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Next up is further data that reinforces the clear demarcation between law and crime. Where there is law there is consent, where there is crime there is aggressive force overruling consent perpetrated by a guilty individual upon an innocent individual in time and place; clear cut good versus evil as clear as night and day.

However there is all the power of falsehood that somehow manages to turn day into night and evil into good for the criminals and their deceived victims.

This phenomenon of counterfeiting the law power is so powerful for so many reasons, that it defies the power of reason, somehow. People can look in the mirror to see their own reflection and instead they see nothing, as if the power of falsehood can make people disappear along with their natural born internal power to know right from wrong, their moral human conscience: gone as if it never existed.

A reason why falsehood works so good for the counterfeiters who counterfeit government power is the reason why good people, doing good things, are mistaken as bad people because they are confused with the bad people doing bad things. Everyone good and bad are seen as one, which is a reasonable consequence when criminals counterfeit the government. The government is seen as one, not a battle between right and wrong, and anything done by the one government is blamed on the one government. This is very common, so common it is as if nothing is wrong with it, it is as common as breathing oxygen.

They are not the government. They are individuals. They are not the Jews, or the Germans, or the Indians, or the Africans, or the Women, or the Men. An evil man is mistakenly ruining the good men by this prejudicial prejudgment process of collectivism: all are one.

That is half of the damage being done, as good people are seen as bad by false association. If that man is bad, all men are bad. All men are one. The other half is a failure to hold the bad people accountable in any accurate way. Not only are good people falsely made into bad people, but also bad people are falsely made into good people, by the same collectivization of everyone into one.

So the next words that convey meaning convey meaning along these lines too. All white European's are bad, they exterminated the Indians. All white European law is bad, they made it a law to exterminate the Indians so as to steal Indian land.


Conceived in Liberty, Murray Rothbard, 1979

The Development of West New Jersey

In March 1677 the proprietors issued the Concessions and Agreements, a document written largely by Edward Bylling, who was assisted by William Penn. It was signed by all the proprietors and freeholders of the colony. The Concessions and Agreements established a frame of government for West New Jersey. This was a highly liberal document – especially for a proprietary decree – that guaranteed no taxation save by consent of the people ( “we put the power in the people” ), a representative assembly, trial by jury, full religious liberty ( “no person to be called into question or molested for conscience under any pretext whatever” ), and no imprisonment for debt. 

Page 387

The West New Jersey Assembly was to be elected by all freeholders, by the unusual institution of secret ballot, and was to be empowered to create courts and levy taxes. All legislation required a two-thirds vote of the Assembly, thus assuring a greater consensus for legislation than under mere majority rule. Furthermore, the colony was to be fully self-governing, with all executive power in the hands of commissioners appointed by the Assembly. Judges and constables were to be elected by popular vote rather than appointed. There were other unusually libertarian features of this constitution. Except for reason, felony, and murder, the plaintiff had full power to forgive, pardon, or remit punishment, this placing the decision to prosecute and punish for a crime in the hands of the original victim rather than the remotely concerned government. Punishment for theft did not consist in paying a supposed debt to a mythical “society” by languishing unproductively in prison at taxpayers’ expense; instead, it consisted in making restitution to the victim for the crime, and in working off this “debt” to the specific injured party. Furthermore, the beginnings of excellent long-standing white-Indian relations in the colony were assured by the provision that any Indian claim of injury would go to a jury of six whites and six Indians. 

Page 389

Josf-Kelley 8 Mar 14
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