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Hidden Step:

What happens if someone removes the next step afforded to victims of crime?

As our brains work from the beginning we learn by experience as to those actions which work for our own safety and the safety of fellow members of our species. We learn more precisely what constitutes harm and mortal peril as those threats to our well being show themselves eventually even if they are well hidden behind a mountain of lies and confusion.

In that past the effort has been to pinpoint in time and place those routine recurring lessons that continue to teach individuals and teach all individuals eventually, at least those capable of thought derived from accurate perception of the facts that matter. The prime example offered is the recurring malevolent mass enslavement of innocent people by guilty people with and without deception propagated in the form of counterfeit government.

What is a slave to do? What is the next step a slave can make as a slave makes a path from slavery to liberty?

In the past it has been shown that the first step goes from stepping out of the cloud of deception in the mind, unwarping the slaves warped mind, which is a vital step, a necessary step, before physically moving from slavery to liberty. Then once in physical and mental liberty the individual slave moves to fellow free people in liberty in a lawful way, which is the peaceful way, so as to preserve freedom and maintain the state of liberty that must be maintained by fellow free people in liberty, because failure to do so practically ensures an end to freedom, and an end to liberty, given the dark nature of mankind when people are rewarded for immoral decisions they may make when no one will protect powerless, defenseless, innocent people.

The next step was shown to be the step taken to contact a common law, independent, member of the pool from which a common law grand jury is assembled in times of need, such as the clear and present danger initiated by people who decide, with malice aforethought, to make slaves of innocent people.

What happens if someone, or some group of like minded, mind warped, criminal slavers effectively remove the next step which is that step from one individual ex-slave to one individual member of the common law due process which is the Ancient Law, the law of the land, which includes trial by the country, which is the precise opposite of so-called Majority Rule?

What does history tell us about the possible answers to that question?

The British Criminal Counterfeit Government, after invading Ireland, after genocidal mass murder of the Irish people, after enslaving those who were not murdered massively, turned to America to enslave Americans who ran from the slavery of British Criminal Enslavement, and then Americans worked to reestablish those vital steps, including the step from mental slavery, the step from physical slavery, and the step to the return of electing and maintaining common law justices of the peace, also known as magistrates. Leaving the criminal, kangaroo, courts imposed by the British, the Americans reestablished common law courts of Law. Leaving Admiralty, Equity, Exchequer, Maritime, and all other forms of Summary Justice (Just US) courts, which are all expressly not Courts of Law, the Americans returned to common law courts where accused wrongdoers face the unanimous judgment of The Public in Public (not secret) Trials.

“Against this ancient and fundamental law, an act of parliament was made, that as well justices of assize as justices of peace, (without any finding or presentment by the verdict of twelve men) upon a bare information for the king before them made, should have full power and authority by their discretions to hear and determine all offences and contempts committed or done by any person or persons against the form, ordinance and effect of any statute made and not repealed, 7c. By colour of which act, shaking this fundamental law, it is incredible what oppressions and exactions, to the ruin of infinite numbers of people, were committed by Sir Richard Empson and Edmund Dudley justices of peace, throughout England; and upon this unjust and injurious act (as is common in like cases) a new office was erected, and they were made masters of the king’s forfeitures.”
Page 36
English Liberties, Or The Free-Born Subject’s Inheritance: Containing Magna Charta,
The Habeas Corpus Act, And Several Other Statutes, Henry Care
Boston: Printed by J. Franklin, for N. Buttolph, B. Eliot, and D. Henchman, 1721

"Although historians typically portray early federal grand juries as mere tools of the central government, an examination of actual charges and presentments reveals a different picture. After the Constitution's ratification, grand jurors continued to take initiative in making presentments.
Given that the Federalists wanted to assuage Anti-Federalist fears of a powerful central government, it is not surprising that ratification documents emphasized the grand jury's shield rather than its sword. Early post ratification charges to and writings about the federal grand jury, however, reveal an equal if not greater concern for the sword. Without fail, judges and justices reminded grand jurors of their oaths to make diligent inquiries and true presentments." Indeed, judges mentioned presentments more often than indictments. In his charge to the first grand jury impaneled for the Circuit Court for the district of Delaware, Justice Wilson urged grand jurors: "[Y]ou will be sedulous that criminals be discovered and punished, and you will be equally sedulous that the innocent be guarded and protected. With regard to both, it will be your zealous effort, as it is your unquestionable right, to make diligent enquiries, and to offer true presentments. In a lecture to students at the University of Pennsylvania, the Justice emphasized the grand jury's independence from the prosecutor:

"[Grand jurors] are not appointed for the procecutor [sic] or for the court: they are appointed for the government and for the people: and of both the government and people it is surely the concernment, that ... all crimes, whether given or not given in charge, whether described or not described with professional skill, should receive the punishment, which the law denounces ...."
1994 Reviving Federal Grand Jury Presentments Renée B. Lettow

It was not the failure of the Irish government, not the failure of the English government, resulting in tragic loss of life during the extermination and enslavement of the Irish people, it was deception and ignorance of actual law powers. Not enough people tipped the balance in favor of defending, rather than profiting from murdering and enslaving "those people" in that other place.

Then Americans stood on lawful ground, to momentarily maintain freedom in liberty in America. But once again people failed to protect "those people" in that other place, those people being murdered, tortured, and enslaved for the profits of a few, and what eventually happens, by natural laws, happened. The profits fed the criminal slaver Party, the power to defend against them was siphoned off one calorie at a time from each individual everywhere, which was one calorie less for defense and one calorie more for offense. Justice delayed, in fact, ensured the pogrom falsely called the Civil War: it had nothing to do with civility, civilization, or civil law.

So what is done when the criminals hide that next step?

Josf-Kelley 8 Jan 8
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