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Regarding the pedophile video, I personally support the normalization of pedophilia. You might not like that pedophiles exist, but they do and it's better to integrate them in society than ostracize them.

quester 2 Dec 19
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This person can’t be serious. I think people making these comments are just trying to stir people up.


agree to disagree. i don't think they can help who they are attracted to, but i don't think integrating them in society, or at least being around kids of any kind is a good idea.


I think the idea of it being good enough to exist is a good thing too, but I disagree that it should because and it is bad too though, that's like gay people trying to rationalize why they're liking to be gay, that's pretty fucked up right, and I don't even think it's good enough to be called a good idea, is why that I would even say that myself either, I'm not because what I'm telling you is I'm the Devil right now, soon, you're going to be and just like all of them others my little plaything when I shove this thing right up your burning ring of fire brother, I don't need to rationalize all the things that I'm going to be doing to you, because unlike you I don't need to think that what I'm doing since I'm the Devil is right and all just because it's the only fantasy of mine that can ever give me the pleasure that I need, need, these days.

You think you're idea of pedophiles being right is right, what about what pedophilia is really right though, I mean, that's what I'm asking you, because, you think that you would be right just about pedophilia itself right, well, not gonna lie to you, that's why that your belief that pedophiles like you shouldn't be the ones ostracized for it means absolutely nothing to me, I'm still going to eat your ass later, you little pig.

Oh the, irony, it is just palpable. @ariellescarcella hey, hello again Arielle girl, I'm just coming to check up on you again, I like watching, well honestly the crap real crap that you get people to say about things sometimes, I like it a lot. Oh, and don't be worried what I say about. said, about gay people though, that was pretty fucked up right, exactly, I know right, and that's why that I like you my gay not girlfriend, I'm sorry I'm the devil, and I must tease you for it sometimes. Hey though, forget about that, that's not love am I right, so that's it then keep up the good work and I'll be watching, laters.........


It may be within the "norm" of human behavior, and given how often we encounter it, that's possible. But the difficulty lies in accepting that some people feel that way, without allowing them to act on it. Some number of the worst actors I have encountered were themselves victims. If we don't work to break the cycle, we are part of the problem.


As a victim of a pedo, I fully support the death penalty for them.

RitBorg Level 7 Dec 20, 2020

Idk what happened to you, but I'm not defending child molesters. Child molestation is a choice, an action, pedophilia is a condition you're born with. A pedophile does not mean a child rapist, just like a heterosexual does not mean a rapist of women. Most child molesters are not pedophiles, and most pedophiles are not child molesters, so it's harmful and misguided to assume that a pedophile is necessarily hurting children. Just because someone molested you as a kid, does not mean he's a pedo.

@quester Hey that's a pretty good point though, not bad. I thought of you as either being one or the other, I personally couldn't care less though that about that though, however, now that you've shown me this statement that you could have made, now I'll be able to say, this changes nothing about what I've said, I really mean that, that's why that I said it, pedophilia isn't evil, I'm evil, and there is nothing more evil than me, what can I say, God made some fuck up and never came back to fixing them you know, pedophilia shouldn't exist, pedophiles shouldn't exist, but they do, I just can't say I'm only wanting to eat your ass for liking it because you happen to be that way and like it hen you know surely though that I would still have to say that about anyone no matter what they were llike, literally, no matter what they would be like, I don't agree with or like that gay people exist and think being gay just being gay is actually really a good thing that's why that I think being gay is a bad thing, but on the other hand I still don't see there being anything wrong with it though, if you need to be the one to rationalize the shit you do while also condemning what others do, then I do think that's fucked up and I would eat your ass for that or not no matter if I think thought that I would like to or not, however just because that I also think something is good still is n reason for me to exclude some things, for that very same and like principle, if you are a pedophile or you touched a child, then say hello to the Devil because you're meeting him right now, I have only one thing to conclude about what I think about all this right now and that, is, that one, there shouldn't be any children molested right, two, if there are pedophiles then they should not be touching children, three, if there are children being touched have been or to be touched then they should not be the ones to say have lost their innocence willingly and they shouldn't have, because they are children, four, if there are pedophiles that are touching children or whatever the issue being then they should not be the ones saying that what they think that they themselves are doing isn't such a bad thing, therefore, pedophiles are bad just for existing, you may not agree with that, but you know what about that though, show me a molested child that still has their innocence for being a child then, or stop being the one to tell me that there is just nothing wrong with pedophilia, because if you can't provide that then, it isn't what those other people that are going to say to you that should be worrying you right now, just because some things seems to be right and people think them to be right still doesn't means that some things are right just because you or people happen to be thinking it, somewhere or some when, there is, out there a lost some little girl in this world, that has been picked up and molested, do you think that she would be the one happen to think that what you have to say about you and all your other little pedo friend who are saying you're right though like there's nothing wrong with you, if that little, little girl, doesn't think so, then who's going to agree with you, because let me tell you something, you cannot be the one still saying that while and still being the one then that's proceeding to fantasize and want to touch all of these other children, that's why people don't like you being a pedophile, but, that's not even the real issue you know that, that right there, doesn't mean shit for why that you don't think like people like you shouldn't be blamed for the things that you do or the rationality that it takes does just to be just thinking it's alright for you to do it too even, especially not to me the Devil, because that's stupid, the real problem is this right now, what about that little molested girl who was that molested unwillingly though, I'll tell you what, do you think that even if that little girl, oh that's right that little girl right there, is ever going to even able if she could just decide that you were right ever being right about why you like being just a pedophile yourself that, that, that she would then also want to be the one to try trying I mean to say that to everyone else that not just you but all other pedophiles out there should not be condemned just for being or happening to be a pedophile too because yet other people think that they should be, no, a grown ass woman given the ability to decide for herself while she didn't just suddenly have that power already before, is not going to agree with you, and if she did, what would make you think then that other girls whether they were either adults or children would, might will be able to, with you, you can still, say what you want, that's like calling all pedophiles not all child molesters or even that not all straight people are rapists, or maybe not all white people are racist, racists, just like black people how they can't be racists, nothing that you can possibly say, can ever make you right in the end, it doesn't matter what you are or what you happen to think, it should be of any consequence here for that matter as a matter of fact, it's what that little girl is going to say about you to you touching her, that will be, the issue then, if you ever thought about touching that little girl, because then, it will be, does that make sense, understand, I don't care at all, like I was saying, they might be able to accept who you are, if you cann prove to them that, that little girl still has her innocence, but that's if you could have gotten to her and heard what she said after the fact about what she thinks about what others like you might have been thinking about her being the girl being touched, sorry, but there is no girl in this world such as that little girl that you dreamed about touching man, I'm the Devil I am both a man and a real grown ass woman, and it's not she says that you should be concerned with, if you touch one these little girls, I will be your maker when I turn you into feces when after that is be that I will be eating your ass then, understood, and I will, you should think real long and hard about that or I mean whether that you think you were the one born that way or not, just like that little girl too, I am the Devil, I don't even care, I'll eat both of your asses either way is fine with me, if I have to, no little girl will ever be going through what that same little girl went through ever again, and so help your species, if I find out there is one then, I'll just goe ahead and eat your whole planet for that matter, no little girls are being touched on my watch, unless I'm the one doing it, because I'm the Devil, but seriously, you shouldn't do that, if you don't think I would have a reason to eat your ass for fucking argument's sake, then that little girl though, just imagine, image not me, what she's going to do to you when she's not just that little girl to you anymore, yeah now that is something to make people not want to be pedophiles anymore dude, I should know, every little girl that I've ever touched, not that I'm the Devil or anything, winks *niche, they all say that they love when I touch them as little girls again, I can't even image what a little girl that has lost her innocence would do to you, if you touched her, or not, I'm not a little girl anymore or just a woman, I'm the fucking Devil, hahaa, fuck all of you, I hope your eternal slumbers will be good ones peoples, when they're is happening to be in my belly though, because fuck you I eat people, like a man, yeah, just like Jesus would, woe, and no survivors could ever tell me I was wrong, bitchen, just like a fully grown Arielle Scarcella, what you talking about, nothing is perfect baby, so that's why you don't fuck with that bitch, mmmmmm.




How and why is it better?

If you ostracize pedophiles that makes them less attached to society and its rules and therefore more likely to molest a kid. If you support them in non-offending, make sure they have good mental health etc. that makes them less likely to act out. I want every pedo to be able to come out as pedo without significant negative consequences, that way I'll know who to subtly monitor, not leave alone with kids etc. I'm much more afraid of a covert pedo than of an open one.

@quester Then by "pedo" in this case, do you mean someone who has pedophilic tendencies (being an involuntary sexual attraction towards children), who has NOT acted on those tendencies?

Because from a logical standpoint, I have to agree with the idea. I think that SOME level of "normalizing" would help to get people treatment and resources.

@RavenMStark Yes, of course. That's the definition of a pedophile. We can't control what people's attractions are, but we can control their behavior.

@quester is there any stats or psych to back this idea up?

@quester How can we control people’s behaviour. How exactly?

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