous offer of free stuff.

Freespoke spoke:
Nebulous definition, hazy, vague, indistinct, or confused: a nebulous recollection of the meeting; a nebulous distinction between pride and conceit.

Here, the outside world may say to the individual, here my little one, here is paradise, take the first step expediently, do not waste any time asking stupid questions, notwithstanding someone entertaining a Conspiracy Theory about a slippery slope leading to a cliff where natural laws then take the unwise to a torturous drop into hell on earth before a sudden irrevocable rapidly accelerating rush to omnicide.

Those few people alive today who are offering those messages that suggest a competitive option to the collective majority non-option are messages suggesting that one might want to dig deep into one's own infantile state, deeper than any dictation from the Deep State, for a spark of reason to help move one step to a better existence, and one step on a path in that competitive direction opposite the blindly obedient non-option. Those few people are categorically NOT the majority in our times with "our democracy” in its sorry Infantile State.

Fewer still suggest a return to federated republics under common laws shared by free people in Liberty.

Fuck Liberty, where is my Fearless Leader and my new Dictate?

The one and only repeated ad nauseam.


In my view, not for everyone, mine for me alone, I am actively looking for those people offering sage advice.

Google suggests:
Sage advice:
1: proceeding from or characterized by wisdom, prudence, and good judgment.

Can one depend upon sage advice, or does one want to nurture their own Bullshit Detector?

Eat Rat shit, the same rat shit that is fraudulently claimed to be pristine wisdom, repeatedly, or consider operating a device that can accurately discriminate one from the other, before paying the all-you-can-eat fee at the rat-invested buffet, sticking your head deep into the Rat ass in front, chowing down while plunging head first up to your shoulders, as the Rat behind you dives up your ass behind you in line?

If the choice is Door Number Two, Blind Obedience, then is one making oneself a dependent, and no longer is one independent, or does one reserve the option to shift into reverse while there is still the choice to reserve the option to shift into reverse?

Do not question the order to not question the order.

Those who pick Door Number One are those who never give up that power to discover, validate, and prosecute those demanding to OBEY.

Without question.

What is, exactly, the Deep State if not a collective Infantile State of dependents sharing their used depends seeping reeking Bull Shit?

Face diapers.

Rats on a sinking Rat Ship surviving on a steady diet of Rat Shit, each with their Rat heads stuck up each other’s Rat ass, the first firmly thrust into the last one, in an Empire Rising Boom and Empire Falling Bust Cycle rapidly accelerating to the Final Solution fueled exclusively with the nourishment of powerful Rat Shit. The Rat line at the Rat buffet, all eating Rat shit, goes full circle, on the Rat hamster wheel, rolling and picking up speed, an exponential acceleration to Rat omnicide for the good of humanity.

Where would one want to go if one was able to know what one truly wants?

One might begin to ask oneself what one can do to get the true measure of what one wants?

Please Sir, can I have some more of “our democracy?”

How does one negotiate with those who not only refuse to negotiate, they also refuse to stop preying on their victims in their line? Predators continue to prey upon the innocent despite being warned through efforts to negotiate.

Stop preying on and consuming the innocent or the choice you make to continue, despite warnings, will consume your own soul, so stop, and stop now.

How does one negotiate with those who not only refuse to negotiate, they claim that you are refusing to negotiate?

Stop claiming that the victims you are currently consuming are guilty. They die by your hand. That fraudulent statement accountable to you, is then your claim of authority to justify another false claim by you, as you justify refusing to stop consuming innocent people because you claim that they are guilty and you are innocent. It never ends on purpose as the recipe removes the power of accurate accountability for those responsible for the actions that resulted in the facts.

Everyone, each rat in line, knows for a fact they are eating rat shit and going to hell as fast as is inhumanly possible, excepting those who choose otherwise. There is no negotiating, the negotiations are off the table with the rat Sign that says:

You refuse to negotiate with us as you refuse to stick your head in our closed-loop rat shit line.

Stop murdering innocent people now, and then agree to investigate, discover, verify, validate, and prosecute those who are proven factually to be the true perpetrators of aggression as they are proven to be those guilty people who prey on innocent people as the evidence leads to the guilty ones factually, including the evidence that proves beyond reasonable doubt that it is the predators who make the fraudulent claims that they are innocent and their innocent murdered victims are guilty, the factual messages come directly out of the minds of the perverse predatory perpetrators themselves, as the injuries done to the innocent victims are done by the predators whose hands are red with the murdered victims blood.

Stop Treasonous Fraud before it consumes you too.

Or, get in line.

The rat line is moving to a theater near you, and if you ask them, they order you to get in line or be tortured for refusing to negotiate peacefully.

Without question, and without having to ask.

The rat line is moving to a theater near you, and if you ask them, they say get in line or be tortured for refusing to negotiate peacefully.

Which is worse, when there is no difference between option 1 and option 2?

The consequences of predatory aggression behind false claims of absolute authority to fraudulently justify a right to prey upon the innocent “for their own good” progress on that predatory path resulting in harm done to the predators by themselves as they consume their own souls.

Defenders always have the option to refuse to participate on that path created by, and maintained by, the blindly obedient who refuse to discover, validate, and prosecute the facts in each case, doing so through negotiations that begin with the agreement to let the facts speak for themselves on their own authority.

Caveat Emptor

Josf-Kelley 8 June 15
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Ukraine may be lucky to keep Kyiv!

sqeptiq Level 9 June 15, 2022

Lucky plantation owners?

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