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Hello everyone! Someone I follow on Twitter asks this question occasionally and the responses always make me happy. Who is someone you disagree with politically, but still respect/admire? I have a huge amount of respect for Senator Tammy Duckworth because of her service and sacrifice for the nation. She has also made some history while serving in the Senate.

LizGriscom 4 Sep 4
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If they mean well, then yes. if they are coming from a place of control and ego, then no


Camille Pagilia. In a lot of ways I DO agree with her politically, she just thinks that makes her a modern liberal. Which she is not.


This is going to sound sort of stupid but, Donald Trump. That's cool you have someone to admire but might not agree with, you know at least that's how it starts to becoming politically correct you know, I have respect for you for that. I actually wouldn't say admire is the best word for this guy, I hate, do hate Donald Trump, I think he sucks and we could do way better, but we get what America is giving you know. I guess I admire him because one, he's the president, just that alone, I might not have supported him before, before he became president but hey, he did become the president of America so, the second, second reason is because he was a business man, I know a lot of business stuff, you have to know something about business in order to call yourself a business man, although I know it's not easy, and that's why that's awesome, so, I like business, that's just a bonus of why, but we haven't had a businessman as president since forever ago you know, majority of people who have been presidents have either been businessmen or law men, the great thing about business men is that, they actually have hands on experience of how things run, so when things goe sideways, they do feel the guilt and responsibility whereas when you are a law man you either have had someone told you to fell that way or actually feeling upset after things do but that's what sucks they don't feel that way until things do you know, either ways, whether a businessman or law man, it's always better or best to have a side of both and both being one or the other, I mean this is America, if we stuck to the same method all of the time how will we ever really know what freedom is right, anyways, that's why I admire him, he is that guy, no matter how much I choose not to agree with him, he's responsible now, and at least I can rest easy knowing someone is really actually being responsible even without the turn of events, though I tell you I hate him, though, because what we needed for our country at this time was not the benefits of a businessman, this just wasn't the best time, it's not that is bad or he's bad for being where he is because of that, it's that, yeah this wasn't the best time I man and the country isn't even, even in the best shape right now, the best that we can possibly do right now is a businessman, that kind of sucks, so it all depended on him since, now I'll tell you why he did the best thing for this country given we are the one whom elected such a not so good man in the first place, you get out what you put in, we put in such crap, it's because the person who really are responsible for our country, us, had no idea what we were even doing, it was like we just made a country but weren't united, like a caveman society, like that it's like sure caveman right the best they can do is build the first wheel or make fire, but, if you're thinking about it , that it doesn't even matter because we still used to be that and look at where we are now, it's not like it's bad, we just aren't connected or weren't then, we are growing as a society, it's hard to be, and it's like why I'm saying, we didn't know then, we hadn't actually picked a president at the time right and we aren't just going to start connect unless we are consciously forcing and telling ourselves this is what's right, the one of the biggest things Donald Trump did wasn't, it wasn't, making America great again, it was, he just basically taught us just how to start giving a shit again you know, and he did, I'm conflicted, I wish it didn't take a piece of shit business man to make us start caring again, that sucks, I wish it wasn't like that, but, but I digress you know, it's cool that his story didn't end with being president and he made a difference, but, but yeah, yeah where his story being president ends, our story really begins, hell yeah, Merica, the number one reason, the biggest best reason, that he is who I admire, well, actually to be fair, just to be fair now, the competition wasn't even all that great either you know, so there's that, except, the best reason that I think is because that, he was a businessman, I mean, I mean he did something that only he could do like for instance and example, is that he lowered taxes for big business, that might sound messed up, I know, but it was just exactly what we needed actually, it's what a nation needs during a period when we are gathering our shit together, people want change especially when it's needed, that was relieving, and I mean our financial system anyways right now is utter crap just so yeah, it helped, with people able to spend less in taxes like big business, that enables and support more and better investments for everyone, the more good that we do, the better more best good that we can do, it lowers prices for businesses to charge us, and circulates the money around making it easier to spend, and we needed that, what we needed was, that, that in a time when we and along with everyone is scurrying around questioning and wondering just who to trust, all that we needed was that one handshake from the other side and it gave us stability on what we had already, that gives us the money that we have and make that we also saved from spending more to then make more of our own money you know, we needed that also, why, because, if we did that and that went on like that, we couldn't have kept on going like that we just, we couldn't have you know, people needed to spend, when the nation is crap, we need that money, like now, if we spend our assests to get what we want and need now then, we won't feel the need to spend more when we don't need it and also well plus when we don't know just who to trust, I'll tell ya now, that was the best reason, best reason, reason that I would admire him for that, he's not a good business man though, we just had a person that was such a bad businessman before that now he became exactly what we needed and it's not like he was all that good with money he was greedy and he made a lot of mistakes already, if it wasn't for him being president not only we would be worse off right now but if he wasn't, wasn't president, then, if in the field of business he'd drowned if that was the case, seriously, like it was because he was so bad and sucked so much that he was able to put his own business behind him just to pick up the title of being president, and that's the thing, he's not such so a good president but what people don't know or ever think about is, that the president is not like a king and, everyone blames the president even when there isn't a real problem, we just give the president so much damn shit it's not even funny, but, he's the president, we can't even be a nation without a president you know, we needed him as much as he needed us, it sucks and a paradox, it just so happens as it turns, excuse me, turned out, that the way that you defeat the paradox, is to be a businessman you see, you know, they don't care, they just their job or they aren't businessman, it was good we depended on that while he depended on us, it was like it gave us just the ability to keep going and stay afloat for a little while, like the A-Team, haha, trying to fly a tank, it's like trying to fly a tank to your house, don't try that at home, just don't try it, if that's your end game you know, don't fly a tank, what's the moral of the story, the moral is don't try to fly a tank unless you're the president into your garage, unless you're the president, this is America, we don't need to be right all of the time we just need to get the job done you know, we just told a guy that it was for the money but that it would help America, and then, we let him think he was making America great again, hahaha, it's funny, haha, yeah, to be fair, it's like if you think about it, if we were to give machine guns to a bunch of caveman you know, you know, I mean you know shit would start to happen. Change, that's how it really happens. Say goodbye to the world, the world as we know it you know. The first step to figuring out when to make change happen, that's what we needed, not to make America great again actually, no, we needed to know when to make change, that it was really possible you know, we can't say for sure whether that it happened it happened like this time, I mean or not, but, that's why, it worked, we needed change and yet we didn't even know it, it usually starts with a movement when you know that there is an authority to say it gives itself that authority, it wasn't here this time, but you must when you think about it really actually think about it that it does work the only reason that, that works, is because we are the ones to make it happen, so it doesn't matter, we cannot do or be any change if we don't have that athority but when we are free, we never needed that, it means, we must have that, must have it, we cannot always depend on the authority always all of the time especially in a free nation, we dodged a bullet by sheer luck and willpower in America in other words, look at that, it could have gone either ways you know, I mean for a fact I mean either a businessman or a law man could have done the job, but America by some cosmic unknown force just seen through all of that bullshit and made a right choice to keep going, and sometimes that's all that is ever needed, we pulled it off. Sorry that was a lot to say, even for me, it's just now I'm torn conflicted between what the fuck in the hell has America been doing that was so wrong and how did we manage to elect one of the best and yet the worst, worst, presidents that a country like ours could ever possibly have, all at once, I mean, like all in one sweep. I'm like, I don't know whether to be mad at my fellow Americans or to be thanking that there being whatever gave us this perfectly right answer to elect such a huge douchebag, but you know, then I mean, I think, hey, this is America, oh yeah. Well, then God bless America, uhh, I guess. Good enough. And yet, I'm telling you this trying, the only reason that this bothers me and I'm trying just so hard to, to explain, it's really because this, I would have liked, I hated the fact and the very idea that it took a real business man in order to do just this much. I'm totally calm but on the inside I'm fucking pissed, like absolutley livid you know what I mean. America just found a way to ruin the one thing that I loved and was actually good at myself, and just to top, I am now left hear having to like this actual guy who's douchbag as president Donald Trump, America. I hope that I made my point now. But here's just one more thing that you should know too, this, the thing is that that's not even the best thing for this America either, no, you know what is, it wasn't that we needed lower tax for big business, I mean that, that was actually what just was able to keep us afloat right now, what is, not, what is really, really, good for our country, what would have been either even better would have been that we just totally reform our whole entire financial system entirely, the Federal Reserve is to blame, they need money just to make money, and the more money there is, the more people ask for loans, that's not what's bad it's bad that the insterest on that is what gets you, there's phantom money being made on everything that you own and it's all going straight to the Federal Reserve, I mean that you'd want the money for what you have to be there right, you'd think so that it is, but what's making it worthless more and more even more worthless is, the Federal Reserve, because you pay tax on everything no matter what things are worth, when the price for the item drops, the interest goes up so you have to have that money inorder to spend it, but, what is dropping the prices is making more money, so, that tax is still going all right back into the Federal Reserve, it then prints more money in order to allow you to buy that item now but the interest stays the same no matter what, what if you have you whole lifesavings, right now, then, if you have a 10,000 dollar house right now, when you die and pass that on, your kids are now having to pay for the tax just to have it right, but see, that's the majore problem right there, your house no matter how possibly that you've ever worked or not worked to get that house, the more money they happen to print is going to make the price of it drop, and then your kids are still having to pay for the tax on that house which was otherwise worthless to anyone else because you put your money into it to make it, and then, the banks and the Federal Reserve still gets that money that they actually printed to let your kids pay for the taxes, and just to make that even worse, worse even still, is that, when they don't even have that much money alright, becaue then, they have to goe to the bank to get that money, and when it still happens then they are still having to pay the taxes on that very money they don't even have still, all the while still, your house is just losing all of it's value still, so even when they happen to sell it, selling it they don't even get all of the rightful money it was even worth because it was already losing value that much and theproblem rest there, right there, since because the more the Federal Reserve prints and lowers prices now then the interest on all of the loans are right as you guessed it to be going to be going way up so no matter what the worth of the house really is that you spent your life to have now, no matter what, no matter, the issue is that no one can possibly even pay full price for your house anymore even if, even if they wanted to even, because the interest on all of the loans out there are so God damn high, and the more and more this cylce continues then the more and more worse the financial situation becomes too still, I mean it's bad, haven't that you've ever heard before, you know, the realestate bubble, yeah, the depression, when homes became almost worthless, it's because when one house is being foreclosed upon the cycle goes and going on, it never stops, every time the house has to sell again and again the price drops and people need loans anyways, all the while the damn Feral Reserve just still keeps all of that money sraight to itself. I mean, so, yeah, yeah that's it, on one hand, the best thing that we needed right now was but wasn't a businessman, although that's it, on the other hand, if we had a law man we might have Imean he might have been able to see this evil and used the law he knows in order to fix the problem at the source too. And that is also the worst thing, you know why, because the other candidate, wel, you know the rest, I mean for gooness sake, a law man you ask, that law man was a chick, and when has there ever just been one chic out there that has ever simply known the best of the law without even ever having to be told. Well, we just dodged a bullet then haven't we? Yeah America!


That used to be easy for me. Given what's at stake, I don't respect anyone that would endorse Marxist policies or critical theory. That eliminates pretty much the entire Democrat Party. I would like to see that change. I will say that I don't hate Democrats the way they hate Republicans as evidenced by their policies and their resistance in general.

Xtra Level 8 Sep 4, 2020
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