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Money Changes Purchase Power V
by Joe Kelley

Conceived in Liberty
by Murray Rothbard, 1979

“These were legal advances to be sure, but they hardly justify the paeans of praise that have been delivered for the Zenger decision. The important point is that the root evil-the common law of seditious libel-remained vitally intact. The jury is a protection against government judges, to be sure. But juries too can be despotic and rule against the liberty of the person. And truth as a defense is a very shaky reed, for in political criticism there is no simple and precise method of demanding “truth.” If X prints the charge that Y is a tyrant, is this truth? And is a jury qualified to determine its truth? Should it have the power to do so? For here is a wide path indeed for a despotically included jury, and juries have proved to be guardians of freedom only if the particular defendant happens to have been supported by public opinion (as in the Zenger case). Moreover, allowing each jury to decide the law in each particular case prevents the formation of a uniform law code so essential to the orderly administration of justice. Each jury would then be deciding the law of the case on its arbitrary whim, and no citizen could know in advance whether his utterances or writing would be libelous or not."

“Furthermore, the Zenger case did not establish either of its two major contentions, narrow as they were, in English or in American law. English law did not accept the power of juries to judge guilt until 1792, or truth as a defense until 1843. In America, the chief justice of New York was still maintaining that truth did not constitute a defense against seditious libel as late as 1804.”

“Finally, perhaps the most important reason for belittling the importance generally given to the Zenger case is the fact that royal judges were not the major threats to freedom of the press in the colonial era. The main threat was the use of parliamentary privilege by which the Assembly or the governor-and-Council “tried” and punished the seditious libeler without benefit of jury. Trials for seditious libel at court were few and far between in the colonial period. It was in fact the very rarity of the phenomenon that gave the Zenger case its fame. Far more important were the actions of the legislature.”

I highly recommend reading Conceived in Liberty by Murray Rothbad, however, the above is fraudulent, not merely fake, not merely an error or omission, it is demonstrably fraudulent.

Murray Rothbard discredits the principle driving force of natural law formed since antiquity, that principle is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth discovered so as to establish verdict and remedy. Those WHO obstruct the discovery of the whole truth are guilty of contempt for the whole truth.  A so-called Fifth Amendment "Right" is merely the whole truth concerning natural laws governing human beings not willing to give to someone else the whole truth if doing so will result in injury to oneself. Self-preservation is natural law, the whole truth. Extorting confessions is a crime, and another so-called Amendment or "Right," against cruel and unusual torturous extractions of supposed "evidence."

From antiquity, one can discover the so-called unwritten law, which is natural law, so it is not "antiquated" unless inhuman beings mutilate human DNA.

The unwritten law is so-called because people did not write down things before people started writing down their legal precedents. Then the unwritten law became Legem Terrae as recorded by the Romans with their Roman language that they called Latin. Then in English, the unwritten law was called The Ancient Law and also called The Law of The Land, eventually becoming the more common label used today, which is the Common Law.

The common law is not antiquated, it is the natural law, and therefore it can only be antiquated by mutilating human DNA, to remove the need for the whole truth, remove the need for self-preservation, remove the need to preserve posterity, and remove the need to make life for posterity more prosperous. Once all that human DNA is mutilated into an Inhuman State, then common law is antiquated, no longer natural law.

Artificially Intelligent Predator Drone WOKE Treasonous Fraud Parasitic Predator inhuman beings being inhuman, the New Normal, Built Back Better than humans.

Transinhumanity transformed from natural born independent individual humanity.

A Collective ONE, with One Bank Account.

The principal driving force behind the common law is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, which can be contrasted or compared in direct comparison to, anything fraudulent.

Free markets free from fraud are in competition with free markets free from the whole truth principle, and which power wins the greater market share naturally?

Which power wins unnaturally?

Buy your best futures on the open markets as opposing forces battle for dominance, put options and shorts included.

Place your bets, the winner takes all, liberty or Omnicide, and you get what you pay for, caveat emptor.

Insider traitors trade fraudulent currency.

Monopoly Money.

National Debt owners owning the plants on the Tax Farm Plantations deriving their derivatives from their human capital.

It's a Big Club, and you are their property.

Conceived in Liberty, by Murray Rothbard
Chapter 18
Slavery in Virginia
Page 584
"The prevalent practice of fornication by the masters with the female slaves was regarded as “a pleasant method to secure slaves at a cheap rate.”

If one does not discover something fraudulent, nothing is ever obvious to the victim, then the fraud power to injure a victim of fraud remains powerful.

Deception overpowers the whole truth.

As soon as the material evidence of fraud is discovered, at that moment, and obvious to the one discovering the material evidence of fraud, the power of fraud is nullified by the juror, defender, prosecutor, and target that was targeted for injury by the fraud before the defender defended oneself with the discovery of the material evidence of fraud before it had done the intentional damage to the victim, nullifies the power of deception.

The whole truth overpowers deception.

“A jury of twelve local farmers, all men and all white according to Levinson, rule in favor of Freeman in 1781, giving her freedom and awarding her 30 shillings in damages.”

The next step, obvious to the one discovering the fraud, is the validation step, as one juror, one defender, and one prosecutor is tasked with making someone else, such as another defender, one more prosecutor, one more independent juror, adding one more to help in the battle, one more who is also another target of fraud, help one more to be then helped to become aware of the facts that are discovered within the material evidence of fraud, so as then to gain enough power to free another targeted fraud victim from the injuries suffered by victims of fraud.

No longer one against many, two against Satan's deception.

Validation after discovery by one.

What happens if the attempt to help someone see the value of the whole truth, and help someone become aware of fraud, turns bad, as the attempt to help someone just so happens to be a case of contacting another fraud busily covering up the material evidence of fraud?

Can someone help someone WHO is hell-bent on empowering deception?

How can you help someone become aware of fraud when they are very busy rejecting the whole truth in fact?

The fraud in question is treasonous fraud, not merely a few dimes of injury taken from each victim of a particularly petty fraud, not merely petty because the fraud in question hides the power of defense from the targeted victims of fraud.

Give me your power to know the truth now, or else.

Can you not see this, and if so, then worse yet, is a fraudulent trust given to fraudulent authorities fraudulently claiming to know better than the facts that prove that the material evidence itself warrants the verdict of fraud, and the cause of action at law to prosecute the source of that material evidence as that material evidence traces right back, following the fraudulent currency, following the fraudulent money as it flows out of the mouths of frauds, or from the hands that pen the material evidence that constitutes fraud in fact.

I trust in the power of deception, give me more, not matter the cost.

Is fraudulent trust given to frauds in an effort to avoid violent injury? The fraud in question is extorting fraudulent trust from the victims of both fraud and extortion, what can be worse? Can it be worse, can it be a willful desire to be a fraud and a member of the gang that extorts life from humanity?

Yes, we can.

How can one convince them, those possessed with malevolent desire, kidnapped with lust for innocent blood, can you help them see that a better path is traveled from the foundation of the whole truth warrant in defense of everyone on that equal footing foundation?

The principle behind the common law is the whole truth discovered by those capable of such discovery, and then validation by those capable of validation, and then prosecution by those capable of prosecution, and then a verdict found by those capable of employing the whole truth to establish a verdict, and then NO PUNISHMENT, but rather remedy, offered to those found guilty.

If they reject remedy, then they confess something worth knowing.

If there is to be punishment by something other than the whole truth, you have, in your possession, the material evidence of frauds giving themselves permission to cause injury to targeted victims without warrant.

What can humanity do when faced with inhuman parasites hell-bent on Omnicide no longer hidden behind a thin
deceptive cover story?

They confess that they do not want remedy, they want innocent blood.

They desire their fate at the hands of fellow criminals.

“Judging, therefore, from the special provisions in Magna Carta, requiring fines, or amercements, to be imposed only by juries, (without mentioning any other punishments; ) judging; also, from the statutes which immediately followed Magna Carta, it is probable that the Saxon custom of punishing all, or nearly all, offences by fines, (with the alternative to the criminal of being imprisoned, banished, or outlawed, and exposed to private vengeance, in case of non-payment,) continued until the time of Magna Carta; and that in providing expressly that fines should be fixed by the juries, Magna Carta provided for nearly or quite all the punishments that were expected to be inflicted; that if there were to be any others, they were to be fixed by the juries; and consequently that nothing was left to be fixed by “legem terrae.””
Essay on The Trial by Jury
Lysander Spooner, 1852

Give unto Ceasar, that which is Ceasars.

Where do these frauds get their fraudulent warrant to punish anyone as they confess their abandonment of the whole truth warrant?

They pull their warrants out of their asses, which in legalese is called executive fiat.

They can later say that God made them do it, but the point pointed out is the fact that the whole truth goal is rejected and instead of the whole truth as a principle, and obvious to those who can see it, is the half-truth choice, and the choice to deploy the fraudulent principle, to put in place of the whole truth principle warranting a cause of defensive action at law, the chosen path confessed is the malevolent path to gain at the expense of the weaker, innocent, defrauded, extorted, and targeted victims.

Fucking your way back to virginity.

Take that path, or the other, your choice.

Caveat Emptor

Josf-Kelley 8 Nov 4
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