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When a thing is used to deceive people into powerless and defenseless incapacity the thing takes on human attributes. The thing does not take on human attributes such as responsibility and accountability for human thoughts and actions, but that is the goal achieved once the deception gains current power. Those who are not deceived by the false attributes of the thing can question the lie, discover the lie, expose the lie, account for the lie, and do so responsibly.

Those who are deceived cannot and will not see the lie as a lie and therefore as far as they are concerned the thing thinks and acts responsibly and the thing is therefore accountable as if the thing were a human being.

This is exemplified in the phenomenon (deception) known as a Limited Liability Corporation. The Corporation (a thing) is held accountable for the criminal actions perpetrated by human beings. The Corporate thing can be sentenced to death for having perpetrated a capital crime and meanwhile the criminals running the corporate thing move to another corporate thing with a different name and repeat the capital crime.

The above is not controversial, it is a fact that matters. If there is controversy the source of the controversy can be accurately identified as a misidentification of the fraudulent (criminal) Limited Liability Corporation phenomenon (deception) with the non-criminal (original) version of a limited liability corporation. A non-criminal limited liability corporation entity is merely a method by which a number of people are identified (members of the corporation) as a group of people (a corporation) bound together for specific reasons, and their names do not have to be said, or written, each name on the list, when someone refers to all those people incorporated. Each individual member of the corporation is always liable for their own thoughts and actions independently as a matter of fact. The corporate liabilities don't exist, the corporate thing cannot collectively bind guilt to any individual if an individual is not, in fact, guilty. Collective punishment is a part of the deception, collective punishment is not a part of legal, or lawful, limited liability stated on an agreement agreed upon by people making an agreement in liberty as free and independent human beings under the true law power.

That brings up the corporation or incorporation of many volunteers into a voluntary mutual defense agreement, also known as a government, also knowable as the law power.


The Conviction Factory, The Collapse of America's Criminal Courts, by Roger Roots
Page 40
Private Prosecutors
"For decades before and after the Revolution, the adjudication of criminals in America was governed primarily by the rule of private prosecution: (1) victims of serious crimes approached a community grand jury, (2) the grand jury investigated the matter and issued an indictment only if it concluded that a crime should be charged, and (3) the victim himself or his representative (generally an attorney but sometimes a state attorney general) prosecuted the defendant before a petit jury of twelve men. Criminal actions were only a step away from civil actions - the only material difference being that criminal claims ostensibly involved an interest of the public at large as well as the victim. Private prosecutors acted under authority of the people and in the name of the state - but for their own vindication. The very term "prosecutor" meant criminal plaintiff and implied a private person. A government prosecutor was referred to as an attorney general and was a rare phenomenon in criminal cases at the time of the nation's founding. When a private individual prosecuted an action in the name of the state, the attorney general was required to allow the prosecutor to use his name - even if the attorney general himself did not approve of the action.
Private prosecution meant that criminal cases were for the most part limited by the need of crime victims for vindication. Crime victims held the keys to a potential defendant's fate and often negotiated the settlement of criminal cases. After a case was initiated in the name of the people, however, private prosecutors were prohibited from withdrawing the action pursuant to private agreement with the defendant. Court intervention was occasionally required to compel injured crime victims to appear against offenders in court and "not to make bargains to allow [defendants] to escape conviction, if the injury."

Page 42
Law Enforcement as a Universal Duty
"Law enforcement in the Founders' time was a duty of every citizen. Citizens were expected to be armed and equipped to chase suspects on foot, on horse, or with wagon whenever summoned. And when called upon to enforce the laws of the state, citizens were to respond "not faintly and with lagging steps, but honestly and bravely and with whatever implements and facilities [were] convenient and at hand. Any person could act in the capacity of a constable without being one, and when summoned by a law enforcement officer, a private person became a temporary member of the police department. The law also presumed that any person acting in his public capacity as an officer was rightfully appointed."

The above data may help someone deceived by the current fraud that poses as "The Government," especially concerning the false "Federal" government. If someone cares to pull themselves out of their deceived state the suggestion now is to ask and answer some pertinent questions concerning how a thing can prosecute an individual, and how a thing can replace 12 randomly selected representatives who represent the whole number of people bound by the voluntary agreement knowable as the law power: government.

If a prosecutor is no longer an individual (private) human being, and instead a prosecutor is a thing that is called The State, then a prosecution (persecution) could be communicated as The State versus fill-in-the-blank with the name of the target that is to be persecuted. What happens if The State persecutes someone, such as the Death Sentence Executed on Martin Luther King Jr., for the crime of speaking about the crime of Aggressive War for Profit perpetrated by The State on the people in Vietnam?

The answer is that the people will believe the lie that The State is guilty of murder and yet people will still work to create wealth for their own survival and take from their wealth they created for their own survival and pay the extortion fee demanded by the same State that is already found guilty of murder.

Those who finance murderers are guilty of accessory to murder as a matter of fact. If the investors investing in The State that is guilty of murder stop investing, they are then no longer currently guilty of accessory to murder if murderers spending The State FUNDS continue to murder with that extorted loot.

Why does it have to be complicated to the point of near absurdity? All one needs to do is consider the growth rate of lies once the first lie is cause to invent a second lie to cover up the first one, and then 2 more lies to cover up those last 2 lies, and then a human being, armed with a human conscience, can see the exponential growth rate of lies. The lies pile up faster than the murder victims.

Take just 3 in rapid succession:

John Kennedy
Martin Luther King Jr.
Robert Kennedy

The government was found guilty of number 2 above. Think about that, please.

Josf-Kelley 8 May 8
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