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The Sword Applied in History:

The Sword ignored in Modern Times:

Turmoil in East New Jersey,
“The Assembly, called into being again, met frequently during Governor Rudyard’s rule in 1683. All side were determined to be conciliatory and to undo the influence of the despotic Carteret clique. As a result, the court proceedings since late 1681 were voided and the leaders of Carteret cliquie – Robert Vicars, who had been secretary of the colony, Henry Greenland, Samuel Edsall, and Robert Vauquellin, former surveyor general – were debarred from all public office. Edward Slater now took the opportunity to sue Vicars for trespass, false arrest, and imprisonment; he collected forty-five pounds damages. Vicars was also convicted of keeping fraudulent records and was fined and imprisoned until payment of the fine.”
Conceived in Liberty, Murray Rothbard, 1979
Page 383

When will people realized that the law power is internal first before the law power ever constitutes into a collective sum total of internal powers of law?

Take just 3 examples in Modern Times, please.

Each case confirms crimes perpetrated by criminals caught red handed counterfeiting government, criminals posing as government agents, criminals corrupting government power, crimes perpetrated on the official record as crimes, crimes acknowledged as crimes by The People in common law procedures: Trial by Jury.

  1. Federal Reserve Bank Fraud

  2. Conspiracy Murder Martin Luther King Jr.

  3. Persecution of Rancher Families Bundy, Hammond, Finicum, et al.

Step A (actually not the first step)
Try the case.

That was done already. The criminals were found guilty, but they are still masked, like any other bandit.

What does history teach?

“All side were determined to be conciliatory and to undo the influence of the despotic Carteret clique.”

What does that teach you? How does your view compare to someone who does not have the same view as your view?

The sides were despotic sides having a common goal to “undo the influence of the despotic” greater evil. Lesser evil criminal groups running counterfeit government fiefdoms become polarized against a greater evil criminal cabal because Honor among Thieves does not exist. They are still just people, so they still rely upon a method by which the facts of the matter are found, and once found those facts help determine as precisely as is humanly possible who is guilty of doing what and then can an agreeable solution be determined to return people back to peace and all the benefits associated with peace, such as the freedom to produce higher standards of living and lower costs of living without doing so by harming, robbing, extorting, and enslaving innocent people?

Josf-Kelley 8 Mar 10
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