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Guys, what do you think of gender abolition? The idea of erasing the concept of gender and only letting the biological sexes existing as concepts. A lesbian youtuber here in Brazil argued for this Idea a she got so much hate and threats that she had to get away from twitter for a while. She received rape threats and penis photos, all from the peaceful social justice warriors, always so concerned about ending the patriarchy, homophobia and rape culture. The name of the youtuber is Pietra de Pinho (@pinhodepietra), If you want to translate her tweets or you understand portuguese, take a look there.

Cecilia 4 Aug 8
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What did "Gender" ever do to you to want to abolish it? Is it hurtful...or does it just need to be updated? In fact, IMO, it's just a set of descriptive adverbs and adjectives. But...without them, certain conversations...maybe all conversations ... become confusing. People have always had their own way of "gendering" someone...always. It just seems that now-a-days...people are trying to control the way others speak/describe/think...not sure if that makes sense to anyone...but it does to me. Thanks!


depends on how you actually define gender. if gender is being defined as expression, then i see no issue, but if people say gender, meaning sex traits / bio doesn't make sense.


There's no way to abolish gender if it doesn't exist lol. The whole concept is stupid-- that your brain decides if you're male or female, which is jack shit because it's decided by your junk and chromosomes. But mostly your junk. I'd call an intersex man a male if he had the parts for it, because that's how it would've gone down in the olden days. The idea of gender erases our own personal integrity as human beings, as it throws us into narrow boxes; Your is a boy for liking to batman, your son is a girl for thinking dresses are pretty. Does that sound logical? Hell naw.


It won't change anything. Men will still act and behave like men and women will still act and behave like women. Getting rid of gender doesn't mean human's will morph into an androgynous species. Humans are built for survival not equality. I don't know where this idea that society forces people into these oppressive gender roles and we would all be like prepubescent children with no difference between men and women comes from. It anything society civilized our natural instincts making it possible to survive and cooperate. Gender roles are about survival not power but feminist are so obsessed with power they can't see anything. There's a reason why feminist are women of the upper class. They don't have to worry about survival. I will be surprised if they found a feminist in the favelas.

I agree with you on women and men differences, although some differences are very reinforced by society, for example when girls are told that car toys are for boys, and they can't play with It. And about feminism in the favelas, there is this feminism, that is tied to the Brazilian version of "black lifes matter", and tend to despise the "white" feminism exactly because of what you said, that their reality is very different. I also observed that feminism in the favelas is more conected to marxism and the Idea of class warfare.


I'm not personally for gender abolition. I AM for abolishing gender stereotypes. I believe gender is real and in rare cases, it does not correspond with biological sex (i.e. transgender people). But I don't believe in sexist ideas, like only girls can wear pink or only men can lift weights - or whatever other examples you can come up with.

As a transgender man, I rely on the concept of gender. I was born biologically female and I have transitioned to male - but I was always male internally. Nothing internal has changed, but now the outside matches the inside. For 99.9% of the population, gender identification is not a broken system - trans people like myself included! I'm male and others identify me as male. That system works for me.

Who does gender abolition actually benefit? In my mind, it would only benefit nonbinary identifying people, who do not wish to be identified as male or female. But, as I said above, 99.9% of the population does want to be identified as one or the other.

Please correct me if I misunderstand the point or concept of gender abolition. It's possible that I'm missing something.

But as a final word, I want to say that this lesbian woman does not deserve to be attacked for having her opinions! It seems to me that gender abolition is more a philosophical concept than an actionable plan. What is the harm in discussing a concept?

I kinda agree with you. But you are right, it's very philophical and I think what really makes the discussion hard its that It has been difficult to define what gender is. When I say gender, I'm meaning the neurological or physichological aspect of biological sex. I tend to agree with you because the main argument for gender abolition is the idea that gender is 100% a social construction and the responsable for women opression. I disagree with that, I think women and men do have differences (non-physical ones), specially when you see it by average measures, and those differences are more nature than nurture. I have this opinion because it makes sense by darwinist standarts, regarding the fact that "labor division" between women and men is more efficient for survival in dangerous and harsh living conditions in which humanity passed through most of the time we've been around in this planet, so It doesn't make sense to me to think that this well succeded way of organization that has been in place for so so long didn't result in an unequeal division of neurological characteristics between the sexes.

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