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Is sex work anti-women?

I have a good friend of mine who is very radfem, and she has been posting a lot about how the sex industry is anti-women and her and I got into a friendly debate awhile ago about the sex industry. I said that there are plenty of people who enjoy sex work, and as long as everything is consensual, who cares. She said that some women do it out of desperation, and that that doesn't make it right. If I were a sex worker, I'd honestly be pretty offended if someone was questioning me or trying to come to my defense, even if I was only doing it for the money. The bottom line is as long as it's consensual, then it's fine. Sure, sex work isn't always chosen from many options, but I don't think we should take away one of the few options to make surefire money, and it would not help human/sex trafficking. I would argue that it would only increase the demand for porn and more people going to extreme lengths to see it. That's my thoughts, any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!

EmmaAKADork 3 Nov 25
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Sex work is a broad term and compasses many forms. Prostitution is legal in many countries, this however is exploited by sex trafficking. So the answer from my side would be, if it is consensual women should be free to do as they please. Porn is a different matter. While i do believe that women are put in pressure situations where they feel obligated to do more than they are comfortable with. There is always the option to say NO. A friend of mine is porn actress and she does it because she likes it. She also says that most women come to porn for "quick and easy money". They do believe that it is an easier option than working at a grocery store.
So consensual sex work is not anti-women.


I am against and the porn industry because women are treated horrible and reduced to objects. I am for the nordic model where it is legal for a worker to their body yet it is illegal to . This is the way no innocent gets in trouble and instead the evil buyers do.

For some reason, I am not against strippers and onlyfans.


i think it CAN be but isn't if the woman is CHOOSING to do it. I mean, I have an OnlyFans page haha


If Sex isn't anti women then sex work can't be. Someone who thinks that sex work is anti women is basically saying that women who are exchanging their sexuality for money devaluing womanhood. Which is ridiculous if you put that logic into any other choice women make.


is anti-women

Atitaya Level 5 Nov 25, 2020

I have mixed feelings. While in general I think your position is sound, I have also seen the corrosive effect of the criminal manipulation of (usually women, but sometimes men, and much worse, children) in various forms of abusiveness.

I definitely understand your viewpoint. The dark side of the industry is incredibly dark, and it's still a huge problem. The manipulation that goes on is overwhelming and porn sites like pornhub who are incredibly slow when it comes to taking things down off their website should be punished severely. I don't know if I'd necessarily say I'm "pro -work", I'm more so "pro make your own choices in life". I just find that radfem folks tend to blame the entire work industry for things like human trafficking and revenge porn, when I don't think they are always at fault. That all being said, if all of these companies can at least pull their pants up and actually take down illegal stuff, that would help a little at least. That's just the way I see it.

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