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An Allegory for Lady Liberty:

The Statue broadcasts a message to all the poor, tired, and hungry masses. Then Lady Liberty is kidnapped, tortured, sold into slavery, and then once Lady Liberty is poor, tired, and hungry her fate is to be buried alive in a pine box.

As it is with all energy there is but a potential for activity, locomotion, movement, and light.

So it is with a potential for knowledge. There is no knowledge of the world from a pine box buried underground. So what does it take to rescue Lady Liberty? Lemmings running off a cliff, running past Ostrich heads stuck in the ground, is that the way to know the facts that matter in this case?

Why do they torture the poor girl? Do they want her to confess some private secret? Do they want her to falsify a confession of something of which she is not guilty?

Who is they?

The spark that ignites potential energy, releasing the forces that power things and ideas into motion are internal as well as external to each living cell, and each living soul.

An allegory can ignite in one soul, and it can be broadcast out from that spark, not unlike a Statute as large as Lady Liberty in potential, if a simple idea cannot be manifested into such a large body on an Island, in a State, which is part of a Federation of Independent States, under common laws of free people in…

In what?

The Lady of Liberty I see is hardly alive, and now very small, immature, like a baby in a womb, only this girl is as stated in the allegory above. She is below, buried, and in dire need of rescue, like so many other tortured souls in living hell on our watch.

What is ours?

If it is not duty, then it will be subsidized slavery.

Josf-Kelley 8 Apr 4
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