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Abortion Rights : As a Feminist & Believer In Science
It can get a bit tricky, but I will always be pro-choice. How about you?

ariellescarcella 7 Nov 5
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I'm pro-choice. It's stupid otherwise. If you eat meat you are technically supporting killing as well or if you squash a bug even. Yes a fetus is life but does it have a conscience like a grown person or even animal does nope. I get why people are pro-life thought cause they love there life not wanting that to have happened for them as they can't imagine being killed before getting a chance to live and see others who do great things to the world thinking "if they where hypothetically aborted then we would not have them. Or this would never have been invented." But that's like if I were to say all people who identify as transgender should transition before puberty based off my own experience. But I am aware of the leftist woke culture influencing modern day kids to know I am not everyone. You are not everyone so who are you to say what someone does with there body. By being 100% pro-life you are supporting kids getting raped being forced to carry children, rape victims being forced to carry the child, incest victims and people to young to be parents or would be abusive due to not wanting them in the first place. We cannot even guarantee the kid will be happy or even want to live. Lots of hypothicals the kid could have a birth defect affecting there quality of life, the kid could have cancer, could grow up to be a psychopathic killer, kill themself anyways etc. Think of the state of the world we are in.
Do you want to bring a kid up in this politically corrupt planet where we are damaging the planet, war, etc. Someone may argue that putting the kid up for adoption is a thing but that ignores the possible damage carrying a child does to the womans body and many foster care kids and kids in adoption agencies have a low quality of life and are abused. It's not like the movies. Imagine a little girl forced to carry her rapists baby and give birth or go through an invasive c-section along with deal with all the side affects from the medications she has to take and the trauma she will deal with throughout her life.
In fact I think more people should consider adoption vs have bio kids. Many babies need homes and we are overpopulated anyways.
However I know of the other extreme as well. The far left having abortion parties, celebrating abortion and promoting it. I also heard of bimbos who just get pregnant to get bigger boobs or the far left turning abortion into a trend where people get impregnated just to have an abortion. These are a minority but with more attention they can become as big as transtrenders.
I wish there was a simple solution where the women I described here are not allowed to get an abortion and the kid is 100% placed in a safe envoirment with a loving family not an abusive foster home. Because abusing the system for politics is fucked.
And if someone is really adament on there pro-life ways for the fetus to develop enough to be removed from the woman and frozen maybe implanted in a womb for someone who wants kids but cannot have them. As a new fertility treatment method.


I'm fully pro life. If life doesn't begin at conception there is no other way to determine what is a human and what is a clump of cells. I'm open to listening to other opinions for sure but nothing has convinced me yet.


I am pro-life. I don't believe in killing human life. I don't believe in euthanasia, war or the death penalty either.I am religious but I'm sure I would continue to oppose killing even if I lost my faith. I am aware of agnostics and atheists who are opposed to war or abortion, or both.


110% pro-choice. But safe, legal, and rare. I'm also strongly in favor of contraception and educating people on their correct use.


Im pro choice but won't let it persuade my vote because as it stands now, abortion is a sexist privilege. As long as women can abort just because they aren't ready to be a parent, men should be given the same right to not be responsible for a child that a woman keeps that he don't want. It's not stopping the woman from choosing anything and she can do as she wants but if reproductive rights are allowed for women to dodge responsibility for the action, men deserve that same right.

This is not about medical reason abortions or any of that, I'm a supporter of that 100%. I just don't support abortion for the "I'm not ready" abortions that prop up sexism.

george Level 7 Nov 9, 2020

I think that abortion is one of those complex subjects that cannot be resolved by adopting an absolutist perspective. There are a lot of factors that make it difficult to always conclude one way or another. To be clear I am a supporter of “Healthy Options”, which means either a healthy pregnancy (embraced) or a healthy (early) abortion. Pregnancy is too much of a sacred aspect of life to be treated as a casual transaction. Often, when people take a stance on this subject, they come from a place of bad experience rather than sound principles and ideas. Meaning, they are in a kind of reactionary mode. They haven’t given themselves a chance to calmly think it through and consider the different aspects of this subject.

For instance, “life begins at conception” is not exactly accurate because if life begins at conception, then an embryo should be able to survive outside a Woman’s womb. And we all know that it can’t, so that argument doesn’t hold water, at least until around week 23. And the argument of my body my choice is also only valid up to a certain point, after which a partially developed foetus can survive on its own. There is a reason why criminals who harm pregnant Women are charged with two crimes. It’s because the foetus, after a certain point during a Woman’s pregnancy, is a living being. It’s no longer just a part of a Woman’s body.

Then there is the question of a healthy foetus and one that is severely unhealthy. Is it fair to ask a Woman to maintain a pregnancy knowing that the baby will be very unhealthy and will be a huge burden to her? What about in cases of rape or incest? How can it possibly be a sensible thing to ask a Woman to maintain a pregnancy which she sees as a burden? I strongly believe that any pregnancy that a Woman carries should be one that is chosen and embraced by her, not a burden that is forced on her. But I also think that Women who have an unplanned/unwanted pregnancy should be given the right, responsibility and opportunity to not carry that pregnancy and have their lives altered ✌️✌️✌️.

So that is why I support “Healthy Options”, either a healthy pregnancy or a healthy (early) abortion

gHAB87 Level 5 Nov 8, 2020

I’ve never seen it as “pro choice” or “pro life”. It’s whether or not you’re against abortion. I’m not a spiritual or religious person so I don’t believe in a soul. But plenty of religious people do.
I love science but also don’t think that science is all we need when it comes to morals.
Embryology says that life begins when at conception. Which means that if you end life you are killing.
THIS is where the meat of it is always lost on me.
It’s killing. Plain and simple. So are you ok with killing? If so then fair enough. If you aren’t then you can’t be for abortion. Don’t cover it with soft language to make yourself feel better (not YOU but you know...people)
When it comes to “ a woman has the right to do what she wants with her body” FAIR POINT! However is the age of ovulation the age that dictates this? It’s getting younger all of the time.
Can a female that has had her first period vote, work 40 hours a week, smoke, drink, do drugs,date an adult, be a sex worker, emancipate? These are questions I never get answered.
Rape? Always touchy but if you actually think about it plan b and morning after pills are what should be thought of first. Third trimester? I don’t see how it would take that long for someone to decide then after a rape.
Throwing a phrase like “women’s rights to their bodies” is trite in my opinion. Women have plenty of rights taken away that effect only them.
Men do too.
My main point is that the arguments for abortion to be legal aren’t substantial enough for it to be such a wide spread and vast thing.


What has science got to do with this? It can clearly go either way.

It's a scientific certainty that life begins at fertilization.


One of the things they get so wrong about Roe v. Wade is that safe legal abortions were available before the Supreme Court decision, and the US Supreme court do not make laws, or create bans or anything all they do is decide whether something like the abortion laws in Texas and/or other states, were in violation of the constitution and/or civil rights.

Personally, when it comes down to whether or not I am pro-choice, pro-life or pro-abortion(that is actually becoming a thing), it is no ones business, but I also do not believe in forcing one's belief/will unto another. This statement in and of itself can cause an argument, but that I feel about it; this is one if those times where the individual have to decide for themselves and whatever the decision also live with that decision.

Here is an article that has an interesting take on it []

Then there is the disgusting women in PA who will plan to get an abortion around the last two weeks permitted(23-24th week), just so they can collect WIC (yes, this is a thing as well).

Here is a link to a book that you should give a read: []


When does an egg become a chicken? When does a human fertilized egg become a human? It's about time limits.


NO - pro choice is pro baby killing. That will never be acceptable to me

iThink Level 9 Nov 5, 2020

Same. I’m not pro-murder. Women who did abortion should be in jail. 😠


I posted on this video elsewhere, but will add my comment to add to the discussion here:

  1. Blackstone and many others put 'viability' as the point where things change with regard to rights of the mother and child. RvW also used a similar set of arguments. That is where I stand - no abortion post viability unless the pregnancy risks the mother's life. Incest and rape can usually be covered prior to that 5/6th month period of pregnancy.

  2. Amy Coney Barrett and the SCOTUS can't change RvW unless they are dealing with a new court case that has to come out of the Appellate Courts, which requires two cases of similar facts, from different Districts decided differently. I also think the privacy issue is a red herring in the decision.


A believer and toady for Communism you are a simple minded usefull idiot too, but don't tell anybody!


Solidly pro choice, as the opposite would require more Government intervention in our lives in order to enforce the law(s), and as a Libertarian who favors less Government involvement in our personal lives I could never back such.


Women need and deserve absolute control over their reproductive functions, without any male interference. Implementing that policy will greatly reduce or eliminate sex-selective abortions.

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