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Moral In Name Only I
by Joe Kelley

It either is or is not predatory as one individual chooses to consume the life of another individual whose future could have benefited all mankind exponentially accelerating better life at lower costs longer than ever imagined beforehand.

So the predator decides to prey upon the predator’s own future, risking the future of all of humanity in addition to risking the future of oneself.

The predator resorts to malice, and malevolent evil, as the predator willfully erases the future footsteps of the prey preyed upon by the predator, and at the same time, the predator erases the future footsteps of itself. The footsteps that would have been possible had not the predator cannibalized the future of that victim include the erasure of the future footsteps of the predator itself, eating its own self, its own future inhumanly.

Gone for not merely the target victim is the human future of the criminal predator itself.

Immorally, inhumanly, unreasonably consuming oneself as one may actually be the one that saves humanity, but instead, the predator eats its own future along with, potentially, humanity itself.


The victim may have been on a specific and certain path of discovery to validate and prosecute the most revolutionary idea ever to have been discovered by any human ever since humanity began, but no, not on the watch of the predator, and not on the dimes, not on the currency of the predator preying upon his own kind, his victim, his, or herself, along with the target prey preyed upon by the volunteer predator.

I’m not a biologist.

That is bad enough, but to suggest that that is moral, is morality in name only.

Capitalism In Name Only?

“Here human self-interest finds an incentive to make itself felt, and where the available quantity does not suffice for all, every individual will attempt to secure his own requirements as completely as possible to the exclusion of others.”
Carl Menger

WHO gave license to mankind to exclude others and by what injection of precisely what virus executes that exclusion rule?

Elites excluding useless eaters from unencumbered access to natural resources like oxygen, water, food, land, liberty, and the means to defend all?

Or JUST money?

Predators prey upon the weak, to take from the weak their future, and at the same time that a predator preys upon the weak, the predator weakens itself.

I am not a biologist.

Herself, perhaps.

Perhaps it is a MAN unkind thing exclusively.

It's self?

It is self?

We are no longer human?

Who is the authority?

WHO can answer my questions?

In common law, the Ancient Law, The Law of the Land, and the law unwritten because it is the natural law dating back to times and places before writing survived or before writing was invented and used to preserve memory in written forms, symbols, and images, the natural law, law of the land, common law places upon each individual the duty to be the authority over what is or is not human to the limits of his or her human capacity.

No one is answering my questions, leaving me virtually alone, looking in the mirror, or books, signs, symbols, and images.

If one so chooses, one chooses a moral path, discovered by one, validated by one, and prosecuted by one, and if one chooses the opposite path, one preys upon the innocent, taking from the innocent, both outwards and inwards, the future of humanity.

“We saw that economic goods are goods whose available quantities are smaller than the requirements for them. Wealth can therefore also be defined as the entire sum of goods at an economizing individual’s command, the quantities of which are smaller than the requirements for them. Hence, if there were a society where all goods were available in amounts exceeding the requirements for them, there would be no economic goods nor any “wealth.””
Carl Menger

Without a fully functioning National Debt Money Laundering Machine, there can be no value whatsoever, by executive fiat?


Capitalism in name only is NOT a process that proceeds according to moral principles, precedent, statutes, or natural laws.

So what then is actual Capitalism?

What would Jesus do?

If one does onto another that which one would have another do to oneself, a natural law if ever there was one, then Capitalism before Treasonous Fraud preyed upon the innocent with false justifications, was a competition to raise the standard of living while at the same time a competition to reduce the cost of living for oneself and by extension for all of humanity so long as trade remained strictly voluntary including a strict defense against all forms of fraud.

Enter stage center, center stage, the discovery of the law of the land.

Capitalism, in other words, symbols, signs, numbers, and freedom from counterfeits.

One from me to you, one from you to me, rapidly expanding surplus, lower costs, and higher returns on investments with no practical limit other than an abject failure to defend against counterfeiters.

A.K.A. Treasonous Frauds.

Such as all the fraud that was spawned after a very inventive time in American history JUST before the Civil War.

I am writing about a time when Capitalism was strictly following natural laws despite all the powerful forces of evil bearing down upon Capitalism from the LEFT and RIGHT sides of Nationalism.

So, those who have read my letters may know more about this topic than those who have no idea what is, or is not, LEFT and RIGHT sides of Nationalism.

How about North and South?

“Now are heard the wails of distress from all quarters. The papers are filled with accounts of brutal violence on both sides -- villages burning -- men hanging -- ferocity let loose in every horrid shape and form. The heated passions on both sides become more and more ferocious, -- a curious way to promote "Union"! A frenzy of rage sweeps over the land while I write. The last step of despotism has been taken by both governments. Freedom of action and speech are annihilated in "the land of the free and the home of the brave." Even these written words may prove the death-warrant of the writer. Nothing but the clamor of war and the fear of prisons and violent deaths, smother, for the moment, the low moan from desolated hearths and broken hearts from the depths of the hell we are in!”
True Civilization
Josiah Warren

If one were to do a good thing and an evil one wished to make slaves out of humanity, then the evil one would use the name of the one good thing, no?

And what is one to do in the face of so much deception?

Send all the value you can ever make, and your children can ever make, in the vain attempt to please those WHO eat you alive at the first opportunity to do so?

Caveat Emptor

Josf-Kelley 8 June 20
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