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Absolute Monopoly V
by Joe Kelley

Video 12: One hour summarising talk
Jan 31, 2021

“The difficulty of reading about the human condition — which Plato predicted — and the solution'😉, while we humans lacked the redeeming explanation of our seemingly horrifically flawed human condition, we had no choice but to live in deep psychological denial of the subject. It follows that when the redeeming understanding of that condition arrives, our practised denial will initially make it difficult for our minds to read the analysis. As soon as discussion of the human condition begins, the mind of almost every person becomes subconsciously alert to the fact they are being taken into what has been a completely off-limits realm and consequently starts blocking out what is being said. Your mind will find it difficult taking in or ‘hearing’ what is being said; it will suffer from a ‘DEAF EFFECT’ to what is being presented. To overcome this ‘deaf effect’, the World Transformation Movement has developed the WTM Deaf Effect Course.”

The Monopoly of Treasonous Fraud is broken at the foundation that it depends upon for its fictional existence.

No longer are inhuman predators able to lure victims into their torture chambers with nets baited with obvious frauds.

No longer are inhuman predators able to leap out of their torture chambers, leaping into the sunlight of truth, to kidnap unsuspecting, weak, defenseless, dependent infants trapped in an Infantile State.

No longer are inhuman predators able to torture anyone other than the remaining rats in the ranks as those rats refuse to admit the obvious facts that matter in any case of Treasonous Fraud.

The so-called Elephant In The Room CONSPIRACY THEORY is no longer a theory, those days of unencumbered access to kidnap victims are no longer valid paths for humans to choose because predation never pays and humans know this fact intimately.

Humans never join the ranks of the inhumans because predation never pays any benefits to humans ever.

What about the possibility of a change of heart from a soulless one, transforming an inhuman demon, offering a more competitive option, whereby the soulless cold heart warms with the validation of factual benefits received to each volunteer choosing a life without predation?

One might decide, on one's own authority, to be self-aware of the goodness of moral competition, and in so doing one might then become more intimately aware of the evil of predation.

One might see competition as a natural law that can NOT be overruled with fictional versions of free stuff in a nebulous and evaporating fictional paradise.

That is my problem with this type of message from that video linked above having to do with a simple confusion of the meanings of words authorized by any authority over the meanings of words.

If these authorities authorizing the demonization of human competitiveness were to choose a more competitive word, such as predation, then the demon elephant named competition, in the room, would no longer be a fictional elephant, it would be instead an actual inhuman predator busily preying upon human beings.

Rather than blaming morally competitive human beings in a competition to defend each other better, help each other voluntarily be happier by providing a better example of a safer, more productive, and more rapid rising tide that lifts all boats, rather than blaming humanity for being human, why not place the names of the suspects WHO are suspected of preying upon humans, consuming humans, naming each one as a defendant, where each defendant is offered their trial by jury in a simple, but effective, County Criminal Court of Law?

No longer blaming humanity for preying upon humanity collectively in theory, rather more efficiently allowing the facts that matter in each case of one preying upon another one driving a process that accurately accounts for the guilty-minded predators, so as to then be in a more competitive position to protect an innocent victim being fraudulently blamed for existing as a defenseless victim.

How about that idea?

Why does one need to reinvent the process that dates back into human history as far as human memory goes, including human DNA?

Discover predators, validate the facts that prove beyond reasonable doubt that they are predators, and then prosecute them accordingly, doing so instead of blindly obeying predators when predators blame their victims for being stupid and servile.

The truth sets people free from inhuman Treasonous Fraud Predators by principle, precedent, statute, code, and the law of the land, the Ancient Law, the unwritten law, the natural law, and that law is also known as the common law, with private, independent, individual prosecutors afforded all Attorney General jurisdictional powers, independent grand jurors to validate valid accusations from private prosecutors, and independent County Criminal Trial Jurors in County Criminal Courts of Law.

Why is that the least bit difficult to see clearly?

Is the Legal Fiction Elephant and the Legal Fiction Donkey blocking your view?

Now moving to the Stork named Adam explanation in the above video report linked, which obviously shows the benefits of moral competition, so why does this professor professing morally competitive knowledge choose to replace PREDATION with the word competition?

If one discovers an inhuman predator one can competitively judge one’s need to defend the victims lined up neatly for further predation.

If predators are running amok, rioting in the blood of the innocent with impunity as they hide behind their Elephant and Donkey fictional flags and false fronts, then the competitive thing to do other than blindly following their criminal orders is to choose the competitive option of conscientious objection.

Take for example that fictional account of the Stork named Adam who finds a competitive supply of apples closer to home and therefore less costly in travel time. Hey, honey, I found a new job to bring home the bacon, and I am no longer having to commute ten hours each day to earn a decent human living.

Adam, you are my hero, now you can help me change face diapers while the kids are going to Publik Skewl to learn how to sodomize each other with their masks on!

Hidden from the Stork named Adam fictional story-line is the Stork named Bill Gates.

Bill Gates is JUST being human after all.

Suddenly there is injected into humanity a predator drone with artificial intelligence so stupid and servile to falsehoods, falsehoods so blindingly fraudulent, that the Bill Gates Stork cannot even compute in his own twisted inhuman mind the damage he chooses to do to his own kind and his own self. Does that reason out factually? These inhuman Storks are willfully preying upon, feeding upon, mom and the kids, and those not eaten directly by these inhuman Storks like Bill Gates are themselves being lured into an Infantile State with volumes of fraudulent fictional accounts they can no longer see as inhumanity imposes upon humanity by their own individual inhuman choices? These Treasonous Frauds keep on threatening with real and imaginary tortures so as to manufacture fraudulent consent, involuntarily injecting and then spreading fraudulent fictional accounts, and turning the entire species into carbon copies of the inhuman Patient Zero at Ground Zero which is the first self-evident self-confessing self-aware case of a malevolent, sadistic, attack upon an innocent human by a criminally insane inhuman being possessed with malice aforethought.

The inhuman Treasonous Fraud virus consumes almost all of humanity, turning humanity into blindly obedient predator drones, and the fix is to blame the victims; again?

Bill Gates was certainly not Patient Zero at Ground Zero, so follow the evidence to uncover that Big Bang which gave Bill Gates the virus that was then carried to all of inhumanity, or parrot the official fraud that blames the victims?

Your choice based upon uninformed and misinformed fraudulent consent?

Oh, but wait, that was your membership fee, it was the spike protein in the Treasonous Fraud cool-aid, you have no choice once you give in to Treasonous Frauds, they insist.

Pay the fee, obey the order, do not question the fee, do not question the order, kill within yourself your conscientious objections to blind obedience to criminal orders issued by inhuman predators, notwithstanding the natural law, the ancient law, the unwritten law preserved and protected within human DNA, on stone tablets, written in ink on hemp paper, or replaced with obvious counterfeits written in blood on human infant skin or DNA and the counterfeits are no longer obviously counterfeit for some strange mythical unreason.

Genetically modified predator drones with artificial intelligence have been told NOT to question malevolent criminal orders and we are all such good Nazis now, proof positive of the Treasonous Fraud infection with known counterfeit PCR tests?

I know, I know, I know, pick me, pick me, pick me, how about paying them more so that they are better Nazis? Feed them all the remaining humans and fill your private individual personal quota of newly infected Treasonous Fraud slaves so as to earn brownie points for a gold star and a few days more further back in line on the march to the depths of depravity!

Positively Negative exponential growth rates!


Defendants are offered their criminal trial by jury in County Criminal Courts of Law according to principle, precedent, statute, code, and natural laws dating back into ancient but soon to be redacted human DNA history.

Caveat Emptor

Josf-Kelley 8 July 5
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The globalists aim to turn all of us into lab rats.

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