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I couldn't believe something I came across on Twitter today. For context, the original tweet was a woman telling her story about losing another pregnancy to a miscarriage. The tweet with the kids is a mother trying to reassure her that there is a light at the end and she could still be blessed with children after this struggle. And then you have this asshat thinking this is appropriate to post on this thread. What? Even if you were just being a troll, how ridiculous do you have to be to think this is response to share? I'm absolutely appalled that someone would think there is any reason to add comments like this.

Xaran 4 July 6
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Oh hell nah that’s absolutely fucked up lol. The fact that they said “I know where you stand on all racial issues” by a woman sharing a photo of her children eating popsicles I-


Unreal, but not surprising these days.


I hate this "ya'll's ancestors" I hear all the time in 2020. MY ancestors were serfs and slaves. Yes, there were white slaves. No, they weren't all slaves to white people. The same Arab traders who sold blacks slaves to whites sold whites from E. Europe to work in Spain and for harem stock. Slavery ended in the US in 1861, Russian serfs were emancipated five years later, slavery in Africa continued into the modern age.

The entire world had slaves until the 1800s. Asia, Africa, S. America--even native tribes in the Americas. Mexicans had black slaves longer than the US did.

This was a mindset of an earlier culture and I don't think the people of this time should have to pay for the sins of cultures that no longer exist. That's not fair or morally correct.


Oh for goodness sake! I can't believe this person. People really can't help but try to get those woke back pats, can they? Read the room, partner! This isn't the place for that. Further, they seem very misinformed about the holiday in general -_-


but they are so WOKE. JFC people are NUTS

but, but, but, they're showing people how to think!

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