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Aromantic people are oppressed, too now?

ariellescarcella 7 Mar 12
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“As long as you’re not into children or animals, no one really cares”

calyn Level 1 Apr 28, 2021

Yasmin Benoit is not mentally capable. Look at this post.

Atitaya Level 5 Mar 20, 2021

It sounds like they're trying to indoctrinate MGTOW types...


I appreciated your take on this Arielle, every talking point you made I was nodding along with. I want to give the woke a chance to pursued me but it seems to be a disconnect from desire and substance to support the mixed messages. (Side note, LGB and true trans as I know them have held the line, for anyone unclear I'm saying woke trans have broken the "known" community if you will.)
What I find hard as a Libertarian that I really want to get on board with live n let live, but I see now there is an extra layer regarding contract law and how our pronouns effect our rights in court. This is a real threat. I didn't realize this was why Jordan Peterson was so adamant about his right to choose his speech. I never looked into it more because I figured he had a right enough to not follow a social niceties but it seems to go deeper.



Never heard of aromatic

Well, an aromatic is something that's pretty smelly.

An aromantic - I can only assume - is the latest fashionable phrase for "asexual."


Wow ...
Did I read that wrong or what?

I thought it was going to be about people who wore NO ... or TOO MUCH ... Deodorant, Cologne and Perfume.


In 2021, it's probably best to assume everyone is oppressed, who isn't a straight, white male.

Which makes me wonder how straight, white males had enough spare time to oppress literally the rest of the world. Aren't we also supposed to be workaholics?

I'm not sure if you heard of the breaking news, literally a straight man had to stand up for straight gender rights and created the Super Straight movement. Turns out the LGB had been feeling the rift, so it's now #SSLGB or the woke.
PS I'm not transphobic, I still recognize the #truetrans with gender dysmorphia and #ttallies

However, it's kinda not a joke anymore when you combine this with contract law and how your pronouns effect your rights in court. #woketrans #wokeallies have caused more than a fun social topic, they have woken the free world to tyranny threats



If you read through my past material, you'll see that I'm of the position that the world has lost all reason. And what I mean by that is not that we've all gone insane - although one can be forgiven for thinking that - but that we've stopped using reason to make decisions.

We live now in what I call the Age of Perception, where truth is not based on reason or facts, but what the majority or plurality of people agree is the truth. That facts do not matter nearly as much as perceptions based on feelings or "lived experiences."

For example, facts say that the police killed a total of 14-23 unarmed black suspects in 2019 (depending on which source you believe); perception is that police are killing unarmed black people in the thousands.

The problem with all of this - besides the obvious - is that you can't argue against a feeling. You can't debate a perception. There is no middle ground to be had when pronouncements like, "society is systematically racist" are paradoxically spoken by black multi-millionaires or "white people don't know what it's like to be poor" by our elected officials.

The United States is building into one of the greatest temper-tantrums history has ever known and reason is incapable of stopping it.

@Alysandir thank you, sorry I didn't realize you were there, but anyone on the fringe of the insane propaganda bubble that's creating the said temper tantrum that I agree is coming, I hope will look to that really popular option to #walkaway from the woke who stole the left from the liberals.
Thank you for your words, you at least helped me feel there are a few sane left standing for a right to be a man or a woman instead of human woke cattle.

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