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Congress shall make no law...No soldier shall...Shall not be infringed...No person shall be...Shall not be violated...No person shall be held...the accused shall enjoy the right...the right of trial by jury shall be preserved...Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted...shall not be construed...power not delegated...reserved to the people.

Who judges the government? If it is true that criminals - as a rule - do not obey laws, then even that truth can be construed.

Criminals obey laws enforced by more powerful criminals: as a rule. Is a rule a law? Can a rule be construed to be a law?

Is Majority Rule the Law of the Land? Is Majority Rule exemplified by the word Democracy?

I will offer the answers found during a deliberate effort to avoid construing the facts that matter in each case.

Who judges the government?

The government is an idea, it has no conscience, no thoughts, and it cannot decide to do anything worthy of judgment, it cannot act in any way good or bad, it has no arms, and no legs to stand on. People judge the government as a matter of fact, because people, only people, constitute a government of any kind, any place, any where if words convey common meaning. If someone wants to construe the free flow of valuable information in liberty they can do so by their power of will, their conscience, and their vocal organs, or by pen, or pencil, or other printing, publishing, method. An individual can claim that the government, or a church, or a corporation, is a person itself. That would bind up the people, sending them against each other, dividing them, and causing - rather than deterring - conflict: deception equals construing.

The people, through their grand and trial juries, judge everyone including anyone in government. That is written into - at least - the National (it is not federal) Bill of Rights. That is also written into many State (formerly independent) government Bills of Rights. That is part of the memory of people traced back in lineage to Ancient times. That is why it is called the Ancient Law. The people, not corporations, not churches, not things, but the people - as a Natural Law - judge right from wrong, people are naturally born with moral conscience, governments are things, corporations are things, churches are things, not people. A thing, like a gun, or a church, or a government, or a corporation does not have the POWER to think, decide, judge, or act upon right or wrong judgment.

To construe blame or merit accountable to people onto things is a form of deception, a form of falsehood, just as many people today construe blame onto a gun, or a government, or a church, or a corporation, while the actual perpetrators, or the actual people deserving meritorious accountability, receive none. Hidden behind the construction of a Legal Fiction are actual people who deserve all the credit, and all the blame, for the thoughts and actions that they alone bear responsibility.

Is Majority Rule the Law of the Land? Is Majority Rule exemplified by the word Democracy?

It was discovered and employed a long time ago, and even today the trial jury must agree unanimously: NO MAJORITY RULES. Democracy is not a form of government, is it an idea, a thing, and it deserves no credit, and it deserves no blame, it is incapable as a gun is incapable of thinking or acting on its own. Forms of government fall into 2 categories at least:

  1. Despotic
    Rule by Criminal Means: and these fellow criminals know the consequence of failure to obey without question.

  2. Republic
    The one and only Cause of Action is service to The Public as a Whole, not service to a segment of The Public, not service to factions, corporations, churches, "Elite" families, minorities, or majorities. To serve and protect everyone including wayward criminals whose lives would be comparatively enriched were they deterred from choosing a criminal step, or a criminal path from that choice to their inevitably poor death.

In every Republic there is - by necessity - a means by which the whole public is awarded, afforded, and empowered with the legal Civil and Criminal Jurisdiction: the power to judge right from wrong in any case of any need for any power of government.

In America, before the criminals took over, the whole public took back their power of lawful jurisdiction from the Criminal British Despotic Government PEOPLE.

Can we take back PEACEFULLY (which is lawfully) our lawful jurisdiction starting today?

The answer is not up to one powerful individual, or one powerful church, or one powerful corporation, or one powerful Legal Fiction. The answer does not arrive in a slogan: Yes we can.

Josf-Kelley 8 Jan 5
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