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Extreme Empathy I
by Joe Kelley

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich & Viviane Fischer - Update on Actual Trials for Crimes Against Humanity
Published July 6, 2022

Put yourself in all living forms intimately at your discretion for cause. Meaning the viewpoint you have now goes to every other viewpoint ever to have ever viewed anything in all of history. You see every viewpoint from everyone in all of time eventually.

Like it or not.

You eventually experience every good thing and every evil thing experienced from every viewpoint every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every year when it is your turn to be placed in each other's shoes factually, notwithstanding comfort preferences currently driving you from bad to good in your current Infantile State.

Now you can see me armed with my imagination. Now you can get a hint of my view from my view. Now I put you, with my words, in my viewpoint when I think about things worth thinking about, such as when I attempt to nurture the power of empathy, placing myself into shoes worn by others.

I do not have the power to make this dream real right now, but I am not stupid enough to blindly believe that this power does not exist or can never exist, because I know that there is no way I could know something I cannot know due to the current limitations of my current viewpoint now.

Ignorance is a fact worth acknowledging, a foundation from which to build wisdom and knowledge.

I am on my own mythical fence between a belief in the spiritual dimensions that place each of us in each other's viewpoints eventually, and disbelief in impossible dreams for some and nightmares for others.

If God exists where is the proof other than everything ever created ever, to be seen or unseen by one or more of the creations?

That is a long way around as a lead-in to the report above about an ongoing effort to hold specified suspects accurately accountable for their actions in a hearing of evidence publicly for the benefit of all people everywhere all the time.

In defense of the people, there are steps that are taken by the people, so as to ensure that the people do not choose a criminal path.

As crime does not pay well, factually, people will not take that fraudulently better path from their misled viewpoint, when people let people know that fact.

When people choose to ignore the merits of the case, crime pays very well, JUST ask a current Treasonous Fraud wearing the robes common to devil worshipers.

"A critical key to achieving federal constitutional compliance is to resurrect quo warranto and other common law writs. This involves reasserting and strengthening the original All-Writs Act and repealing or declaring unconstitutional legislation, such as the Tax Anti-Injunction Act, and those Rules of Judicial Procedure, that have restricted the jurisdiction of federal courts to accept these writs and grant a fair hearing ("oyer" ) and a decision on the merits ("terminer" ) on such demands."
Quo Warranto

Oyer and Terminer or Oh no, that inculpatory evidence is inadmissible in a Witch Court System in place to collect National Debt from the slaves.

Treasonous Frauds, as a rule, will refuse to hear any decisions based upon the facts or merits in any case against their malevolent abuse of their powers trusted to them by stupid and servile people made stupid and servile by them.

What happens when people decide not to be stupid and servile? Are there any principles, precedents, statutes, codes, or instruction books in human history derived from moral conscience, so that conscientious objectors objecting to the path of stupidity and servility that they are bribed, threatened, or otherwise forced to march on, and coerced with fraudulent consent to pay for, where these conscientious objectors can get off that Long Black Train speeding toward Omnicide?

No one is authorized to know the truth that matters?

WHO enforces such a fraudulent claim?

The first rule is to place yourself into the shoes of those who will obstruct your path toward justice. As you choose to take the path of due process of law on an equal footing, know the opposition's footing intimately. When you choose to hold those who obstruct justice to account for the facts that matter in these cases where these obstructors obstruct justice each step of the way toward an accurate accounting of their obstructions, know intimately, forensically, each obstruction as you see them obstruct while they are obstructing as you witness their obstructions in real-time. As they obstruct the JUST accurate accounting of their obstructions, take notes. Note forensically in witness testimony just how those obstructors produce the evidence of their obstructions while they perpetrate obstruction.

They confess as they obstruct so long as someone cares to note that they are, in fact, obstructing, and even their own codes confess that they are obstructing, so there is no possible escape from accurate accountability while they continue to be responsible, in clear view, of their obstructions.

Why? Why would these Treasonous Frauds obstruct anyone from holding them accountable for the facts that merit a hearing on behalf of the people as these Treasonous Frauds obstruct justice?

Does it really require that "it takes one to know one?"

Why would I obstruct someone attempting to hold me accountable for obstructing their path as they hold me accountable for anything?

Do onto others that which you would defend against were others to dare to do the same to YOU?

Is someone somewhere going the immoral way instead of the moral way?

Blame the victim for daring to let God and everyone know, that YOU are a Treasonous Fraud currently aiding and abetting human traffickers and worse criminals currently perpetrating crimes against humanity with impunity, completely free from accurate accountability?

Please judge, please, please, please stop being such an evil Treasonous Fraud!


By principle, precedent, statute, reason, moral judgment driven by the merits of the case, code, and due process of law on an equal footing, and the common law, everyone is duty-bound as private prosecutors with all the legal and lawful County Attorney General jurisdiction, to hold each enemy foreign or domestic (inside or outside of the County boundaries) to account for suspected criminal acts perpetrated upon local victims, doing so in a Court of Law before independent Trial Jurors after passing the probable cause threshold process performed by independent County Grand Jurors.

The Statutes provide evidence of each step of the way forensically documented in such examples as a Bill of Rights.

“The state government, in exile in Lancaster, soon began hearing reports of Pennsylvanians who were actively aiding or joining the British army. In March 1778, the Assembly, with assistance from Chief Justice McKean, passed a law entitled "An Act for the attainder of divers traitors." The law named twelve prominent individuals who had sided with the British and required them to appear for trial by April 20, 1778. If they failed to appear, they would be deemed "convicted and attainted of high treason, to all intents and purposes whatsoever." The Act also authorized the Supreme Executive Council to issue additional proclamations naming persons who had joined the British army. Any such persons who failed to appear for trial would also be attainted of high treason. Although such conditional bills of attainder would soon be prohibited by the U.S. Constitution, Pennsylvania did not seek primarily to hang people without trials, but to seize promptly the abandoned estates of loyalists who had fled to the British. The law accordingly set forth various procedures for seizing the estates of those persons who failed to report for trial."
Carlton F.W. Larson

The power of defense predates written Statutes, and that is why the common law is also called the unwritten law, but why would anyone ignore the existing statutes that prescribe the just course of law?

When the people have had enough of being stupid and servile, and when some of the people grow up from the grass-roots of moral soil and nourishment, those sprouting defenders recall the roots of law that lead the people to moral deterrence, so as to save everyone from all the harm caused by people choosing a life of predation instead of a life of prosperity, doing so expediently.

Doing so before the next victim falls.

When criminals take over, crime pays very well, as ensured by Treasonous Frauds, every malevolent step of the way, stepping away from rule of law.

When people have had enough of steps stepping away from rule of law, people step in the opposite direction instead, taking steps willfully done so as to hold each criminal to an accurate accounting, from the worst criminals first, to the least accountable for their Treasonous Frauds last, beginning with discovery, then validation, then prosecution, and then publication of Trial Transcripts and Public Notices to inform those who are tired of being stupid and servile, those who begin to demand accurate accountability factually.

People stop paying for their own Omnicide, and people return to investments in prosperity for themselves and posterity.

The names of the defendants are published on True Bills by independent County Grand Jurors on behalf of the people as a whole, including the defendants, so as to end the ongoing crime spree, saving any further victims from harm, including the defendants harming themselves, as all the accurate accounts are preserved as precedent in the form of Trial Transcripts and Public Notices.

Public Notices such as, hey, crime no longer pays, so how about doing something better?

Why is that impossible to see from the viewpoint
of anyone on this planet?

Caveat Emptor

Josf-Kelley 8 July 7
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