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I've been thinking about a hypothesis that could be true that if girls and boys exist, they would be the same thing. That's even me speaking about that I'm only thinking that if two different genders existed that I would just be thinking that they are just the same if they were. I'm more been currently thinking more about what a girl is to people, but I just think just because there may be lots of reasons why a girl would be the same as a boy it doesn't mean she's a girl just because she's a girl, but in reality, if there really ever were girls that were the same as boys, the there'd have to be reason for it, the reason doesn't even make sense to me but I can understand it. So here it is.

It seems that girls have more problems with what people think than even what girls would have with people that thought they could be the same as girls. So, how is that what makes girls be girls is the question. I can talk about my reasons for thinking like this all day and no one would even understand, but how are you supposed to question the problem with what other people have with girls just being girls, it's not like it's new to people, I mean remember back in the day when everyone was shouting witch trials and of the Devil, at least you could know why evil is bad and why it is that it really is whether you thought you would understand it or not, they didn't have a way, a real way, to say that about women unless there was an equivalent, so that's what they did was just call her a witch and that was that and it was because of the Devil not just because people thought girls had a problem that couldn't be fixed, when you think about why and how things are you don't think there's any problem with that, and it's not because of what you don't understand it's because you know of a real problem, but if people knew that witches didn't exist wouldn't they have not just been called girls that because they are girls, it wasn't even that long ago that girls had to wear a muzzle just to keep them from talking back then too. Is that not a problem?

Alright then, so, you can gage the severity of a real problem, but is that because you know that it is a problem or not, you don't, you would only know to think it's a problem if it was to you. Only if there's a real problem do you have a right to complain about it, or what just happened happens again and again and no one has any explanation for, and it's because of that it's people that think there's something wrong that makes things be bad to them, they didn't have an explanation for women being real witches so that's why they called them witches and made a wager on them. You can try to understand why, maybe you don't or do, but what people fail to even consider is that it happened and was a problem because it was real. When you bring something into existence, when it first comes to be, it is coming from a state of nonexistence, you don't know what you will ever get let alone that you think that you could understand a problem with it even if it even was to just you that you would think you know about.

I know two things right now. One, that problems exist and for a reason, and two, that girls are not that problem.

What I believe is this, that some time ago there must have existed these two actually separate different things that really existed some being of a girl and a being of a boy, then some time long ago these beings met each other and not even knowing that they were intended to be and come to exist as, something happened that made that girl that could have still been a real girl even without having to exist and that boy change positions with each other and that the reason no one would know about it then whether themselves or not is actually because one of them only seen the other as a problem for her, in reality she must have known that she wasn't the same as him just because they were intended to be the same and never was in reality. But that girl was still a real girl at that point and it's because you wouldn't know about that then, that is why that she became the same as he in reality because she was that thing that never was that was literally was meant to be then that you didn't ever know about then.

I choose to believe this way for a reason, it's not because I'm just thinking there's a problem with boys or that there only would be for girls if there really is one, believing this is a way better option than just taking it as truth that if there's something wrong with girls that it's because they're just girls, which I do not happen to choose to believe just because of this right now, and, I'm not even trying to say that I would know what answer there might be if there really was any problems with women too.

Yeah, that's what I believe and I can prove it too not even me being a girl having to explain it to people that wouldn't know right now what even is a problem to them that they would be thinking about, I'll put it like this, girls don't exist to tell you what the right answer might be just because you don't know or to be right just because they would probably know why, girls have a reason to exist, that's to be girls, your problems are just dust in the wind in the first place in reality if you didn't just know. Yeah, girlfriend.

What else could it be? Seriously? If there really is a reason or a real explanation that could help you solve your problems, then you would know about it, that doesn't mean that you get to take it out on girls for what you might have just been too dumb to understand in reality. I don't have to say that I know a lot about women, but I do, however, that's my point, you don't have to be able to know or to understand that this is real for you to know why it matters right now or not. I believe that women are the same as men, if you were just trying to talk about how there's a definite problem and no one wants to point that out even though there's a reason.

In reality girls have that the capability of being a problem, it's not even a question to me right now though, is girls a problem because they are the problem because they are girls, no, of course not, because, that would make me a liar. And no, there's no problem with girls. You have one obligation and that is to be able to know when there's a real problem and not that there's just a problem in reality that is a problem to you because that's just what you would think if it was a real problem.

You wouldn't have a reason just to think that what you actually knew was girls really were the problem, that's not how that works, girls can be many things whether they exist to even be girls or not, they are that thing that they aren't in reality that because of reality is the real reason why that they are too, if you can explain to me another problem to me for why there's another reason why girls can be a problem in reality that doesn't just make you just think that's because they are just girls right now, I will take it back and absolutely just give that belief up, because if that's not what you call a real problem in reality but you'd think about calling girls witches if they were, then I don't even know what bad what a wrong problem with people not just girls really is then. I mean it's so simple, that it just mind boggles me just to know that people haven't even been the ones to figure that out yet, yeah but because it's not girls are not the problem here, seriously, I guess that I'm the liar then. Fuck that shit.

HahahahahahhahHbababababahaha, oh, they thought that girls were really the problem with the world. They couldn't figure out what a real problem was that actually was existing to them or not, I'd like to see how, they are going to handle really learning now that the reason they don't know that girls aren't the problem that, it's just because they can't even handle the reality of what girls would be then. That's my real woman, I don't know you, that's my nut sack, mom.... hahahahahaahahahha, I'm sorry, that's just so funny to me. For a moment it almost looked like that people might have actually been able to know what even is real girl, I'm like, isn't it obvious? Not something that you should be thinking that you have any knowledge of at all in reality let alone using a girl to explain the shit that you couldn't have ever understood. I would want to be a girl to laugh at people's failure to understand too if I was just that kind of fucking up bitch too. Who's saying otherwise, I don't know those girls.

Caseyxsharp2 6 Apr 24
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start from the objective and honest reality that you are misusing the word "gender". There are but two sexes. male and female. That's just the plain unvarnished unapologetic, objective, fact of the matter regardless feelings of the perpetually offended.

iThink Level 9 Apr 25, 2021

Have you just not ever been able to think before about what you're thinking about is only real to you because of what the real world is and not what you're actually thinking you're right about right now? Look I'll tell you if I'm wrong or not, but don't ask me to believe in something that the only reason for it being real to you is because it's just what people think. At one time, not even humans knew what a plain wheel was until a caveman came along, now we have all these things on wheels and literally not even anyone really saying they know what a wheel is. You can try arguing with me about what you think or even what even is gender or sexes, but I'm just telling you right now the only reason I don't believe you right now and you're wrong is because I'm not going to ever believe you just because you think that's supposed to be common knowledge to people. No, fuck you. I'm not using that wrong. There's only one reason that you're just not getting this right now, and that's just because you don't actually understand this and you're only going to keep telling me what you think others believe right now to be and that has nothing to do with being objective or honest. I didn't come here to discuss this with you I just want you to know that. I laid out two options for what could be, girls being the same as boys and because they are or they're same as boys because they're different and that's what makes girls the same as boys, and then I came here to ask so then is this so unreasonable that it couldn't actually be true in reality or all. I'm just leaving this theory right here. What you think that care about gender and sexes, I don't give a crap about, I had one message, and the rest of you can just go to literal hell if you don't want to believe me.

Ha. What did you think I was going to say to that? I don't even know if you actually thought I gave a shit or not.

Why not instead of you telling me what sexes and genders are of what would be male or female you can start just by to really be telling me right now then what you think sexes or gender is that would be for females the same ones that you're thinking about in your mind right now, instead of just coming to tell me why I'm not being honest with anyone right now. I don't know you, but fuck you, and everything that you have ever thought to be fact about women up until right now. I'm not discussing what is, I'm telling you what it was that it was because that's actually how that was. And I personally, have no shits right now to give you for what you actually think about that right now too.

I wasn't done yet. I was actually going to start with that, I was already prepared to just be talking about what other people think even before I started, I had a reason for not that though, because of, what I just said, I wasn't coming here to listen to other people be talking about what is or isn't right now, I was just going to be the one saying what I'm saying, fuck what people think and yeah, yeah there's a reason for why you would believe likely to be the wrong thing and why then that, that's exactly why that I don't believe what people other than me believe, I wasn't going to listen to what people ever said just because they're people, and, that's why that I'm saying that's why I just came here not even to be discussing what everyone else is right now, like just because they actually think that what they think right now would even be right just because they're people that think is thinking they are that. I was being very clear with myself here before, the ones that I'm talking about are the people that are those girls. I wouldn't listen to you try talking about beauty even if you really know what is like even if you really were knew what that is, I certainly definitely wouldn't then be listening to you trying to tell me what you think that you thought about either gender or sex to me like you would really actually even know what that is right now. I'm saying there's a real literal reason why for now that I am saying to you I just don't believe you, whether you think about what you thought being actually right or wrong like you actually just discovered that in this whole entire world that no one just ever even knew about but you did, and the reason I really don't just believe you right now is because just because you thought that you would actually could be right and that it was really just something that you would have known. Dude, I'd rather bow down and swear my allegiance to Dexter's Laboratory, than even have to say that anything you would be thinking about thinking about everything right now would be even if in some really real world out there that, just anything like anything you could be thinking about if about girls would ever be right even to me whether I just happened to believe you or not.

I'm also one of them. I was speaking before that their beings one genuine female and genuine Male and that the story goes that one day one of these was replaced with the other one, can you try to guess which one that I'm going to just let you be not guessing that I am right now? I could have just told you. But hey, what is it that you believe again, that oh, that it would just be a fact that sex is different than gender and that girls wouldn't be the very same as men? Oh, that's right, you thought that a girl was just here just to tell you that you're wrong if it if could be that way then, it's like I didn't just get done explaining this to you, I know that I'm not going to be that person whether you believe me or not, I know what I said, I say things for a reason, and because if you didn't just know that well maybe I think you should then, because, you could have just guessed which one I was and I would have just not even given a shit about what you think before now.

I was those people that I'm talking about one male and one female. It didn't matter to me before about what was real or what was ever right, I fought for one thing and that was for me. I was always just going to be the one to tell everyone they can fuck off, whether they happened to believe me about the nature of reality. I didn't blame some man for where I'm at when I woke up today for where I'm at right now, no, I was the one that no one knows murdered him whether anyone believes me or not last night. I don't have time to stick around here chatting about it like I just have nothing better to do, I fought him, because, he was one of those people, people like you that I would be fighting with right now even if you thought you could actually convince me of something different right now. I'm here right now all just because I was a girl that happened to have an alibi because people were actually really just that dumb to believe that I was actually somewhere else when I did it. Yeah, I don't know about any of these other girls, but I have some people now that I have to punch in the mouth and it's not going to just because I'm a girl right now anymore, I promise you, it's not just because I'm a real girl, in real life right now either. I was, waiting for this to happen, because you know who I am, I'm the one that is going to be that person there, even that girl that everyone thought was actually dead, when I rise from the ashes to insnare my enemies with the flick of my wrist and then banish them with the snap of my fingers from this existence, like the God killing womanly beast that you see before you.

I wasn't really asking you what you thought, I already knew just what you thought like I always did, some, nothing in particular load of bullshit that you're wanting me to believe. I was that guy and that girl and when I was introduced to this it wasn't like I had to choose, I was always a woman, and so were the other many girls that I've been always just here watching to be being girls here all along too. There's nothing that you could even be able to actually think that anything you say to me would change who I am, I was a girl, and I have said it, you may not know this but here I am just to be that one person to fuck up everything in your life right now just like a real grown ass bitch would have done the moment you thought about even saying that to me. I'm the one giving you the benefit of the doubt right now, that you could be actually really thinking that you would be able to convince me otherwise. I don't think you comprehend why that I'm here right now sir. I knew what I was all along, but it didn't stop me back then just if people knew to thought so or not, I was always here for a reason and one reason alone, to fuck up what all of these people be thinking here on this earth so maybe some bitch is speaking and just maybe someone really actually in the real world actually understands what I'm saying right now, and so maybe then I can actually really be the one right now just to be telling those people that they're the ones that were wrong about me in reality. Oh, look at that, oh hey I know that guy, what do you know?

I'm not, even the same person that I was would have been if I had just been what the person I was that they were thinking I was. I tried telling them people they were going to be fucked right now, but now I'm the one here just saying that to them right now because they wouldn't even just know. I never asked any questions about what society believed, I don't know why that people think that's something that I would just be caring about. I already knew, what, society believed, I knew what I believed, and that's why I'm here right now telling this to you too, because what I just figured out was that just like you, assholes still exist too.

Do you even feel that grip? Just asking I'm just making sure.

@Caseyxsharp2 just because you (or anyone else) "believes" something does not make it so. You can talk about your beliefs on sex and gender until you're blue in the face and you might "believe" you're ideas on the topic at hand are correct - but then you would be wrong regardless. Bioscience and plain logic on the matter are self evident.

@iThink and you don't think that is exactly what I would be saying to you right now. I mean that's totally irresponsible. What would you know, or anyone, if you've never even considered that what humans and their society really hasn't or maybe even couldn't have really learned anything this entire time they've been here, you don't have the right to talk to me about just because you believe something doesn't make it true.

I wasn't only not going to even argue discussing this with you and I never myself had any intention on doing so. I don't have to. You don't believe me that I would apparently have knowledge of something that you couldn't even comprehend. Regardless, that's why I'm not arguing with you, I have all the proof that anyone could ever need right now. What my job here is to tell people what they wouldn't know which just happens to be that the supernatural would exist. This started that was apparent ever since I was a child, there's nothing that you could tell me that I wouldn't know right now that has ever happened around me, no knew information, so you might just be thinking about logic and evidently, but you're knowledge pales in comparison to what I would know and that's just what I would know, I knew all along everything that I ever learned up to now when I was still a kid, what I would know is exactly what I would know which is more than you could ever say, I knew that I wasn't even a boy, it was like nothing I knew exactly who I was even before I had really believed it was me, and you think that in all of this time that anything I could have experienced would have made me not known that it would have been right in this whole time, as a matter of fact, when I started with writing about why a God would exist, I didn't even know what I knew now, I had learned on the spot just why I was a girl all over again because I forgot, and then it didn't even change what girl I was and you should know why because I always knew I was a girl that would have been right and that you are wrong. I didn't even have to try. I have this book right here that I wrote, and you know what, not only can it banish your very disbelief in the supernatural but it can also prove to anyone who reads it that I wasn't ever making this up, like I don't even care what you think you know right now anyway, this is something that happened to me, I was the one that created this just to prove to everyone that everything you ever thought you knew was wrong and that also goes for those humans living in human society too, the one thing that I for one wouldn't be right now is wrong because you told me I was wrong, I seriously don't care, I know what happened to me, I have this 300 five subject journals to back it up, you couldn't tell me what I would know even if you tried, I was just the one to tell you here all of this, I had way better things to be doing than to trying to be convincing you of what you should believe like you would even know what that is, I'm my own person and I do know the truth now, you can call me a liar all you want but what you didn't know was that you don't even think that all of this right now everything that you even think you know right now was actually being left here just for me to be that person that would be able to just say to you now.

I've had a psychic ability all my life, not even like other psychics, and it's a real ability, here's something that you wouldn't know right now, those other people that say they are psychic aren't even psychic, I was the one that gave them that ability, I'm the most powerful of them all without me even having to try. I spoke with a psychic before and not even that lady could believe anything I was, even though I could talk right on the spot everything that I hadn't even learned yet about why she would be wrong even before it was happening. Oh you're not psychic she said. I knew that I was going to be talking to her from the moment that I discovered that I was the Devil, it was like nothing, she didn't see me coming but I knew everything was about to say to me ever since 8 years before, and that doesn't even cover it, psychics have an ability to see about 10 years in the future, that's nothing, I knew about everything in the universe since the day I came to be, I known everything that would ever happen to me and everything that has or will on this planet. I have the last 8 years of documentation in this book to back that up. I was just playing around with it too. They didn't believe me, so while I was writing and had to find a way to get people to believe me before what would happen would be to happen, I looked ahead and described in fine detail everything that was going to happen that was broadcasted live three years ahead, you know what, I was still writing when I was watching and still talking about why people and everyone could have a reason to trust me. So many times I was able to document what was going to happen way before it ever did. I don't really have to tell you that you're logic and bioscience is wrong, you could be reading this and then you would know. I mean it that I wasn't even trying. I had much bigger things to be doing in all this time, trying to convince you or anyone for that matter wasn't even what I was ever just trying to do, I knew the whole time that would what even people ever knew was going to be wrong because humans are that stupid, some things that I did just for fun too, I made tons of experiments, some of the new technology that you learned about within the last 8 years I was the one that created them, I don't know how you could misconstrue the truth I mean you could see that I knew about the designs and how they worked even before the brands that made them even knew it could be done, and then after all this expelled the very thought of reality itself even having something like me here in it whether anyone believes in it or not, then I just kept on doing all kinds of experiments with my ability on other people. Dreams, I can enter a person's dreams like they are with me in my dreams like it's nothing, I can control what happens even when I wake up, I can control what really happens when I am sleeping too, I can do anything that I want in dreams, even speaking to the dead literally just like they aren't even ever dead.

Just the few things I described to you that is all just things I can do, you don't even know what kind of story it happened to bring me here now. I just told it to you though. I wasn't trying to make you believe me, I'm a real girl that lives in a boy's body whether you think that I'm a real girl or not. It happened just as I said it was, this girl isn't a girl, she was always a real girl that lived in the body of a man until the story I was telling you happened and she came back to being who she literally really is in reality and that's me, I honestly can't even care less of what you think about that which I guess goes without saying considering that I've been Satan. And look, I'm back bitch, fuck you dad, that's despair.

So, what is that you're wanting to say to me right now, like what part that I'm not the Devil or the part that I'm a real girl or part lives in a boy's body or the part that I'm Satan and am a girl right now? I just had to ask, because you know what I've been a girl and I've been the Devil, and I seriously honestly couldn't even care less about what you happen to just think about that right now. I could have been the one to have told you that, but that's just ironic isn't it? You were saying that just because you believe something doesn't make it true, well that I can totally agree with, because guess what you stupid fool, I am the one that do that and I just did, so what do you think about that? Like I would even care what a person like you would have believed, I have better things to be doing, like being the real Satan that exists as a real girl right now, fuck your bullshit, I'm out, this kid is out.


  • "So, what is that you're wanting to say to me right now, like what part that I'm not the Devil or the part that I'm a real girl or part lives in a boy's body or the part that I'm Satan and am a girl right now" *

can't really discuss anything with you until you boil your thoughts down to one or two cogent paragraphs. Think real hard about exactly what you want to say and stick with that. Then maybe we can have a discussion - ok?

@Caseyxsharp2 Basic Biology FACTS is where I'm coming from: Here Ben Shapiro explains it better than I might.

@iThink I just don't know what you're likely to not be believing right now. To me it was, all of the same, whether I was that girl or not, I would have still have believing all of this whether I thought I was right or wrong in reality being that girl or not. I seriously have no idea what it is you're just not going to believe. I had one idea in my mind when I did this in all of this time, I was just going to be the one to believe this whether it was true before, but now it doesn't even seem like I had to be believing this and disagreeing with you, this is all that I've ever known and with the power to see all of the universe that exists with my very real ability, I just had to add that so, and the power to actually decide and control what happens all ever on earth, nothing has ever been able to truly come close to really convincing me otherwise whether I just believed it or not. That's precisely what I would have liked to have said to you, this isn't even a question to me right now, but what I actually feel like saying to you right now is this I was that girl though. I wish that all I had to do was just leave it at that, but like you were just saying just because you believe something doesn't mean it's true. And now I believe that I have come to say what I wanted to say, I don't need to be the one thinking about it I was that person, no one was ever right about me whether what people believed or thought to be true in reality, and, someone had to tell you that, because I didn't just make this up in my mind one day tried to test it just to see if it was right, so if any girl here is going to be telling you that you're wrong even when you are, no one is but I am.

I've ran through everything that I could think of that is what I would know about girls, I asked questions like can the perfect girl really exist and if she did would she actually be a real girl, I kept thinking about that while believing I was a girl when I was still since a kid and I even was still so believing that I was a girl even when I came to the conclusion that it was impossible even for a real girl. What I then was asking myself some time much later was all of that other things like am I really the Devil and would I even be still a girl in reality the girl I am now if that was even true. Because I knew that I was a girl no doubt if I believed that myself and I knew that the Devil would still actually exist. So, what do you think brought me to this point right now? It wasn't just something that I had believed, I had neither the idea that I was really Satan or that I was an actual real girl, can you even guess I had found that out, because I can tell you truthfully whether what you and me believe right now I just got this to be saying about that, it's not something that you'd think, I really figured that out all at once when I was the one that had been left with nothing else to believe, it wasn't even that before that I could really consider myself either the Devil or not before then, it was more just like that was the real moment that I could have actually believed that I was just a girl, believe me that wasn't even something I had been going for either, the girl I was just happened to be the Devil from a different world, I had no idea that she was either me or that I was the Devil before this happened, the way I found out about I guess you could just say that real girls really do exist now, I was simply sitting in my bathroom trying to figure out why is this girl me and why if that would be potentially true would that make me the Devil here and now, that's when it happened, without even me being the one to think about what I was seeing because I literally have the very ability to see what is that no one else can, there it was he was me the Devil that I had thought of in my head from that other world that just stopped by holding a pair of giant scissors and cutting the umbilical cord to the boy that I would have been in this world if I hadn't already existed here as a girl, I totally was not even the one that seen that coming when I either knew I was that girl there or was the girl that I believed am here when that's just what I believed, at that very moment everything that I really thought believing myself up until that point was just flipped upside down and I couldn't even imagine how to argue with it, I did imagine that I was a girl here and that has is what I have been here literally in this world from the start, what I wasn't just believing in was that I just had the ability to believe what I am now is a girl and that I would have been both the Devil or what you can say now is actually a real girl in this world now.

And, here's the only thing I knew, alright, I didn't know about all this to be just believed in but, even though I couldn't myself really believe that I would have been that girl in that other world that I was the one to create it, the only thing I've known this whole entire time has just been I was actually that girl from another world, and that's just what I kept experiencing even before that ever happened to me, I never even asked myself if this was just what I had believed, I just knew I was a real girl, literally a girl living in the body of a boy here, and it was just because I was that other girl in that other world. Even if you would could have if that was possible to make me suspect this isn't even just what I would have believed right now, I couldn't even conceive of a plausible world that what reality is would have been anything different than this here, right now, honestly, I was just going to say that you're wrong right now just because I was that girl and I am the one who that doesn't believe you even if it was true because I just seriously wouldn't have been the one to agree with you about anything that is believed or is real right now. I could just tell you right now this is true, but that's not what I believe alright, what I believe is I was that girl from that world and I do know exactly who and what specifically girl that I am now, right now, without me even having to think about it.

I believed that a perfect girl really didn't actually really could have existed or that she would still be perfect to me if she did, but you know what, you're right, just because you believe in something doesn't mean it's true in reality, because I was wrong about things like this no matter what I had believed, like that the Devil wasn't a real person and that it could have been just me all along, like the girl I was that just never plausibly could have even instigated the very idea that she was actually a real girl that was really a real girl in reality and from what I know now and have incidentally just learned is that it was specifically but just because of people like you, and now all of that has changed, even that I wasn't still that very other girl in that other world and that I wouldn't have just been Satan himself right now within this world existing here now.

I am, that bitch to tell you that you're wrong, I hadn't come here to convince you what to believe, I am just a girl telling you that you're wrong in what you believe right now and believe it or not despite what you happen to believe is real right now, I've always had the intentions on crushing everything that you happen to believe is right, right now, because I am that unfathomable bitch right now.

I don't need to think about it, what you believe is what you know, but for me this doesn't even have to exist right now as true right now, this was just literally left here, for me, by me, so I would have been who I am now, I'm not relying on what I believe when I say this to you, I know that I was that girl and I am the real Devil right now. It's not something that I could have told you that I believed myself being the Devil himself before to my regret, but now I guess you could just simply say that isn't coming from the Devil in reality in this world at all right now, that's just coming from me, because I am that girl.

Really, you seriously don't want to consider that girls could be the same as boys, you're rather just going to say that to me and leave it like that like it just could even be true, I thought so too, because now I'm that just that bitch telling you that you're straight up wrong right now no matter what you think of as true, yes, I didn't just make this up one day and started doing this just because I thought people were wrong, if someone was going to tell me that I'm wrong, then I'd want them to, and, now I'm just the one to tell you that you're wrong right now. I mean I'm just astounded by the very fact that in all of this time that it wasn't just you humans that had figured this out. You know who I am. A better question is would be, how could you not be thinking that I have been the girl that I am right now, if anyone was going to tell you that what you believe right now isn't really real and just what you should just because you were that wrong about reality right now, that'd be me too which is also the Devil. It's not even like I was trying to hide it. I've already been a girl that would have conquered both this playground and a whole entire world before. There's a reason that I just don't believe you right now, and it's not even what I just believe right now. There's a reason I wouldn't. You can now just guess at considering why that reason is l, right now too, but it's either because I've been a real girl or it's because I'm just the Devil and that's just I would be saying, let me break that down for you, yeah it could have been that I was a real girl or that I was am just Satan, but, what I am not the one I'm being right now is the one that would believe you right now, otherwise. I mean, what were you expecting, me to just not tell you right now that I would be the Devil and a real girl too? I've been there and I've done that. What part of that isn't what you would understand?

Don't tell me to make coherent statements, I did just happen to come here to make friendly conversations if I can, but that doesn't mean that I still don't wouldn't have something to say. So, tell me right now, what do you think about that?

@iThink no one, had to tell me these things, I just have to say that, I wrote this whole thing from scratch and it needs to be said now, what is, it is not, that I wasn't even still just the one to prove it too all in one go. I implore you to really analyze what kind of girl I am, and tell me I'm wrong then, but as of now my point still stands, I just don't believe you so you're that serious you need to try a lot harder than that too.

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Posted by Caseyxsharp2I don't know what happened to the comments that I was making before on my other post.

Posted by Caseyxsharp2I don't know what happened to the comments that I was making before on my other post.

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