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Side A:

Anyone still able to control internal moral conscience exerts their power to hold to account all enemies of morality foreign and domestic.

Side B:

Criminally insane psychopaths, sociopaths, and their ever growing army of sycophants enforce arbitrary government upon everyone including themselves.

Both sides are made up of (constituted from) individuals who may move from one side to the other side in time and place. The sum total of all the individuals on either side constitute the data that tends to make people think that the Majority Rules.

If everyone were on the moral side (no one on this side injures innocent people at all on purpose: malice aforethought), and only one criminal constituted the immoral side, would the Majority Rule?

No, that is the problem when falsehoods become embodied in the brains of formerly moral thinking people.

Case in point:

One individual, the only criminal, invents a virus, a fake anti-virus, and a real anti-virus. Think this through with your moral brain. This one criminal can mutate the virus at will, creating another virus, another fake anti-virus, and another real anti-virus.

The virus will terrify, torture, and eventually murder every single individual who is infected with this virus, and this virus will spread rapidly through the air and infect the entire planet in 24 hours or less after the initial release of the virus by the one criminal.

Before moving on let it be clear in your head that this virus exists already it is called counterfeit government. The idea with a theoretical situation described as one criminal inventing a virus, and employing a virus, against every other individual is merely a way of communicating the facts that matter in the case where people allow fake governments to infect the minds of each new individual born into this world during our times and our places alive on planet Earth. The theoretical situation is used as a parable to lead the user of the theoretical situation into a better understanding of the actual consequences of allowing fake government to infect the minds of individuals. Where everyone born naturally is potentially the majority that rules morally forever and all the time, that one criminal is potentially the one minority that rules everyone soon enough, if each individual in turn becomes infected and is then another individual set to infect more people. This has nothing to do with the numbers of people on either side, and it has everything to do with falsehood as the infecting agent, false "truth" as the fake anti-virus, and accurate accountability of the facts that matter in each case as the actual anti-virus that kills the fake government virus in its tracks.

Minority Rules versus Majority Rules is a falsehood ready to be swallowed and passed on from infected mind to infected mind, so the parable is used as an anti-virus.

The one criminal among everyone else (super minority) takes the anti-virus (he knows the real facts that matter in this case) and infects other people in a closed environment to prove to the world what happens when people fail to take the anti-virus. The one individual could set in motion an absolute dictatorship of all the people on the planet, where the one individual demands absolute obedience of all to the one individual's dictates, failing to obey results in a horrid, terrifying, torturous, and murderous death.

If all the people knew in advance, that the one criminal was the source of the virus, they would have one chance to save themselves from the living hell imposed arbitrarily by the one criminal, the rest of the world could cooperate to find the true anti-virus and as rapidly as possible spread the new anti-virus to everyone, and capture and deal with the one criminal, to remove the power of the one criminal to perpetrate crimes efficiently, effectively, expediently in time and place.

The one criminal has one chance of ensuring that the destructive power in his exclusive control remains in his exclusive control, he must ensure that he is the only one who knows the con game in which nature, not this one criminal, is responsible for the virus. So long as the con works all of humanity views this one savior as their savior, as time and again this one savior manages somehow to invent the one and only cure, each time the new virus begins to consume all those who fail to take the anti-virus in time.

How much does the one criminal charge for his services? What are those who are deceived willing to pay for his services? What happens when someone figures out the con game?

Josf-Kelley 8 Mar 9
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