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Moral in Name Only V
by Joe Kelley

Biden's price hike, Supreme Court, Ukraine and The Geneva Conventions w/Robert Barnes (Live)
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Confessions of Treasonous Frauds Not-With-Standing, the opening statements about so-called common law and so-called Civil Law are up for independent, individual, reevaluation constantly as the world turns either towards the best or worst cases or some dystopian constant Psychotic Cycle of a number of Empires Built with Rises and Busted with Falling into depression on an obvious schedule obvious to Treasonous Frauds who make it so, so as to know when to buy and sell as insider traders who always make bank on all the wars that they cause on their schedule.

Evil harmony, baby.

Enter Stage LEFT:
Common Law in Name Only.

Between the unwanted (Treasonous Frauds do not want due process of law) but warranted repeated returns of People Power holding Treasonous Frauds out into the open light of truth, with common law due process, which is the Ancient Law, the unwritten Law, The Law of The Land, and the Natural Law, codified in many ways, not the least of which is The Golden Rule, or now obvious to even my stupid and servile psychotic brain The Golden Rule II, aka the Vineyard Rule, between those flare-ups of accurate accountability published in Public Notices for all to see clearly, common law trial transcripts establishing precedent, as to who is, and who is not deceivers forensically knowable as Treasonous Frauds, are spells spelled out by Treasonous Frauds with their regular sales slogans selling their latest Snake Oil and winning market share over their competition.

Common Law actual and genuine is demonstrably voluntary.

Common Law fictional and counterfeit is demonstrably involuntary.

Beware of those who ignore the obvious distinction as one side gains currency sometimes and then at other times the other side gains currency, like a demonic game of seesaw, or the pendulum swinging under the conflicting forces of Treasonous Fraud and Accurate Accountability.

Case in point:
"The judiciary of the United States is so constructed and extended, as to absorb and destroy the judiciaries of the several states; thereby rendering laws as tedious, intricate, and expensive, and justice as unattainable by a great part of the community, as in England; and enabling the rich to oppress and ruin the poor."
George Mason, 1787

Georgie boy! Hey, dude, what exactly was happening before the coup?

The following is a Civil Suit, not according to the Ancient Law, rather this case exemplifies Treasonous Fraud at its core.

Common Law in Name Only:
“A jury of twelve local farmers, all men and all white according to Levinson, rule in favor of Freeman in 1781, giving her freedom and awarding her 30 shillings in damages.”

You may be fooled and you may be led to believe otherwise, and if you do not investigate on your own authority, you may then prove beyond reasonable doubt that you are not only stupid, you are also servile.

Plea bargaining, bribery, entrapment, or making deals with criminals at the Public expense is unjustifiable by principle, precedent, code, statute, and law. One must resort to Treasonous Fraud to get away with Treasonous Fraud by reason, logic, and a healthy acknowledgment of natural law.

The 12 white guys that took on the CIVIL case, as "jurors" were too stupid and too servile to see that the case was a criminal kidnapping and forced labor case? What forces and powers drove them from a Court of Law and drove them instead into a Civil Court?

"It was a principle of the Common Law, as it is of the law of nature, and of common sense, that no man can be taxed without his personal consent. The Common Law knew nothing of that system, which now prevails in England, of assuming a man’s own consent to be taxed, because some pretended representative, whom he never authorized to act for him, has taken it upon himself to consent that he may be taxed. That is one of the many frauds on the Common Law, and the English constitution, which have been introduced since Magna Carta. Having finally established itself in England, it has been stupidly and servilely copied and submitted to in the United States.”
Essay on The Trial by Jury, Lysander Spooner, 1852

Civil Law, so-called, is a counterfeit version of Common Law. Well before the Treasonous Frauds managed to fool their kidnap victims into thinking that a Court of Debt Collection was the same thing as a Court of Law, there was an obvious and forensically documented clear demarcation between Civil Law with Civil Courts and in opposition a common law Court of Law. Only recently have the kidnap victims agreed to call themselves Debt Slaves, so bad on you, if that is your version of a psychotic episode lasting your whole fucking life.

In a “Civil” suit the funds to “pay damages” comes from the involuntary "Public" FUND, which in reality is LOOT or stolen property. The People are made to pay out the damages to the slaves that catch the slave masters red-handed in the kidnapping criminal act. That is called bribery, and when those in public offices are guilty of bribery those predators are also guilty of nonfeasance, misfeasance, malfeasance, and misprision of treason. Those in office are bonded by their own Civil Codes.

For Christ’s sake, why call it slavery when it is clearly kidnapping?

Human Trafficking, aka Treasonous Fraud.

While the kidnapper found guilty of “slavery” may pay out the ransom himself, or bribe the ransoming former slave himself, his fellow kidnappers running their National Debt Scam reimburse the kidnapper with whatever works out to be the fix that keeps the “legalization” of a serious crime going, like letting the convicted kidnapper move unobstructed to less defensible innocent victims living in liberty in greener pastures, or giving the convict more counterfeit money under the table to reimburse the fellow kidnapper who had to come up with the ransom payment or bribe, or giving the convict convicted of kidnapping more criminal power of some other less obvious form. The convict, notwithstanding Treasonous Fraud, is free to move closer to weaker victims, or closer to weaker victims WHO are already kidnapped by fellow kidnappers, with or without the "subsidy" to buy more kidnap victims with more counterfeit money. WHO exactly is given the True Bill to pay for more subsidized and well-defended institutionalized slavery?

Here you go, pay the Human Traffick ticket, and be on your merry way.

Pay the ransom, the bribe, to this former kidnap victim WHO is NOT low-hanging fruit, and throw that fish back into the pond as that fish is going to rile up the whole school of fishes if she ever moves her case into a Court of Law where the people expose the kidnappers for what they really are in fact.

Not-With-Standing Treasonous Fraud.

Now the former kidnap victim, made to believe she was a slave, is now herself made guilty of kidnapping, forcing a ransom payment from her former master, and that payment is deducted from the “Public FUND” by hook or by crooks with badges and licenses to kidnap, torture, and murder with impunity, immunity, and special interest elite privileges.

On your watch with your dimes.

You will not be able to conceive of this without independent individual willpower.

It is not Conspiracy Theory.

The Conviction Factory, The Collapse of America's Criminal Courts, by Roger Roots
Page 40
Private Prosecutors
"For decades before and after the Revolution, the adjudication of criminals in America was governed primarily by the rule of private prosecution: (1) victims of serious crimes approached a community grand jury, (2) the grand jury investigated the matter and issued an indictment only if it concluded that a crime should be charged, and (3) the victim himself or his representative (generally an attorney but sometimes a state attorney general) prosecuted the defendant before a petit jury of twelve men. Criminal actions were only a step away from civil actions - the only material difference being that criminal claims ostensibly involved an interest of the public at large as well as the victim. Private prosecutors acted under authority of the people and in the name of the state - but for their own vindication. The very term "prosecutor" meant criminal plaintiff and implied a private person. A government prosecutor was referred to as an attorney general and was a rare phenomenon in criminal cases at the time of the nation's founding. When a private individual prosecuted an action in the name of the state, the attorney general was required to allow the prosecutor to use his name - even if the attorney general himself did not approve of the action.

"Private prosecution meant that criminal cases were for the most part limited by the need of crime victims for vindication. Crime victims held the keys to a potential defendant's fate and often negotiated the settlement of criminal cases. After a case was initiated in the name of the people, however, private prosecutors were prohibited from withdrawing the action pursuant to private agreement with the defendant. Court intervention was occasionally required to compel injured crime victims to appear against offenders in court and "not to make bargains to allow [defendants] to escape conviction, if the injury."

Page 42
Law Enforcement as a Universal Duty
"Law enforcement in the Founders' time was a duty of every citizen. Citizens were expected to be armed and equipped to chase suspects on foot, on horse, or with wagon whenever summoned. And when called upon to enforce the laws of the state, citizens were to respond "not faintly and with lagging steps, but honestly and bravely and with whatever implements and facilities [were] convenient and at hand. Any person could act in the capacity of a constable without being one, and when summoned by a law enforcement officer, a private person became a temporary member of the police department. The law also presumed that any person acting in his public capacity as an officer was rightfully appointed."

Thou Shall NOT make deals with Treasonous Frauds, it is a baited net.

The U.S. Supreme Court's Failure to Fix Plea Bargaining: The Impact of Lafler and Frye
“Plea bargaining is deeply entrenched in the U.S. criminal justice system. Overall, ninety-four percent to ninety-seven percent of criminal cases are resolved by guilty pleas and not through trials.' Plea bargaining in the United States began in the late eighteenth century and became the "dominant means of resolving criminal cases" by the nineteenth century.'

“The criticism includes that plea bargaining fails to protect defendants' rights, is a form of torture, is overly coercive, leads defendants to "game" the system," fails to take victims into account, reinforces inequality (particularly towards ethnic minorities)," leads to disparate sentencing," gives defendants better deals than they deserve," and undermines our system of justice due to its overuse at the expense of jury trials." Critics of plea bargaining express concern both about specific aspects of plea bargaining' and about the system as a whole.”

What is it about malevolent psychopaths that people somehow want to pay them for their abilities to torture people for fun?

England HAD competitive “Constitutional” Courts of Law as documented in the Constitution Magna Carta, expressly or covertly assuming specific powers, or delegating specific duties, or non-specific duties of all the people all the time. Courts of Law were of, by, and for the people, and those “Civil” Courts were of, by, and for the pompous Elite, all Treasonous Frauds, codified in code for all to see or ignore.

Defend yourselves with an accurate accounting of the facts, and thou shall not pay ransom to Treasonous Frauds, or thou shall join your fellow Treasonous Frauds when you pay them what they demand and they demand that you shall not question their absolute authority.

“FOR more than six hundred years - that is, since Magna Carta, in 1215 - there has been no clearer principle of English or American constitutional law, than that, in criminal cases, it is not only the right and duty of juries to judge what are the facts, what is the law, and what was the moral intent of the accused; but that it is also their right, and their primary and paramount duty, to judge of the justice of the law, and to hold all laws invalid, that are, in their opinion, unjust or oppressive, and all persons guiltless in violating, or resisting the execution of, such laws.”
Essay on The Trial by Jury, Lysander Spooner, 1852

Further precedent is preserved in human, but NOT inhuman memory.

(MAGNA CARTA.) Care, Henry, ed. English Liberties, Or The Free-Born Subject’s Inheritance: Containing Magna Charta . . . The Habeas Corpus Act, And Several Other Statutes
Boston: Printed by J. Franklin, for N. Buttolph, B. Eliot, and D. Henchman, 1721
Notes on Magna Carta
"Farther, though it be said here, that the king hath given and granted these liberties, yet it must not be understood that they were meer emanations of Royal favour, or new bounties granted, which the people could not justly challenge, or had not a right unto before; for as lord Coke in divers places asserts, and as is well known to every gentleman professing the law, this charter is, for the most part, only declaratory of the principal grounds of the fundamental laws and liberties of England. Not any new freedom is hereby granted, but a restitution of such as the subject lawfully had before, and to free them from the usurpations and incroachments of every power whatever. It is worthy observation, that this charter often mentions sua jura, their rights, and libertates suas, their liberties, which shews they were before intitled to and possessed them, and that those rights and liberties were by this charter not granted as before unknown, but confirmed, and that in the stile of liberties and privileges long before well known.”

Before U.S. became a Consolidated Monopoly Nation-State Legal Fiction Power for Elite Profits charged to subjects subjected to Treasonous Fraud, it was well-known, well-documented, well-established, well-codified, well-standing on principle, precedent, statute, and law that The Law of The Land was of, by, and for the people as a whole, it was their THING, and it was NOT the fiction fictionalized by Treasonous Frauds.

Respublica, baby!

“Generally all monopolies are against this Great Charter, because they are against the liberty and freedom of the subject, and against the law of the land; and it is hoped that the publication of this opinion of lord Coke’s will induce some person of property and spirit, to try the validity of it, by commencing and carrying on with vigour, a prosecution against some of the many monopolizers that now exist in this kingdom, to the great distress of the poor, and band of industrious merit, and the total subversion of all order and good government.” Henry Care, 1721

To the citizens of the United States by Thomas Paine
November 15, 1802
"But a faction, acting in disguise, was rising in America; they had lost sight of first principles. They were beginning to contemplate government as a profitable monopoly, and the people as hereditary property."

Nation-State Legal Fiction Dogma is the path to National-Debt Slavery.

Common Law, honor, principle, precedent, statute, and law prescribe previous notice.

Patrick Henry, Monday, June 9, 1788
"A number of characters, of the greatest eminence in this country, object to this government for its consolidating tendency. This is not imaginary. It is a formidable reality. If consolidation proves to be as mischievous to this country as it has been to other countries, what will the poor inhabitants of this country do? This government will operate like an ambuscade. It will destroy the state governments, and swallow the liberties of the people, without giving previous notice. If gentlemen are willing to run the hazard, let them run it; but I shall exculpate myself by my opposition and monitory warnings within these walls. But then comes paper money. We are at peace on this subject. Though this is a thing which that mighty federal Convention had no business with, yet I acknowledge that paper money would be the bane of this country. I detest it. Nothing can justify a people in resorting to it but extreme necessity. It is at rest, however, in this commonwealth. It is no longer solicited or advocated."

Hey, Pat, are they going to kidnap us and not give us a fair warning?

What exactly is desired when Treasonous Frauds refuse to give previous notice, and worse, they agree to maintain a veil of authority undeserving and unwarranted by any common-sense moral-compass-driven judgment?

Englishman’s Right
Printed in the Year MDCCLXIII. (1762)
“Pilate was not innocent because he washed his hands, and said, He would have nothing to do with the blood of that just one. There are faults of omission as well as commission. When you are legally called to try such a cause, if you shall shuffle out yourself, and thereby persons perhaps less conscientious happen to be made use of, and so a villain escapes justice, or an innocent man is ruined, by a prepossessed or negligent verdict; can you think yourself in such a case wholly blameless? Qui non prohibet cum potest, jubet: That man abets an evil, who prevents it not, when it is in his power. Nec caret scrupulo sosietatis occultae qui evidenter facinori definit obviare: nor can he escape the suspicion of being a secret accomplice, who evidently declines the prevention of an atrocious crime.?

Why does anyone still, to this day, parrot the official Treasonous Fraud dogma?

Qui Non Prohibet Cum Potest, Jubet

Legem Terrae

Sua Jura

Liberates Suas


Nec Caret Scrupulo Sosietatis Occultae Qui Evidenter Facinori Definit Obviare

Caveat Emptor

Josf-Kelley 8 June 24
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