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We’ve all heard the term “All Lives Matter”, and whether or not it is a right or wrong thing to say in context with the current state of our world is debatable. Many call it inconsiderate, but there is a certain validity to it. Many have coined a new term, and in my opinion it is utter BS, but it’s still a debatable topic and I’m interested in your opinions. I’m probably going to post this in a few different groups.

I’m talking about “heterophobia” which is the opposite of homophobia and apparently means hatred towards heterosexuals.

I’m definitely not a fan of identity politics, but this, in my opinion, is disrespectful regardless of whether or not you think homosexuality is right or wrong. I find the idea of “heterophobia” attention- seeking among other things.

Let me explain. Homosexuality is legal in only 29/195 countries, and homophobia is felt even in countries where it is legal. No one has ever committed suicide due to being harassed and bullied for being straight. No one has ever kicked their child out of the house for being straight. No one has ever refused to go to a wedding just because the couple is straight. No one has been assaulted or killed for being straight. No one has lost friends and family for being straight. No one has been told to go to hell for being straight. No one has ever felt unloved and unlovable for being straight. I can go on. I myself have experienced many of the above scenarios as a lesbian, and so have countless other homosexuals.

If you proclaim “All Lives Matter” as a retort to “Black Lives Matter”, do you also believe in heterophobia? Why or why not?

So what is heterophobia? How is it relevant? If you are straight, have you ever experienced it?

For some clarification and context on its relevance, below is something my teenaged niece sent to me this morning. Apparently today’s kids are making fun of a realm of cringe- worthy videos, and calling it “straight tik-tok”. (Tik tok is an app where you make short, sometimes relatable videos and “dances” ) The term doesn’t have anything to do with sexuality, but the author of this tweet sees this as an attack against heterosexuals and is receiving a lot of backlash for it.

Tati 6 June 24
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I have little experience with this, but I was once at a gay bar where a drag queen called me a "breeder" in front of everyone. This was kind of offensive considering I had no kids, never planned to and 3 drs told my husband we never would. I had gay friends at the time who had kids. I didn't say anything, though. I took my free drink and enjoyed the night. I was apart of the local community, until I realized that, unless I was a lesbian, I really was not welcome (along with being too conservative.) It did leave me leery or ever being involved or supportive publicly again. I also felt like I had to identify as a straight ally or as apart of the community, which (for reasons I don't want to share) made me uncomfortable.

Joyyfyl Level 3 June 29, 2020

I’m sorry to hear that! Name calling is always wrong. Thanks for sharing, though.


i think there def is a theme right now in the more "west" countries to hate cis straight white people. its not helping the LGBT cause IMO


In the West progressives won the culture war. This is why the counter-culture is now shiposting libertarians.

It's pointless to argue against their talking points because they are literally trained in a response the way Mormons are. Break the script and ask questions and you will have an easier time dealing with progressives.

They don't know how to answer questions like: do you think it's kind to say something like that to a straight child? Would you want someone to say that to you?

Force them to feel.

That is my experience. I rarely try to counter their arguement. I usually ask for examples or to be pointed to documentation to support their statement. Preceded by "I don't agree, but I am willing to be wrong."

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Posted by Caseyxsharp2I don't know what happened to the comments that I was making before on my other post.

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