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How many young trans people are out there who are now regretting that they had gone through irreversible treatment...?

This is Keira's story. []

When she was 16, she was suicidal and desperately wanted to become a boy. With her parents consent, Keira underwent irreversible treatment including breast removal.

She was happy for a while, but then she changed her mind. She didn't want to be a man any more. It was too late, then.

Now she blames the adults involved; her parents for giving the doctors their consent, the doctors for putting her through the irreversible treatment and the entire society for not accepting her. She is in fact suing the doctors now. She says that she should have been challenged on her transition when she was 16.

The thing is, when one does challenge a minor's transgender desires, one gets canceled by the woke mob... If the doctors challenged Keira on her transition, they would probably have been sued by Keira's parents represented by a woke lawyer.
Meanwhile, suicide is very high among the LGBTQ community. They have serious internal conflicts.

It is easy to say that Keira should've known better or to criticise her for not taking responsibilities for her own actions, but isn't there anything, anything at all that we, adults, could do for desperately confused young people?

Naomi 8 Aug 4
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Just putting it out there that regret rates for medical transition are less than 0.5% of all people who have transitioned

fry-me Level 3 Aug 7, 2020

Not to be "That Guy," but I expect the numbers COULD change, with more people beginning transition than ever before.

BUT you're right and as of now, this is the number we have to work with. We should be looking at stats and not basing opinions on what we think stats "could be" later.

@RavenMStark We shall update our numbers if they increase, then 👍


It's my personal, passionate belief that young AFAB (assigned female at birth) people could benefit from trying out "social transition" for a long period before committing to any hormones or surgery! I was born female and began identifying as male at the age of 22-23. I changed my hair, clothes, and name and that was it - no hormones, no surgeries. After 10 years of identifying as male, I finally decided that testosterone was the right step for me to take (with assistance of my doctors and therapists) and began HRT (hormone replacement therapy).

Though part of me wishes I had begun HRT years ago, due to the massive positive benefit I get from it, I am also very glad that I took the time to wait and work myself out. Was it an easy time? NO. Did everyone accept me? HELL NO! But for me, it was an amazing, important experience to try it out long term and make sure it was the life I wanted for myself.

Now, I'm not recommending that AFAB people all go through 10 years of "social transition" (AKA "real life test" ) before starting hormones and surgeries, but I do wish that young people would take a year or LONGER to really try it out and think it through. Ideally, I would also like to see a society that is accepting and embracing of EXPERIMENTATION with gender! In my mind, if we embrace "experimentation," then there is no shame for children who test the waters and then decide that they aren't trans after all. If a girl has only done "social transition," then it's 100% reversible and she can live life as a normal woman.

But right now, I am seeing AFAB people pressured into taking testosterone early. This pressure does not JUST come from within the transgender community! It also comes from outside, very heavily. There is a lot of pressure to commit instead of being in an obvious in-between place. And there is a lot of pressure to PASS - and be seen as "male" and not as "trans."


ugh too many kids are starting to come forward about it all


And yea, there is something that can be done - get back to TREATMENT and the SOC.


You point out the primary problem - there is a loud activist community, supported by political forces that demand 'affirmative support', or "what ever you want darling". It is an abdication of the medical community, from the therapists to the surgeons to the hospitals, of their responsibilities.

There is ZERO doubt that the issues surrounding GID cause other problems in young people's lives OR/AND other problems cause GID (I happen to disagree with the later^). But resolving GID takes significant mental stamina, and if other issues are present, it is a crippling process.

Keira MIGHT have known better - there is so much out there today that kids pick up the 'lingo' and all they have to do is maintain a pretense for a short time to get what they want. That is one of the reasons why SOC requires a year RLT before any surgeries. But because of the medical communities behavior, SOC is being ignored almost completely (the exception seems to be GRS/SRS).

It is terrible that she now has, at a minimum, body dysmorphia, and the resulting mental trauma of her aborted transition. I lay the blame on her parents and her therapists. And if there were NO therapists or 'affirming' only therapists, I blame the surgeon too. The child is now accountable for their failures.

Can someone clarify what SOC stands for?

In the UK even get into a room with a proper gender therapist seems like it takes a whole year most of the time. I find this situation bizarre. I just don't understand how she got through the whole process without being flagged at all.
While I agree with the lingo thing - I can probably answer all the trans questionaires to get "trans" as an answer. In fact Ive already done it once unintentionally when I was "questioning". But I still I don't see how it got past 2 sets of doctors.
Care to speculate?

@WhytfAmIHere SOC = Standards of Care. For transsexual surgery - one year in the gender going to, called RLT or real life test, plus one year of hormone therapy, plus letters of recommendation from TWO therapists that have treated the patient for at least one year (this usually means one therapist that sees the patient regularly and one that "supervises" or has met and evaluated the patient initially and at the end of the treatment period ie a concurrence).

SOC recommends a year of therapy before beginning hormones but realistically, living in the "preferred" gender has LOTS of hurdles and actual physical risks, getting on hormones is seen as HELPING that process so usually once someone has met and been evaluated by therapists, hormones are usually prescribed. This is a long term issue for the male-to-female (MtF), but it has short term implications for the female-to-male (FtM): the MtF impact can usually be unwound even after a year or two while the FtM impact is usually permanent after just a couple of months.

These are "guidelines" and most consider them MINIMUMS. My therapy was shorter - though still a year - than the guidelines established by the program I participated in, but I was in RLT for FIVE YEARS before I had surgery. Most are in RLT for years prior to surgery.

The general requires for RLT are living 24/7, financially stable, socially accepted. They want to see that you can handle the day to day life and are generally succeeding at it. This is why kids are generally not considered and why those with problems compromising their day to day lives are turned down for more permanent procedures.

And why you can see how a 16 yr old having surgery just blows the SOC all to hell.

@tracycoyle Thanks for the details 🙂 I am familiar with some of the rules due to having trans friends but having them listed really cleared up some confusion on my end. So Would her case be affected if she didn't have top surgery until she was 18?

@WhytfAmIHere Following SOC and having good therapists that are FIRST focused on the well being of the patient (and that means sometimes NOT giving in to what the patient wants) helps eliminate SOME problems. If she were 18 before entering RLT and therapy, the odds of de-transitioning after permanent changes is lowered.

MY opinion: if someone threatens suicide, there are MORE problems than GID. RLT is a nightmare the first year - I call it my year of hell but I KNEW it was going to end, that I had to walk that path to LEARN 29 years of missed education (living as a girl/woman) in less than 29 years. The longer it took, the harder it was going to be. CRASH course doesn't even begin to describe it. Emotionally and psychologically it is hard. I didn't cry (prior to RLT) just didn't happen. There were nights I came home during RLT and just curled up on my bed and cried. Imagine someone bi-polar, or severely depressed BEFORE entering RLT.

The older we are the less "this is how it is, this is how it will always be" holds sway with us. We know things change, will change. Teens can't see that. Hell, 20somethings have a hard time with it.

18 is a number. There are people that can handle a gun and war at 18, there are others that can't handle their own daily lives at 18. She might have made the same mistakes at 19 as she did at 16 - but we all would probably put the onous on her FIRST rather than giving her a pass because she was 16.

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