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Absolute Monopoly II
by Joe Kelley

In this series of Five Public Notices my intention is to provide proof beyond reasonable doubt that republicans had souls and from their souls they conscientiously objected to the “change” from federated republics under common law to this ongoing Legal Fiction Nation-State Monopoly of power and profit where the “Elite” so-called consider The People as their consumable, hereditary, property.

To the citizens of the United States by Thomas Paine
November 15, 1802
"But a faction, acting in disguise, was rising in America; they had lost sight of first principles. They were beginning to contemplate government as a profitable monopoly, and the people as hereditary property.”

The republicans among us, those with the power of conscience, the power to object to blind obedience, the power to conscientiously object to criminal orders without question, established valuable precedent at law, notwithstanding Treasonous Fraud counterfeit versions of precedent.

"Even when modified, Quaker principles were radical enough to be unique in the colonies. Nowhere was this uniqueness more outstanding than in military affairs and in their treatment of the Indians. William Penn had from the beginning set the pattern of peace and justice to the Indians, and scrupulously purchased Indian land claims even when the claims themselves were dubious. Pursuing a policy of peace, incomprehensible to most of the other colonists, who were generally conscienceless in slaughtering the Indians, the Quakers of Pennsylvania built no forts, established no militia, and hired no scouts and Indian fighters. And by pursuing a policy of peace and no armaments, they found mirabile dictu, that they had nothing to fear. They had earned and gained the lasting respect of the Indians, and fair play met with fair play in its turn. As in New Jersey, where Quakers were influential in shaping Indian policy, there was no Indian war in the history of the colony so long as the Quakers ruled."
Pennsylvania: Quakers and Indians
Page 558
Conceived in Liberty, Murray Rothbard, 1979

NOT predation.

Equal footing at law instead of institutionalized predation.

Not inhuman beings preying upon human beings, bribing, defrauding, extorting, kidnapping, forcing kidnap victims into laboring for the kidnappers, torturing for false confessions, or murdering victims of predatory institutionalized predation daring to stand on conscientious objection to blind obedience to criminal ORDER without question.

Two sides morally divided by moral people whose power must include the power to know predators as predators and innocent victims as innocent victims, notwithstanding Treasonous Fraud institutionalized blame falsely accusing innocent victims of the crimes perpetrated by Treasonous Frauds.

"The confrontation between the two forces continued to mount. The rebels presented a petition to the legislature, citing their Indian titles and calling for a stay of all judicial processes against them, while the proprietor Samuel Nevill denounce the petition as infringing the Crown’s prerogative and its sovereignty over the soil of New Jersey. In a sense, Nevill was correct. The opposing libertarian theory of land ownership, espoused by the squatters, was eloquently set forth by a sympathizer in a New York newspaper. Going beyond Roger Williams’ simply theory of Indian ownership to what was essentially the John Locke labor theory of original landed property, the writer declared that, although the earth “was made for equal use of all, it may nevertheless be appropriated by every individual. This is done by the improvement of any part of it lying vacant, which is thereupon distinguished from the great common of nature, and made the property of that man, who bestowed his labor in it; from who it cannot afterward be taken, without breaking through the rules of natural justice; for thereby he would actually be deprived of the fruits of his industry.”
Land Conflicts in New Jersey
Page 547

Private prosecutors in county jurisdictions volunteering from grass-roots organically to pick up the defensive sword to sever the demonic Treasonous Fraud umbilical cord that attaches deception from Treasonous Fraud Legal Fiction Nation-State Debt Collection Agency to innocent victims kidnapped and forced into labor by Treasonous Fraud, and forced into labor for Treasonous Frauds, as Treasonous Frauds suck the life out the victims they kidnap and keep secured in an Infantile State made of, by, and for Treasonous Frauds at the expense of the people of humanity.

“The third step, the following year, was the creation by the Privy Council of the network of vice admiralty courts for the colonies, authorized in the Navigation Act. These courts were specially created for the trial and punishment of violators of the Navigation Acts. Prior to 1697, accused violators were tried at the regular common-law colonial courts. This meant that the judges were colonists who probably disapproved of the restrictive laws, and that the trials were by juries almost invariably sympathetic to the violators. To surmount this problem, the Privy Council now commissioned the royal colonial governors as vice admirals, each empowered to create a vice admiralty court under his jurisdiction. The vice admiralty court could now convict violators without the inconvenience of putting the case to a jury of the defendant’s peers, for here trial was conducted by the judge only. The judges, of course, were royal officials, in effect appointed by the governors, as were all of the vice admiralty court officials. In practice the judges had the full management of the vice admiralty courts; and to ensure diligence in convicting offenders, the judges were paid a percentage of the value of the violator’s goods that they condemned. Enhancing the power of each judge was the fact that each court had one judge only, although in some cases the judge appointed a deputy to try cases; for instance, the judge of the Massachusetts court, the jurisdiction of which covered New Hampshire, appointed a deputy for the latter colony.”
Page 452
Conceived in Liberty, Murray Rothbard, 1979

NOT witch courts where demonic witches go on witch hunts to ensure that no victims kidnapped and held in an Infantile State are ever able to return to their county jurisdictions where each individual has a duty to pick up the conscientious objection sword to sever the demonic Treasonous Fraud umbilical cord of Legal Fiction manifested into Witch Hunt Court Systems of Institutionalized Injustice.

Summary JUST US

“By the late sixteenth century, and especially with the accession of the Stuarts, the court of chancery was closely associated with the royal prerogative and became the target of opposition. Equity was therefore disadvantageously contrasted with common law in an era when “ancient law” took on revolutionary constitutional overtones. The struggle between the two systems of law became explicit in Glandville’s case, the 1616 litigation, jurisdiction over which sought by Chancellor Ellsmere, who enjoined suitors from proceeding at law, and by Chief Justice Coke, who prohibited the same litigants from proceeding in equity, and in which James I finally intervened on the side of chancery. The common lawyers of the early Stuart period strongly objected to the prerogative character of equital law, but they also attacked particular abuses: the use of chancery jobs as royal patronage, the delay and expense of chancery proceedings, and the increasing formalism of equity litigation. At bottom, of course, they anticipated Selden, who sneered that “Equity is according to the conscience of him that is Chancellor, and as that is larger or narrower, so is equity. ‘Tis all one as if they should make the standard for measure a Chancellor’s foot.””
Perspectives in American History, Law in American History, Fleming and Bailyn

By moral principle, precedent, statute, code, natural law, and the common laws of free people defending their perishable liberty, each individual is duty-bound to move the truth from their own soul as a valid witness of Treasonous Fraud, moving witness testimony to a valid independent County Criminal Grand Jury. All criminal jurisdiction at law is truth-based defensive power afforded to each of us by each of us, notwithstanding Treasonous Fraud Institutionalized Counterfeit Monopoly POWERS.

“Generally all monopolies are against this Great Charter, because they are against the liberty and freedom of the subject, and against the law of the land; and it is hoped that the publication of this opinion of lord Coke’s will induce some person of property and spirit, to try the validity of it, by commencing and carrying on with vigour, a prosecution against some of the many monopolizers that now exist in this kingdom, to the great distress of the poor, and band of industrious merit, and the total subversion of all order and good government.”
English Liberties, Or The Free-Born Subject’s Inheritance: Containing Magna Charta,
The Habeas Corpus Act, And Several Other Statutes, Henry Care
Boston: Printed by J. Franklin, for N. Buttolph, B. Eliot, and D. Henchman, 1721

Humans versus Inhumans appears to be a fictional power struggle for humans kidnapped and held in their Infantile States ordered to blindly believe that reality is fiction. Those kidnapped and held in their Infantile States are made to see only Nationalism, albeit, from two Legal Fiction sides, National Communism LEFT Empire, and National Socialism RIGHT Empire, both sides created out of the fabric of legal fiction with no basis in reality.

Side A
Moral Humans
Side B
Dehumanized, Destabilized, Disenfranchised, Desensitized, Demoralized, Divided, Conquered, and then Inhumanized.

Rats in the Ranks making Rats of all humanity on the cruel road to Omnicide.

B is allowed to see only the three sides of Nationalism, so as to keep Side B within the boundaries of Legal Fiction in an Infantile State. Side B is not allowed to see any evidence of moral humanity ever again, certainly NOT after drinking liberally from the Cult Cool-Aid that removes internal moral judgment and places in place a counterfeit external Blinding Obedience to Legal Fiction Nationalism.

National Globalism CENTER – Eastasia
National Communism LEFT – Oceana
National Socialism RIGHT – Eurasia

Those kidnapped and forced into an Infantile State are made to pay all the costs caused during Perpetual War for Perpetual Profits, and the mediums of data facilitate the flow of counterfeit currency through the demonic umbilical cords of Global Nationalism, where this demonic currency is dictatorial in nature, meaning purchase orders are sent from Central Command to all the entrapped and encumbered individual and formerly independent satellites where all worker drones programmed with artificial intelligence must obey those purchase orders without question.

The question is not that there must be a better way. The tried and true answer has already been established and recorded since before human beings wrote accurate accounts down on perishable stone tablets, hemp paper, or false shit down on walls with feces.

Expressum Facit Tacere Tactictum

Caveat Emptor

Josf-Kelley 8 July 1
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