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The Two TRUE Genders

ariellescarcella 7 Feb 28
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There are intersexed people born who have undergone "corrective" surgery as advised by the medical profession. These anomalies are being addressed in refreshing new ways as public awareness grows. That unnecessary surgery should be performed on a baby borders on criminality. Assigning a gender is not the role a doctor should perform. It is the child's decision, upon awareness, as the complexities of science will attest. To say there are only 2 genders is narrow in thinking. Typical of the bigoted, the prejudiced, the ill informed, the science deniers, & those that can not accept diversity, tolerance, difference. Anything different is suspect, feared, hated, purged. Not my kind of compatriots.


Very informative video. Thank you for always standing up for biological women's rights!


Farting around with sex and gender as if they are different things is in my opinion stupid.
There are 2 sexes, male and female and IMO 2 Genders... that same 2...
Your sexuality or sexual preference is not your sex or your gender.


No one should have to feel unsafe.
Yes men are the main offenders, gay and straight BTW.

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