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Why are men treated so badly by feminism, all the gay guys are looked at as disgusting but the lesbians are looked at as beautiful?

bigbhadwolf 1 Sep 15
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Listen to gay feminist Camille Paglia on why feminists treat men badly. Excellent! I'm not sure who looks at gay men as disgusting and lesbians as beautiful unless you are referring to some straight males.


Men are treated badly by feminist for a very simple reason. They need a scapegoat. The Buddha figured this out a very long time ago. Life is suffering. Feminist use the fact that women suffer as a excuse to obtain power but you can't blame existence for suffering. That doesn't get you sympathy and power. So they blame men. Also gay guys are seen as disgusting and lesbians are seen as beautiful because of sexual imprinting. Males are far more influenced by sexual imprinting meaning they find or discover sexual traits or situation at a young age and that influences there sexuality after puberty which are really difficult to change while females seem to be more sexually fluid. Most men get normal heterosexual imprinting and see male homosexuality as abnormal and disgusting. Women are far more accepting of male homosexuality but aren't totally on board. Usually they have high testosterone. Lesbians on the other hand any expression of their sexuality is seen as sexy because of females fluidly with their sexuality. Even straight girls can understand the attraction to other females while the males see female sexuality as something to be celebrated in any form but this isn't absolute.


The hate and cancel culture is very strong now days sadly... I'm all for equality but somehow today equality means "women should get better stuff and better treatment than men"... and that's a problem I believe... Good day... 🙂


ugh i agree with you. i hate that i have to say things like "yes, im a lesbian, but i don't hate men" and "yes i'm a feminist but i don't hate men"

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