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Something I have noticed is many people on Twitter use the word queer. Sometimes, that is the only word they use and they appear otherwise straight.

I guess this is random but does this usage annoy anyone else?

I feel like LGBT has become a trend at college and I have had friends who use the word "queer" or "gae" and speak up for LGBT issues but they aren't me. I grew up being very confused and surrounded by people who told me everything I did was backwards. (I am gay.) Sometimes I feel like people ignore this and it feels disrespectful.

I have trouble explaining this. Does anyone feel this way too?

coloredpencils 4 Feb 21
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personally i can't stand that word lol SO many straight people are claiming to be "queer" without being same sex attracted or experiencing gender dysphoria

thank you! yes. i have seen it a lot, like "queer authors," "queer artists," or "queer activist" as if it's some kind of brand. being gay, but i am cis, it just hurts but i don't know why


What you're experiencing is a common good feeling. I understand how that can be intolerable at times. One thing that is a problem for people nowadays, they don't know any better and get confused between a couple certain things never even considering whether they would be right about it for that reason, and that spreads ignorance about how people really are, nothing helps that, people that don't know any better won't know any better, but knowing whether you might be just so right or not or to be angry yourself, is still better than thinking you're always right and that everyone that disagrees with you is wrong anyways, you ask a very good question here, I believe so, although the question that I think you're trying to ask is, is this something that should be having any concern and can people that talk about it in the LGBT can get mad about it whether they do.

It is annoying. Why does everytime someone speaks about being gay they say things like those people are queer, gay or homos? That's more of a question that I think people should be asking themselves, rather than spending all that time being that just to spend most of that time being mad about what other people wouldn't understand themselves anyways. If you're that, then be that is what I say, and I won't ever be the one then to ever say what you be is a bad thing and it won't be to me. That fact is only true, because I know what it's like myself so.

Hm I'm not sure I understand. But yeah, I think it's ok if people are confused or figuring themselves out but it just annoys me.

@coloredpencils It goes like this, yeah there's something normal and people can even be confused with it and themselves, mean while that same applies for some others but then for those same some others at the same time they consider thinking that because there is such a thing as normal that anything that is different than that or that if people are confused by it that it must be different and that because it's different it's somehow abnormal in the real face of what is normal and for those people even if they aren't confused by it they would still like to think that it's not normal to be different because they do just happen to think that anything is different must still be a bad thing and that isn't normal and even alright, because regardless of what anyone thinks normal still exists, people are different than each other, and being different is what's normal, yeah and even if a person is confused by it too. That's what makes normal people normal. Would you assume that I would be understanding that myself too, well as a matter of fact sort of it's, I don't even understand this myself, I understand that I am the one that is usually different than what others could be confused with, and yet also even understanding what does normal mean even is, is unknown to me, but it's still because of this fact, that I think I could be is understanding of this of people myself because of that. I just happen to know about this, because I normally do get confused with what should be normal to people and it hasn't the case ever been true to me before like that still so far too. Maybe, maybe that is why that what it means calling people different things just annoys the hell out of me. Doesn't it, though? Like, ironically just what if you could think about this, imagine that right now, what if right now that there is some extraordinary normal being in this existence here, that right now like, as if every single time at the same time that when all of these people are trying to get at them just to complain about all being the things that they think shouldn't be normal for people, like, this that being is listening to all of this right now like, hearing what everyone else is keeps on telling it what would be normal to people in this world, that thing is probably thinking right now what in the hell are these people even talking about right now, I can just simply imagine. Like there's no use to it, trying to figure it out or not to anyone, because it is always going to be other normal people trying to tell everyone else what even is normal to people, it's just, just annoying right? Right? It is isn't it? How annoying is that? Even I can understand how annoying that must be, it's just so annoying, but that's the price that one must pay to be anything normal that's normal in this world I suppose. That's what I was trying to say.

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