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Satan Save The Queendumb I
by Joe Kelley

Dr.SHIVA LIVE: Queen Elizabeth II Dies. The Truth About Her 70-year Reign.

Standard Operating Procedure.

  1. Defraud from birth all those who are born naturally moral.
  2. Bribe all those defrauded from birth to join the Cult of Immorality.
  3. Those resistant to defrauding and bribery, extort and send them the bill for those costs.
  4. Those resistant to defrauding, bribery, and extortion go to torture chambers, even inside homes.
  5. Those still standing on morality, not giving up their power to conscientiously object are mass murdered.

Opium and modern synthetic versions modifying DNA help turn humanity to “Our Democracy” also known as Nationalism, Oligarchy, Aristocracy, Monarchy, Technocracy, Organized Crime, or just plain ole’ The Angry MOB.

Come one, come all, Satan Save The Queendumb!

Patterns repeating confess hidden facts to form the whole truth for those no yet joining The Cult.

For those in the Cult, all is not necessarily lost, for there is a remedy worked toward with the unwritten law, the ancient law, the law of the land, also known as the common law, with private prosecutors, independent county grand jurors, independent trial jurors, moral principle, precedent, statute, code, and rule of law on an equal footing confirmed and documented with prime examples like a Declaration of Independence, True Bills, and any of many Bill of Rights attempts at documenting the whole truth that can set The People, also known as Humanity, free from Satanic Deceivers, Half-Truths, and Omnicide.

Witch Court?

Caveat Emptor

Josf-Kelley 8 Sep 9
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Looks like Mark Zuckerberg is a cyborg already.

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