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‘Queer Liberation March’ mounts leftist assault on free thought
An article written by my friend Brad, who's a gay man and leans more right. What do we think? Has LGBT pride become overly LEFT and political?

Has LGBT pride become overly LEFT and political?

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ariellescarcella 7 June 29
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The word lesbian has been missing from most LGBTQA-Z political comments and articles in publications such as OUT and The Advocate. The idea that we are all now masc or femme as well as binary fluid and queer has left us with no Community. Trans Women are not lesbians especially when they identify as heterosexual when dating other trans people such as trans men. One Trans man on Arielle’s YouTube site stated that there is no such thing as same sex relationships. Have we all lost our minds?

artgirl Level 2 July 17, 2020

I watched the NYC Pride “parade” on Channel 7 ABC this weekend. While I appreciate that we were recognized, I must say that there was not a lot of representation of lesbians and gay men that do not dress in drag or pseudo drag. Again, I appreciate what they are doing but let’s represent all of us.



I feel like the issue with this parade wasn’t the fetishes, pups and handlers etc. or the super radical left ideology tied within it, but more that they made it so specific groups couldn’t participate in their parade... which is counterintuitive to Pride imo because I’ve always regarded it as acceptance of anyone, gay or straight and everything in between. It would make more sense to allow all groups to come and let it be THEIR choice as to participate or not in the sentiments of the Queer Liberation March. How can one call it Pride if you’re barring Gay people (the Gay Officer Action League for example) from your Queer event? Is Pride only meant for queer-folk who all agree with each other? Should there be another space for this specific type of march/parade that isn’t tied to the entire LGBTQ movement?

OMG AGREED yes. not allowing a group of people to take part because of a few bad eggs isn't right

@ariellescarcella it’s just another version of exclusion which the queer community has fought for so long against — it’s hard to support something positive if only a certain type of person is accepted.


I think so. I started to get involved in the community but when I saw how aggressive every person I met was towards conservatives I backed out. I have a few friends who are conservatives who go to Pride, but they aren't really in meshed in the community.

Joyyfyl Level 3 June 29, 2020

I Agree! I’m a republican lesbian who doesn’t always agree with the right but I’ve never been attacked by the right. The lgbtq community has however treated me poorly many times for not agreeing with everything they believe I should agree with or support. I’m 35 and didn’t come out until 3 years ago. This is one of the reasons.


Yes, i thought i was liberal in past but really am independent and find myself going right more due to the socialist energy, anti cop, rhetoric that drives lgbtq now. I have police family members and believe that one can always better themselves no matter what background, join the military if school wasnt your thing, so many opportunities in your future, instead of living on welfare or feeling that wealthy ppl owe money to those who have less money.

DanniCT Level 1 June 29, 2020

I am not ” anti cop” but did you see what happened at the peaceful march at Washington Square?


it's hard to say because what the media shows (the hard left narrative in relationship to the LGBTQ community) is not necessarily representative of an LGBTQ majority. Just like the fact that NOT
The media - the people who own and fund the media are driving the socialist/leftist narrative and they are using and manipulating the various demographic group think in a way that makes it appear the a "vast majority" of the people who populate those demographic groups are fellow travelers with the Trump hating socialist agenda.
My advice would be to NOT put much stock in the polls.

iThink Level 9 June 29, 2020

I know everyone thinks their high school days were golden but seriously...back in the 90s LGBT was on a positive swing, race wasn't really an issue, and people could disagree politically and still be friends. The argument against the Religious Right was individual liberty and freedom to live your life as you choose. Free speech was promoted for everyone. Now it feels like it was just something we said until we got in charge and really never meant it.

JK Rowling is being torched for saying that biological sex exists and that same sex attraction exists. THAT is now transphobic and she needs to be canceled (because they can't just fire her like Maya Forstater).

I won't go to another pride parade until we've regained our sanity. It breaks my heart that we're acting like fascists.


As a heavily Liberal person its extremely upsetting to me how dismissive the left is of lgbt people who think differently, I struggle to understand lgbt Conservatives but I make a conscious effort to try to understand instead of hurling insults. That's what we need to do in order to live in peace with eachother.


Who knew speech could be so dangerous?

Sticks and stones are feeling abandoned.

2019 and just getting started....


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